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One of the most important issues wondered in hair transplantation is whether this operation solves all problems related to hair loss. If we need to give a clear answer about this issue, primarily it can be said that newly transplanted hair certainly does not fall after the operation and can be used throughout your life. Because it is your own hair from that time on. During the operation, hair follicles are taken from the hairy areas of the head and transplanted by opening the canals on the shedding parts. Another most important concern about hair transplantation is whether the existing hairs, not the transplanted one, will shed. Let’s go into its answer in detail.


Problem of Hair Loss

Although your newly transplanted hair doesn’t shed after the hair transplantation, you should definitely see a dermatologist if you have a general hair loss problem. You may need to take different precautions if your hair has started to shed in large amounts and you have not been able to prevent it. The area where hair transplantation is operated will not shed but if you have hair loss problem of the existing hairy area without any transplantation, shedding of the existing hair cannot be set back as transplantation process does not interfere with that section. You can try different operations and hair transplantation centers for shedding. One of the most preferred methods for the treatment of hair loss is PRP treatment.


What is PRP Treatment?

PRP is the process of drawing a small amount of blood and injecting it back into the body after enriching. PRP treatment is not carried out only for hair loss but also for the spots on the skin, wrinkling and cracks. The word literally means “rich blood cells”. In this treatment, the patient’s own blood cells are used. Blood cells that are more suitable for growth and rich in content are preferred. The purpose of this treatment is to increase the number of thrombocyte in the body and to provide regeneration in the body. By applying new blood cells on the skin, re-stimulation of the problem area is ensured.

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Does PRP Treatment Solve the Problem of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can generally be seen in stressful times or in later ages. The process of renewing the body itself may be interrupted sometimes. Many reasons can be effective in this problem. Healthy eating and trying to stay away from stress can be effective in the recovery of your body. However, if the problem still cannot be solved, you should find other solutions for your skin renewal. Recently, PRP treatment is one of the most popular solutions.

During this treatment, rich blood cells taken from you are added to your body for growth and regeneration. These cells allow the skin and body to recover and regenerate. It is an effective treatment method with a great positive result. If it meets your requirements after consultation with your doctor, you can refer to this method. In both hair transplantation and PRP treatment, the point you should pay attention to is that you should prefer the operations performed under the supervision of an expert in a fully equipped and competent health center.


How is PRP Carried Out?

During this treatment, firstly some blood is taken from the patient. Blood samples taken are kept in special tubes. These tubes are placed in a device called the centrifuge device and the blood samples are rotated continuously inside this device to obtain richer cells. After this process, blood samples clotted at the bottom of the tubes are collected. This collected part is effective in renewing the skin and increasing the growth rate.

In general, these samples gathered are injected into the body with the help of needles. Skin gets renewed and regenerated thanks to these blood samples injected. The aim of the treatment is to revitalize the skin and to increase the number of thrombocyte significantly. Because it is a profound application that works inside the skin, it enables a great positive result. Your blood test and your skin should be analyzed before applying this treatment. Each session lasts approximately for 40 minutes on average and after several sessions of repeated treatments the effects begin to appear.

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Who Cannot Have a PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment may not be a suitable option for every patient. It is not appropriate for patients with such conditions as follows;

  • Those who have to use blood thinners (those who do not have the chance to take a break)
  • Those who have suffered from cancer
  • Patients with different blood diseases
  • Those who have infection or inflammation on the area where PRP is considered
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

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Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss in General

Hair loss, especially in men, may be caused by both genetic and other factors. In cases of balding or intense shedding, the hair follicles become weak and become passive after a while. Hair transplantation can be performed on the areas where your hair never grows.

But if hair loss has increased due to genetic or health problems or excessive stress and if shedding without any general baldness occurs, you should take different precautions. Hair transplantation does not stop the general hair loss, only the hair that is transplanted has the non-spilling feature.


Hair Health and Treatment Methods

We generally notice the value of our hair only after we have lost it. Before hair loss increases, you can discuss with a hair center that is expert in the most appropriate treatment methods for your hair. In general, an analysis of your skin and body is done to find out the amount and causes of hair loss. Then the best method for you can be determined.

If you experience permanent hair loss generally, the PRP method can be considered to help your body recover, regenerate and react. However, hair transplantation is the best option for the areas where hair loss cannot be prevented and baldness occurs. After you have hair transplantation, you can talk to the experts to avoid the problem. The best treatment method is settled according to your needs and skin type. Therefore, it would be the right choice to ask for the opinion of a specialist center and to follow the advices of the doctors who are competent in this field.

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