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Hair transplantation affects people’s psychology positively as well as changes their general appearance. Therefore, those who will have this procedure are quite curious about how this change will take place. In this article, to satisfy your curiosity, we will talk about what you will experience in the first week after hair transplantation. Thanks to this information, you will know what kind of a period is ahead and learn about the issues you need to pay attention to.

Why is the first week after hair transplantation the most important period? We have gathered for you the things you need to consider daily.


1st Day After the Hair Transplantation 

After the procedure is completed, you will be discharged having the donor area bandaged. Because the necessary care should be taken for the healing of the donor area as well as the transplanted area. No bandage is applied to the transplanted area.

Bandage Day After the Hair Transplantation

On your first day, you will need to readjust your sleeping position. You should sleep in the sleeping position recommended by your doctor until the healing process is completed.


2nd Day After the Hair Transplantation

On the 2nd day after the procedure, you may experience mild pain with the effect of the local anesthesia wearing off completely. In the first week after hair transplantation, this type of pain is considered normal. If you feel uncomfortable with this pain, you may use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

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3rd Day After the Hair Transplantation

On the 3rd day after the procedure, your hair will be washed for the first time. This washing is done by a specialist in the clinic. During the washing, you will be given detailed information about how to do the next washes. This is extremely important and you must follow these instructions for the following washes. The daily washes will ensure that the scabs and skin residues on the scalp are completely removed.

Before the washing, the bandage in the donor area is removed. Cream or a similar medication can be applied depending on the condition of the wound.


7th Day After the Hair Transplantation

In the first week after hair transplantation, itching, redness, and swelling can be seen on the scalp. These are perfectly normal. Over time, they will heal without the need for any treatment. During this period, care should be taken not to expose the hair to direct sunlight.

After the first wash in the clinic, the hair should be washed daily. These washes should continue until the scabs are completely removed and the scalp is completely cleared.

First Week After the Hair Transplantation

The first week is the adherence process of the grafts, so the doctor’s instructions should be taken seriously. Scratching, rubbing, exposure to sunlight, and similar situations can cause damage to the grafts.

After the procedure, your doctor can prescribe 3 or 5 days of antibiotic treatment, depending on your situation. This is to prevent possible infections.

In the first week after hair transplantation, the donor area tends to heal quickly. Scabs on the scalp fall off. These are all signs that the healing process is on track.

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What Are the Things to Consider After the Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation surgery takes an average of 6-8 hours. However, it would be wrong to think that all is completed with this procedure. Because the healing process is not limited to the first week. Patients need to be careful and act according to the doctor’s instructions. Otherwise, the success rate may decrease significantly with the mistakes to be made. Therefore, for hair transplantation to be successful, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

  • Washing after hair transplantation is usually done on the 3rd day. The bandage in the donor area is removed and the first washing is done by a specialist.
  • Most of the transplanted hair may fall out after the procedure. This situation expressed as “shock loss”, is extremely normal. After a while, the hair will grow back.
  • Itching problem is one of the most difficult issues for patients in the first week after hair transplantation. Despite itching, the scalp should not be scratched, and if the situation is unbearable, your doctor should be contacted.
  • Only 15 days after the procedure, light sports can be done. Exercising earlier can be dangerous for the grafts.
  • Smoking should be avoided before and after the procedure as it adversely affects the blood flow rate.

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Generally, this is how the first week after hair transplantation is. This is an extremely special procedure and should be performed by experts in the field. Otherwise, the result may be a huge disappointment.

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