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If you are looking for the ways to hide that you have had hair transplantation without being exposed to the strange glances of people, you will find all the details in our article.

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that is frequently preferred by people who struggle with a problem of baldness and are not satisfied with the appearance of their thin and sparse hair. Hair transplantations are the operations carried out in the right way with advanced medical devices after the necessary analysis and tests are performed. The application is made by taking the hair follicles from the necessary places and by placing them in the scalp. Hair follicles need to become bloodshot and fixed properly. As a result of the correct application, some bloodshot pores can be visibly observed on the scalp. After the process, there are ways for the people who are out of their social activities as a result of their bloodshot to overcome this irritating outlook. In this way, people can continue their social lives without having to disguise or hide.

For those who do not want everyone to know that they have hair transplantation and who do not want to be exposed to the strange glimpses of people,  there are many methods to hide the fact that the person has a hair transplantation and make him feel psychologically better. Among these methods, people can choose one of the options they want and thus hide the fact that they have had hair transplantation. However, it should be kept in mind that the scalp should breathe during the hiding process and that the scalp should not be exerted. The methods to be applied to hide the scalp should be carried out in consultation with the doctor.


1. Using Makeup or Concealer

One of the ways to hide the appearance of bloody or scabby scalp is to make up or use a concealer. However, the process of hiding the scalp with the concealer can be done 1 week after the hair transplantation. Otherwise, hair follicles that are exposed to chemical products may not be able to hold due to the fact that they cannot breathe. Thanks to the concealer, the unwanted images on the scalp can become more natural.


2. Frequently Wash with Shampoo


From the beginning of hair transplantation, it is quite natural to have a bloody image on the scalp. This bloody fixing process will leave its place to scab formation over time. In order to prevent hair follicles from creating a bad image as a result of scab formation, hair can be washed by shampooing after 3 – 4 days from the beginning of the hair transplantation process. Frequent washing ensures that hair transplantation is less apparent, as it will prevent excessive scab formation. Before shampooing, lotion suggested by the doctor should be applied to the scalp and the lotion should remain on the scalp for 45 minutes or 1 hour. Then, during shampooing, it is necessary to wash carefully and not to wear the scalp.

In order to minimize the sweating of the scalp during hair transplantation, frequent washing will be the right choice. Frequent washing should not be perceived as washing the scalp several times throughout the day. Although the surgeon will provide the necessary information on this issue, it is also worth mentioning that it should be washed once a day. Otherwise, the scalp may be irritated and the hair follicles, which are still weak, may be unable to hold.

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3. Choosing a Hair Transplantation Method Like DHI That Does Not Require Hair Shave


Medical devices and methods used by clinics in hair transplantation method may differ. Many of them require haircuts for ease of hair transplantation. However, thanks to the advanced methods like DHI, there is no need to shave the hair that is present on the scalp. In this way, patients can hide the bloody or scabbed scalp with other long hair during treatment. So it would be wise to grow the hair as much as possible before the operation and cover the area where the transplantation is done with this long hair.


4. While Sleeping, Try to Keep Your Head Relatively Upright At an Angle Of 30 – 40 Degrees

It is possible that some parts of the scalp may swell during hair transplantation. You may not be satisfied with the appearance of these bumps. People can withdraw themselves from social life as a result of this appearance. Trying to keep the head relatively upright at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees while sleeping can help reduce this swelling. Thanks to the correct flow of blood, healthy and strong attachment of hair follicles can be ensured.


5. Take 1-2 Weeks Off from Work

During hair transplantation, the patient should keep away from sweating and stress in order that hair follicles can hold healthily in the scalp. However, stress and sweating can be inevitable in a busy and tiring business life. Therefore, having the chance to take 1 to 2 weeks off from work will be a stress-free period of resting and also this period will be enough for the complete healing of the scalp. It will also be a sufficient time to hide the appearance of the scalp.

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6. Using a Wig

One way to hide the scalp is to use a wig. However, it is not recommended to use it for a long time as it may be difficult for the scalp to breathe. During the application, the wig should be used only when it is necessary for a person to go out and let the scalp breathe in a closed area or at home by removing the wig. The doctor should be consulted to determine how many days after the hair transplantation a wig can be used. If the doctor does not recommend the use of a wig, one of the other methods may be applied to hide hair transplantation.


7. Keep Your Existing Hair Long

During hair transplantation, a method for those who want to hide the scalp is to extend the hair before the operation. By keeping the existing hair a little bit long, they can be used to cover the area during and after the operation.


8. Growing Beard

One way to hide the bloody and scabbed appearance observed on the scalp is to lead people’s attention to another direction. A facial appearance without beard can directly lead the attention to the scalp. Therefore, growing beard helps to attract people’s attention away from the scalp.

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9. Using a Hat

Using a hat is one of the methods that can be used to hide the scalp. However, choosing the right hat is very important at this stage. If possible, it will be relatively more accurate to prefer hats that will provide the least contact with your scalp.

In the selection of hats, hats with net tops should be preferred for summer use. In this way, there won’t be a problem of sweating and the scalp can be easily hidden as it can breathe. Although it is useful to hide the scalp, it is advisable to start using a hat after 10 days following the hair transplantation as the use of the hat will put pressure on the scalp. In this way, the negative consequences of the operation, to which a certain amount of money is paid, can be prevented.


Having a Hair Transplantation Only Once with the Right Preferences

Hair transplantation involves a period of time. It is also important at this stage to ensure that the hair follicles adhere to the scalp with proper and regular care. People may want to hide the appearance of the scalp during the procedure. There are many methods for this. However, it should not be forgotten that the scalp should breathe while applying these methods.


If the scalp cannot hold down due to wrong methods, the process may start over and the process may be extended. People who do not want to continue hiding for a long time can achieve healthy results in hair transplantation at once by choosing the right methods. Therefore, it will be much more appropriate to use these useful methods not in a continuous way but when you are going out or if it is needed.

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