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Turkey and Poland showed significant improvements in the field of hair transplantation in recent years. Every year, many people from abroad visit these two countries as part of health tourism. Especially in Turkey, state support given to health tourism is quite important. According to statements made by the Ministry of Health, this year’s health tourism is again one of the most important investment tools for Turkey. Within the framework of these decisions, health centres in Turkey have also developed themselves and they aim at following the latest technologies.

In this article, you will also find information about hair transplantation in Poland, offering various advantages just like Turkey. Poland is also a European country that has made a name for itself in this field these recent years. Turkey and Poland are the two leading countries in the hair transplantation sector. We have compared for you the price, performance and success rates for these 2 countries.


Hair Transplantation in Poland

The number of hair centres has increased in Warsaw and Cracow cities of Poland, which is one of the countries that are assertive about hair transplantation. In Poland, there are advanced techniques, and specialized surgeons work in this field. In terms of both medical education and health centres such as hair transplantation, therapy and massage, Poland has made several moves in recent years to make its name well-known in this market. Compared to Germany and other Western European countries, hair transplantation prices are more reasonable in Poland. Therefore, Poland welcomes many foreign tourists who travel for hair transplantation in recent years. However, if you’re undecided between Poland and Turkey, there are other important aspects you need to compare.

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Which Country Is More Advantageous?

Turkey has a more temperate climate. Therefore, if the purpose of your visit is to travel around as well as hair transplantation, Turkey is more advantageous because it has a lot of places to see. In terms of natural beauty and historic sites, Turkey is much luckier than many other countries. In addition, when comparing hair transplantation, the following should also be considered. Due to the arrival of large numbers of people arriving in their countries from abroad, doctors in both Turkey and Poland have gained experience. They are experienced in hair transplantation because they meet people from almost every nation.


They can quickly find a solution to possible problems that may occur during the procedure. Also, in terms of the quality of the devices used and health centres, both countries are successful. Turkey, however, is a leader country in the industry and it is considered as a preferable option.

Many of the doctors in Turkey have completed their studies abroad. They are also experienced in English as a foreign language and they don’t have any issues while communicating and counselling with their patients. Moreover, the package content specified in the prices of hair transplantation in Turkey is different than in Poland. Turkey is much more advantageous in this regard.


Content of Hair Transplantation Packages in Turkey

If you choose Turkey for hair transplantation, it should be noted that when you make a price search, the price you see is not just the price of the hair transplantation procedure. Many hair transplantation centres in Turkey, offer this service as a part of a package.

This package includes the following services: pick-up service at the airport when you arrive in Turkey, transfers, hotel and accommodation, counselling and the procedure itself. In other countries such as Poland, all costs except hair transplantation procedure are expected to be paid by the patient. Therefore, a person who chooses Turkey does not have to think each of these costs separately. On the other hand, Poland’s prices cover only the price of the hair transplantation procedure. So, what are the hair transplantation prices like in Poland and in Turkey?

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Price Comparison

We have previously stated that both countries are more advantageous in terms of price when compared to other European countries. In Poland today, hair transplantation costs vary between €3.000 – €4.500. Depending on the condition of the hair follicles and the area to be planted, prices may go up and down but generally within this price range, one can get hair transplantation.

On the other hand, the price of hair transplantation procedures in Turkey varies between €2.000 – €3.000. Also, as mentioned above, it should be noted that these prices do not only cover the procedure but more. Almost all your costs are included in the package price in Turkey. Therefore, it can be stated that Turkey is much more advantageous in terms of price comparisons.




This issue is within the scope of health tourism as a part of government-sponsored studies in Turkey and it has recently become extremely important. Many health centres have been opened and each of them has expert staff. You can find everything you are looking for in a health centre with competent and required certificates. You can undergo a safe hair transplantation procedure in these centres. Successful and experienced doctors, as well as dermatologists and other healthcare professionals, will help you with everything you may need.

If you decide to visit Turkey for your hair transplantation procedure, all you have to do is decide about the time of travel. Everything else has been considered on your behalf. The cost of hair transplantation procedure and all accommodation are paid in a single package. You can speak to your doctor and ask the hospital for further information before you arrive in the country. With the free consultation form, you will be provided exactly what needs to be done and all the details will be provided to you by your doctor. You can fill in the online consultation form here. You can make your decision about the procedure once you get the accurate and satisfactory answers to all the questions you want to ask.

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