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Rob Brydon is considered to be one of the most important show stars in the UK. The Welsh comedian, who was born in 1965, is among the celebrities who had hair transplantation. Rob Brydon’s hair transplantation and the post-operative process are wondered by people. In our article, you can find the answers to your questions about this issue.

Rob Brydon is not only a comedian but also an actress, singer, television and radio presenter. In short, he is in continuous interaction with people and is very close to the public. This situation distinguishes Rob Brydon from other comedians and makes him much more popular. Although being close to the public is advantageous, it may not be pleasant sometimes to be constantly followed by the public. The fact that the celebrity has started to lose his hair and the change he has experienced after this problem has attracted public’s curiosity. The famous star, who could not bear this pressure any more, had to explain that he had hair transplantation. Which technique was used in Rob Brydon’s hair transplantation? All details and before&after photos are in our article.


Which Technique Was Used in Rob Brydon’s Hair Transplantation?

When Rob Brydon was in his 30s, his hair began to fall out. These spills can be seen in many men but some of them may result in baldness. Also, the change in the hair of someone who is constantly in the limelight may be a threat to his career. That’s why Rob Brydon preferred hair transplantation. As it is known, celebrities tend to be natural and hide their aesthetic procedures. Hair transplantation is one of these procedures.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

It is not known which technique the celebrity preferred for hair transplantation. However, a significant number of experts claim that the preferred technique was FUE. As is known, hair strands are taken one by one in FUE technique. Thus, there is almost no scar in the area where the hair is taken. It is a more advanced technique and the success rate is higher. However, a few of the experts claim that Rob Brydon might have preferred the FUT technique. This technique is considered to be the traditional method of hair transplantation. It is not so much preferred today. In FUT technique, hair is taken in strips and transported to the bald area. Since it is taken in strips, it is inevitable to leave a scar. Despite these disadvantages, the cost of the FUT technique is lower than that of the FUE technique.

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Before and After Hair Transplantation

When you look at Rob Brydon’s hair transplantation, it can be easily understood that the procedure is successful. In order to evaluate its success, it will be more than enough to look at the pictures of the famous name in the past and present. In the older photographs, it is seen that there are openings in the temple area and these places are bald. It is noteworthy that the hairline goes back and the crown area is significantly sparse. In short, it would not be wrong to say that Rob Brydon is rapidly becoming bald.

Rob Brydon - Before and After Hair Transplantation

By looking at the photos after hair transplantation, it would not be wrong to say that the situation has changed completely. Firstly, it is clearly seen that the openings in the temples are completely gone. In addition, the hairline is seriously brought forward. The sparsity in the crown area have been treated. Besides all these, it is very clear that the hair gets a natural appearance. In short, Rob Brydon regained his hair again.

As it is known, in FUE technique, this process can be performed at desired angles during the transfer of hair strands. Therefore, it is much easier to gain a natural look. When looking at the result after hair transplantation, it can be said that the FUE technique is more likely to be used. However, it should not be forgotten that these are completely experts’ estimates. Because Rob Brydon has not made a clear statement on this issue.

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Is Rob Brydon Satisfied with Hair Transplantation?

Rob Brydon, who explained that he had a hair transplantation after a while, mentioned about it in a humorous way. He explained that he had hair transplantation by saying that he felt a warmth in his head. Brydon, who was very successful in communication with the public, maintained this success with this statement.

Even if he does not make a direct statement about hair transplantation, it is understood from his general attitude that he is satisfied with it. As mentioned above, there has been a positive change, which has helped the famous name to have a younger appearance. Therefore, it is estimated that Rob Brydon is more than satisfied with hair transplantation.


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