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Prince William who is one of the prominent names of the British Royal Family draws attention the changes he has undergone recently. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, soon lost most of his hair. This brought an important question to people’s minds: “Why doesn’t Prince William get hair transplantation?” It is very difficult for anyone other than the prince to give the correct answer to this question. However, it is possible to make a short analysis regarding this issue. In the rest of our article, you will find some clues about why the prince does not have hair transplantation.


Should Prince William Have Hair Transplantation?

One of the questions in mind about Prince William is whether he has hair transplantation. There are different opinions on this subject. Some people claim that hair transplantation is a plastic surgery product and therefore adds artificiality. They also state that artificiality is an extremely negative matter for the Royal Family members. But the others state that hair loss is a health problem and science can provide appropriate solutions. It is claimed that the use of methods that are scientifically-developed is not disadvantageous.

The opinion of Kate Middleton, the prince’s wife, is wondered. According to some rumors, Middleton supports her husband whatever decision he makes. However, it should not be forgotten that these are all gossips.


Pressure by Media and Hair Transplantation

Should Prince William Have Hair Transplantation?

Prince William is ill-disposed to hair transplantation. It is claimed that there are many reasons for this. However, it is a known fact that pressure by media has an important role in attitude. There is no need to be a seer to know that the media will examine the case thoroughly if he has hair transplantation.

After a probable hair transplantation, the media will first investigate the source of this case. Then they will find out whether this resource has anything to do with the public. In short, it would not be wrong to say that the media will try to search for a deficit regarding financial resources. Apart from that, the photos of Prince William in the past and present will be compared many times and the change will be examined. All this indicates that the prince and his family will be the number one agenda of the media for a while. It is estimated that Prince William is ill-disposed to hair transplantation precisely because of this.


Will Hair Transplantation Be a Permanent Solution For Prince William?

Will Hair Transplantation Be a Permanent Solution For Prince William?

It will be more than enough to look at the photos to understand the change the prince has recently experienced. It is known that he used to have hair and look charismatic a short time ago. But within a short time, his hair began to be shed quickly. After this stage, Prince William changed his style by cutting his hair short. Prince Harry, a family member, experienced a similar situation. So it would not be wrong to say that hair loss has a direct relationship with genetic factors.

It is very difficult to find a solution to this type of hair loss. These sheddings can be slowed down with PRP, mesotherapy and similar treatments. Minoxidil and similar topical drugs may also be beneficial. However, it is almost impossible to prevent hair loss in some people. In such cases, there is no escape from baldness. At this point, hair transplantation can be preferred for a permanent solution.

Donor hair is taken from the neck area for hair transplantation. It should be remembered that hair transplantation is done only by taking the donor hair from the person. Hair transplantation cannot be done for those who do not have enough donor hair. Looking at the last photos of Prince William, it is obvious that the hair loss is only in the upper areas. There is enough hair on the nape area and sides. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is an obstacle to the prince’s hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is the most accurate and permanent solution at this point.

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When Prince William’s hair loss is examined, it can be said that he will get rid of this situation permanently by choosing the right clinic and doctor. However, it should not be forgotten that only the experts should give a clear answer in this regard. Whether or not Prince William will have hair transplantation seems to be still among the issues everyone is curious about.