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Teeth directly affect the quality of life of people. Tooth decay or similar problems can cause complete loss of teeth. After this stage, people may choose different treatment methods to restore the function of their lost teeth. One of them is a dental implant and it can be described as one of the most effective methods.

You want to have a dental implant, but are you looking for answers to your questions? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about dental implants for you.


What Is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant consists essentially of three different parts. These are the implant nail placed inside the jaw bone, a piece that serves as a bridge called abutment and the prosthesis on the implant. The implants are manufactured from different materials; the most preferred ones are titanium and zirconium. As it can be understood from these materials, it is an extremely durable product and can be used without any problem for long years.

The specially produced implant is placed on the jawbone and thus functions as a natural tooth. It doesn’t have to be removed and doesn’t hurt people. Due to these features, interest in this product is increasing day by day.


How Is Dental Implant Procedure Carried Out?

Dental implant treatment is a prosthesis that is screwed onto the jawbone, and the density of the jawbone must be sufficient to perform this procedure. Therefore, this treatment may not be suitable for everyone. The specialist surgeon should examine and decide whether the jaw bone is strong enough. If not, the jawbone should be suitable for the procedure in which its density is increased with the process called bone graft.

Bone graft is the process of adding the bones taken from a different part of the body to the jawbone. The patient should wait for 2-3 months after this process.  After the bone has recovered, a treatment area is prepared for the implant in the jawbone and the implant nail is placed there. Then the abutment is attached to this nail and the dental prosthesis is finally inserted. Complete healing of teeth and gums occurs after 6 months.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

dental implants

Different questions arise in people’s minds due to the long duration of dental implant treatment, the different stages of the procedure and similar reasons. Some of the frequently asked questions and their answers are listed below.

  • Is the dental implant permanent?

The dental implant can be described as the prosthesis with the longest life. But whether it is permanent or not, depends on the importance given to the health of the person’s gums. The durability of these prostheses depends on the fact that the gingiva and jaw bone are kept healthy as the prostheses are directly attached onto them. However, in general, it can be said that dental implants last longer than 20 years.

  • Can dental implants be removed at any time?

Dental implants are fixed to the screw placed inside the jawbone. Therefore, it cannot be removed at any time.

  • Is Dental Implant Suitable for Children?

Children who have lost their teeth due to an accident or a different cause can be treated with dental implants. However, the bone development of children should be achieved. For some children, this development can be completed at the age of 16 and at a higher age. It is not possible to make a dental implant before bone development is completed. The dentist therefore decides whether implant treatment is to be performed.

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  • Are Dental Implants Harmful to Human Health?

This procedure for lost teeth has no known side effects on human health. It has been practiced for nearly 50 years and can be said to be very safe and beneficial to human health.

  • Can All Dentists Perform Dental Implant Treatment?

The dental implant is completed after a period of about 6-8 months. It is necessary to have the necessary technical equipment, knowledge and expertise. Therefore, it is very difficult to say that every dentist can make a dental implant. In order to minimize the risks related to this procedure and increase the success rate, it would be appropriate to choose a surgeon who is expert in the field.

  • Can the dental implant treatment be carried out by patients using prosthesis?

Dental implants are preferable to anyone who is not a female. If the necessary conditions are fulfilled, people using dental prosthesis may also opt for implant treatment.

  • Can anyone have a dental implant?

Dental implants are applied in a different way than false teeth and other dentures. It is placed directly on the jawbone and therefore meets people’s expectations at the highest level. This procedure applies only to people with sufficiently dense jaw bone and to those whose jaw bone density can be increased by bone graft. In addition, bone development of children in developmental age is expected to be completed.

  • How much does the dental implant cost?

Dental implants are slightly more expensive than other prosthetic treatments. But it can be said that everyone has different varieties to suit their budget. The figure to be paid for this treatment varies according to the country, exchange rates and the number of teeth to be implanted. Therefore, it is not possible to mention a clear number.

  • Is the success rate of this procedure high?

First of all, it should be known that this treatment has been applied for more than 50 years and it has been successful. If a successful dentist and clinic are preferred, the success rate will be over 95%.

  • Do people notice the implant in the teeth?

One of the most important advantages of a dental implant is that it looks like a real tooth. Therefore, people do not understand that a person has a dental implant, but rather think how beautiful their teeth are.

  • Can someone who has lost all their teeth get an implant?

The only condition required for the implant is that the jaw bone is dense and strong. In addition, anyone who hasn’t got any teeth can also have tooth implants as there is no other different condition.

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  • Can implant treatment be performed for the bridge?

People with multiple teeth missing need a healthy tooth for the bridge. If they don’t have healthy teeth, they can’t have bridges. Thus, they can opt for implant treatment. The implant will make the bridge possible.

  • Can implant be applied immediately after tooth extraction?

Implants are not applied immediately after tooth extraction. First of all, the gums are expected to heal completely and recover. This will take 1 to 3 months.

  • How long is the total treatment duration for a dental implant?

There are some stages for the application of the dental implant, and the gums are expected to heal by waiting for certain periods between these stages. Therefore, a normal procedure is expected to last for an average of 6 months. However, if bone graft is applied to the patient, this time may be extended for 2-3 months. In general, the duration of treatment can be said to be between 6 and 12 months.

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