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Some rules must be followed by those who have taken the first step towards regaining their old look with hair transplantation. So much so that, things done right after the procedure directly affect the success of the procedure. With the mistakes to be made in this process, the success rate may decrease significantly.

Is it right to go on a vacation after hair transplantation? When is the best time for a vacation? Things to consider and all the details are in our article.


Is It Right to Have a Vacation After Hair Transplantation?

Before having this procedure, many candidates ask their doctors when they can go on a vacation after the operation. One of the main reasons for this question is the idea of having hair transplantation while on holiday. If you have such a thought, you can find answers to your questions with the information we will provide.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and the postoperative period is extremely sensitive. In this period, patients should be careful and protect their hair from impacts, sun rays, and pool water. Because in this period, the grafts have not fully settled in their places yet. And with an abnormal condition that occurs on the scalp, the grafts may die.

If it is a beach holiday, it is possible to have a vacation after hair transplantation. However, for this, candidates must wait at least 15 days after the surgery and get approval from their doctor.

If these conditions are met, they can enjoy their holidays. However, when you go on vacation right after the 15th day, you may not be allowed to swim. On the other hand, if you go on vacation at the end of the 3rd or 4th week, there will be no obstacle in swimming.

Summer Vacation After Hair Transplant Surgery

The sensitivity of the scalp at first allows only for light exercises. Strenuous exercises should not be done during the holiday period. The sweating in the scalp may increase the risk of infection here. To avoid such risks, you should also act according to your doctor’s instructions during the holiday.

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Vacation After Hair Transplantation and Things to Consider

If you are going to have a vacation after hair transplantation, you need to follow some rules in this period to avoid any problems. When you contact your doctor, he will give you detailed information about this subject. However, in general, things to consider are as follows:

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

1. Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

It is very normal to have sensitivity in the scalp after the operation. When the highly sensitive scalp is exposed to direct sunlight, there is a risk of sunburn. This means a significant risk for the grafts transplanted. Therefore, you should protect your hair from sunlight during the vacation.


2. Benefit from the Salty Water

If there is salty seawater in the place you go for a holiday, make use of it. The salty water will contribute to the healing of wounds on your scalp. Due to the salty water, a physical process called osmosis occurs in the scalp and the wounds on the scalp are cleaned accordingly. All these affect the healing process positively.


3. Avoid Chlorine

It is necessary to stay away from the pools while having a vacation after hair transplantation. Because chlorine is used to ensure the hygiene of the pool water. Chlorine is a substance that damages the hair. So much so that; in case of too much exposure to chlorine, hypochlorous acid accumulation may occur and as a result, the cells may die.


4. Have Hair Transplantation on Vacation

Correct planning is needed to have a vacation after hair transplantation or to have this procedure on vacation. If there are plans to swim in the pool or sea during the holiday, there must be at least 3 weeks between the procedure and the holiday. However, if there is a touristic holiday where there is no pool and sea, hair transplantation can be done without any problem.



The idea of a vacation after hair transplantation may sound attractive. However, if the points mentioned here are not taken into consideration, the result may be a huge disappointment. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful, to get the doctor’s approval, and to make good planning before making a vacation decision.