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Cosmetic Clinics located in Turkey attracts attention with its success in recent years. Cosmeticium, which meets the expectations of patients from all over the world at the highest level, is known for its success especially in the field of hair transplantation. However, the services provided by the clinic are not limited to this. It would not be wrong to say that it is a clinic where many different cosmetic procedures are performed successfully. When the doctors in its cadre are examined, it will be seen that they are all highly experienced and known names of their fields. In the rest of our article, you can find the outstanding Trustpilot comments about Cosmeticium.


Kimia RER

After I see Trustpilot reviews, I had an operation at the Cosmeticium Clinic about a month ago. Çağlar and his team took good care of me. I was extremely nervous before the operation and they did their best to relieve me. After the operation, it was like a new beginning and birth for me. They even prepared a birthday cake when I was leaving. I was really happy. Thanks so much for everything Cosmeticium…



Hakan and his team (Oksana, Ali, and Can) are true professionals. They do their job very well and comfort you throughout the process. I had a Gynaecomastia problem. I used to have serious pain when I hugged my girlfriend. Besides, there was occasional severe pain in my glands. Previously, I had decided to live with this pain. Frankly, I was afraid of the surgery. However, later I decided to have it. When I look back, I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I had an operation in Cosmeticium clinic in October 2018. The operation was smooth and extremely successful. Until now, my pains have not recurred. I thank Dr.Hakan and his team once again from here. They changed my life.



Minoo XGH

Dr. Batu and his team did a really high-quality job. They were extremely patient and kind. They did their best to make me comfortable. I am someone with white coat syndrome and I was really nervous when I walked in. They waited for me to feel comfortable and ready before the operation started. It was very kind of them to give this time to me. I did not feel any pain during the operation. After the operation, there was no pain that could not be tolerated. I had the operation 5 months ago and everything is perfect. Thank you Cosmeticium.



Levent AKDAĞ

I went to Cosmeticium Clinic 9 months ago. My whole experience is absolutely “great”. Çağlar and his whole team (nurses, translators, drivers, and other employees) do a great job. They do much more than you expect to make you comfortable. I was very stressed before the operation. They did their best to make me overcome my stress and calm me down. Istanbul is a really special city. It was good for me to rest and visit this city in a 5-star hotel. Make a short plan for sightseeing before the operation.

I had 3,500 grafts transplanted with the DHI technique. The operation took a total of 8 hours. Çağlar closely followed the procedures performed all the time. He formed the incisions himself. He gave me information on how to wash my hair the day after the surgery and other issues. The result is much better than I had expected. Once again, I would like to thank Dr.Çağlar and his team.



I am extremely satisfied with the result. Now I feel more confident and I want to go on holiday as soon as possible to show the result to everyone. When I compare my experience in the UK and other countries, I can easily say that my experience with Dr.Hakan is the best. But not only him, his entire team i.e. Oksana, Can, Ali and others was perfect. Thanks, Cosmeticium Clinic.



The name of the best hair transplantation surgeon in Turkey is Çağlar Armağan. My choice of Dr.Çağlar for hair transplantation was a very appropriate decision. I made very long research on where to get hair transplantation. I found out that the FUE technique has a high success. This excellent technique became much more successful with Dr. Çağlar’s technique. Almost no strand of hair died and all of them have been successfully transplanted. Dr. Çağlar said “Hair transplantation that complies with international quality standards, at the most reasonable cost is in Turkey,” he said. Thanks again Cosmeticium.

Dr. Cağlar Armagan



Cosmeticium which is proceeding rapidly to become a world brand in hair transplantation meets expectations more than enough. When choosing a clinic for hair transplantation, definitely choose the surgeons known in their field and clinics that provide good quality service. These were the Trustpilot comments that stood out about the Cosmeticium.

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