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Having healthy hair is of course everyone’s dream. When it comes to healthy hair, everyone cosmetic products come to mind, nobody naturally thinks of having healthy hair. However, there are so many good nutrients in the things we eat and drink that cosmetic products may not even be needed.

The elements of the foods we eat include protein, vitamins and minerals which reach the hair follicles through blood flow. Vitamins, proteins and minerals that reach the hair follicles protect the hair follicles and allow them to grow in a healthy way. But if you do not consume nutrients rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals; your hair becomes fragile, dull and shedding occurs frequently. In other words, the hair will have split ends, they are constantly shed and do not have a radiant appearance.

We have compiled a list of the most useful nutrients for you to keep your hair healthy and protect your hair health.


1. Tangerine Contains Plenty of Vitamins

As it is widely known, Tangerine contains plenty of vitamin C. Thanks to the vitamins it contains; it feeds the hair follicles and leads to the production of calogens that strengthen the vessels which feed the hair follicles. Tangerine allows the body to absorb the iron taken faster and allows the hair to grow faster.

Thanks to the vitamin B it contains, the mandarin helps hair to grow in a healthy way and prevents hair loss. Vitamin B also reduces hair whitening. To have healthy hair, it is beneficial to eat 2 tangerines per day.


2. Salmon Saves Hair

As everyone knows, salmon is a fish composed of Omega-3 vitamins. Since the human body cannot produce this kind of oil itself, it is necessary to take supplements from outside. Thanks to the Omega 3 oil contained in the salmon, the hair looks brighter and healthier. If you want your hair to grow healthily, you should eat salmon twice a week.


3. Natural Care with Yogurt

Yoghurt we eat together with the meals contains an acid called vitamin B5. Thanks to this substance in the yogurt, the hair isn’t thinned and broken. Vitamin B5 in yogurt accelerates the blood flow and ensures the hair follicles to be nourished and thus you care for your hair naturally. If you want to treat your hair only naturally without using chemicals, you should eat 2 bowls of yogurt per day.


4. Carrots Are Very Rich Nutrients

Carrots are very rich in vitamin A. It has a great effect on the hair and the eyes. In order for our hair to grow in a healthy way, a substance called sebum is needed. Sebum is also contained in vitamin A in carrots. When there is no sebum, your hair may dry or dandruff. If you want to care your hair with carrots, you can use carrots in your salads and meals.


5. Cinnamon is a Panacea

Cinnamon makes the blood flow to the hair follicles faster and provides faster nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. With this effect, it strengthens the hair follicles and provides natural care. If you love cinnamon, you can use cinnamon in tea and linden or consume cinnamon on desserts such as rice pudding.


6. No Other Thing is Healthier Than an Egg

When there is a lack of biotin in the body, the hair starts to break and hair loss problems arise in time. The eggs that we eat frequently at breakfast contain high levels of biotin. However, the egg is known as the best protein source and has a great effect on hair growth, not being broken and looking healthy. If you want to grow your hair healthily with eggs, you should eat boiled or cooked eggs every morning for breakfast.



7. Oats Enable Hair Extension

Thanks to the omega 3, zinc, iron, vitamins and unsaturated fats it contains, oats help the hair grow faster and become thicker. So you will have healthy hair that grows quickly and will be lusher than before. For breakfast, you can eat a spoonful of oatmeal with milk and add fruit, cinnamon and nuts.


8. Lentils Nourish Hair

Lentil contains plenty of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin. In addition to all these, lentils include folic acid. Folic acid nourishes the structure of red blood cells on the skin and scalp. Thanks to all of these, lentils help new hair grow and become stronger. You can eat lentils twice a week.


9. The Power of Spinach is Not Only in Cartoons

As you know, spinach is described as a healthy food for children in cartoons. Indeed, spinach is a very healthy food and has a strengthening effect on the hair. Spinach contains plenty of vitamin A, iron, beta kerotene, folate and vitamin C. These minerals in spinach are very important for the scalp because these minerals moisturize the hair and make it stronger.

Iron is an essential nutrient for both body and hair. When there is a lack of iron in our body, the hair starts to shed directly. When consumed together with iron-rich meat, Spinach’s vitamin increases. Especially people suffering from hair loss problem should eat spinach at least twice a week.


10. Nuts are Small But Their Talents are Great

Nuts contain plenty of vitamin E, selenium and zinc. When all these minerals come together, they strengthen the hair structure. In particular, the cashew with high biotin it contains provides faster hair growth. Walnuts prevent hair breakage. Pistachios prevent baldness in men. If you want your hair to grow in a healthy way and not to break, you can eat 2 walnuts or 10 cashews every day.


11. Red Meat is a Must

When there is iron deficiency in the human body, hair loss and hair breakage are observed directly. In these cases, doctors recommend you to eat plenty of red meat and take an iron supplement tablet. Red meat contains plenty of iron and prevents hair loss and helps to grow. For this, you can consume foods such as meatballs, cooked meat twice a week.


12. Let’s Not Forget the Foods with Olive Oil

As it is known, olive oil is useful for many things. It also has spectacular effects on hair. Olive oil provides fast hair growth and strengthens the hair. For this, you can consume olive oil in your meals or you can apply it directly to your hair. You can also apply olive oil to your hair with various hair masks and see the effect in a short time.


13. Some Fruits Help Strengthen Hair

In addition to meals, fruits also provide natural hair care. Avocado in particular lengthens hair directly and makes it lush. You can eat avocado slices as well as boiling it and drinking its water. You can even filter the oil and apply it to your hair. In addition to avocado, the apple also strengthens the hair. You can strengthen your hair by eating an apple every day or boiling the apple and drinking a glass of juice every day.



You can protect your hair health by paying attention to the nutrients you eat in natural ways to care for your hair. Also if hair loss has occurred, you can consider PRP treatment which will strengthen your hair.

If the shedding in your hair has reached an advanced level, the food you eat and the care you will do unfortunately will not bring back your shed hair. At this point, you can think about having hair transplantation surgery in Turkey which has the best hair transplant clinics and doctors in the world.

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