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When it comes to hair transplantation, one of the celebrities who come into mind is probably Elton John. Elton John has been one of the leading names in the music world from the early 1970s till now. He was constantly on the agenda and the changes he experienced in his hair were obvious. He had a career full of numerous awards such as Academy, Grammy and Golden Globe. Therefore, the media was particularly concerned with the appearance of Elton John. In this article, we will talk about all the things you need to know about the hair transplantation experience of Elton John.


Elton John and His First Hair Transplantation Experience

Today, there are different techniques used in hair transplantation. Among them, FUE and DHI techniques both provide very successful results and exceed the expectations. However, it should be kept in mind that these techniques have been developed recently and they weren’t applicable when Elton John lost a significant part of his hair for the first time. Therefore, he had to prefer a different technique.

Elton John and His Hair Transplantation Experience

Looking at what Elton John has explained about the past, it is understood that the celebrity lost a large part of his hair in 1976. Since he is one of the leading names in the music world, he looked for solutions to this problem. Finally, he decided to have a hair transplantation. But it would not be correct to say that the statements made by Elton John about his hair transplantation are very positive.

He denoted that the technique which is used in hair transplantation is quite painful. He stated that he had serious pain in his head during this procedure. This pain caused him to have a negative attitude towards hair transplantation. Strip technique was used in hair transplantation. In this technique, also known as FUT, hair follicles are removed in strips and transported to the bald area. In this procedure, local anesthesia is applied on the scalp. However, looking at Elton John’s explanations, it is understood that he suffered greatly. It is understood that either anesthesia was not performed or that it was not working properly. Elton John expressed the pain he experienced as “hell”.

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A Bad First Experience

Elton John could not get the result he desired. What’s more he had much pain in this hair transplantation. He told that he didn’t know the exact reason. However, he stated that the hair transplantation was unsuccessful because of the medicines he used and he did what the doctors told him not to do. In short, it is clear that the first experience was extremely unsuccessful and this situation caused Elton John great pain. As clearly understood, there have been great changes in hair transplantation from the past till today. Nowadays, hair transplantation is carried out without any pain and a high rate of success is achieved.


Elton John and His Experience with a Wig

The celebrity, who could not get what he desired with hair transplantation, used wigs for a while. His presence in the world of music made it somehow necessary. He appeared in the media with different wig models. The paparazzi even made the race to photograph Elton John without the wig, which turned out to be an obsession after a while. The paparazzi did not fully achieve their goals and could not capture the bald version of Elton John.

Elton John

Although it was nice to have a wig at first, it started to be inadequate for him over time. Looking at his explanations, it was clear that he could not find exactly what he looked for. In some periods of her career, wigs did not fully meet her expectations. The fact that he had lost some of his remaining hair as a result of the dye application made the situation worse.

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Elton John and His Second Hair Transplantation Experience

Elton John decided to have hair transplantation again after the above-mentioned events. New techniques have been developed over time. The celebrity, who preferred FUE technique, stated that he had some pain again. However, it would not be wrong to say that this hair transplantation was much more successful than the first one. Despite his advanced age, Elton John continues to draw attention with his full hair.

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