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While some of the stains on the teeth disappear with brushing, some stains that are specially formed over time will never disappear with brushing. These stains in the tooth enamel are removed by a process called teeth whitening and people’s teeth are re-whitened. Whitening gels and similar substances are used in teeth whitening, which is a cosmetic process.

Teeth whitening is applied for stains that do not come out by brushing and other methods that people will apply. The main objectives of the procedure are to remove the yellowing due to smoking, stains in tooth enamel, discolouration in teeth due to ageing, and the stains due to the use of alcohol and similar substances.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening procedure, you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers in our article.


General Information About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedure has been implemented for a long time. The success rate of this process is over 90% when the necessary conditions are met. After a single session that lasts only 30 to 90 minutes, patients can return home immediately and continue their daily lives. In the first days after the procedure, some sensitization may be seen in the teeth. This is temporary and will disappear automatically after a while.

Teeth whitening can generally be seen as a simple procedure, but it must be performed by a qualified dentist specialized in this field. Because this simple procedure has important risks such as sensitization of teeth and damage to the roots. In the procedures performed by a successful physician, these risks are minimized.


Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening creates a significant change in the general appearance of people. This highly effective procedure improves one’s self-confidence and, in a sense, improves his/her psychology. There are some important issues that should be known before undergoing the teeth whitening procedure that has such important effects.

·        How should I prepare for teeth whitening?

No special preparation is required before the teeth whitening procedure. However, the teeth should be brushed and the parts that require filling should be treated before the procedure. Thus, both the effect of the process is seen more clearly, and the solution used is prevented from damaging the roots.

·        How is teeth whitening procedure done?

First, a material known as cheek picker is used to reach the patient’s teeth more comfortably. Thus, the lips and cheeks are opened to the sides. Then a special solution is applied to protect the gums. In this way, the substance used in other stages is prevented from damaging the gums.

After preparation, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Depending on the condition of the teeth, it is kept for 15 to 30 minutes after the first application. After absorption, ultraviolet or led beam is applied to increase the whitening effect on the teeth. The procedure is then terminated by removing the cheek picker material and rinsing the patient’s mouth with plenty of water.

·        How long does the treatment last?

The treatment has a waiting time of 30 minutes and this may increase slightly depending on the condition of the teeth. It is possible to mention a total of 90 minutes when other procedures are considered.

·        What should I be careful about after treatment?

The treatment is painless, and you can return to your daily life after the procedure. You should avoid tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola and alcoholic beverages in the first days after the procedure. During this period, the use of toothpaste and a toothbrush produced for sensitive teeth is very important for your dental health. Brushing your teeth regularly with these will ensure that the whiteness obtained through the process is maintained for a long time.

·        Is the effect of teeth whitening permanent?

The effect of teeth whitening is not permanent. The effect of whitening will continue for 6 to 24 months depending on how the person is taking care of the teeth. If a permanent effect is desired, this procedure should be renewed once every 6 months as a single session.

·        Can teeth whitening be done during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period and expectant mothers should not even use a simple painkiller without the advice of a doctor. In such a period, it is stated by the experts that teeth whitening will not be suitable.

·        Does the veneer and porcelain teeth whiten too?

The structure of non-natural prosthetic teeth is different from that of natural teeth. The method has been developed for completely natural teeth. Therefore, veneers or prosthetic teeth cannot be whitened using this method.

·        How white can my teeth get?

This method has different effects on everyone. Generally, a whitening of 2-3 tons can be mentioned. However, in some patients, the level of whitening can reach up to 8 tons. This is directly related to the structure and colour of the teeth.

·        Can I see the change in my teeth immediately?

It is possible to notice whitening on your teeth immediately after the procedure. However, the effect of the procedure lasts for up to 2 weeks and the full result becomes apparent at the end of this period. It is important to avoid the use of coffee, cigarettes and similar substances before the exact result is known. Thanks to the sensitivity to be shown on this subject, the whitening of the teeth will be even more visible.

·        Are there any risks and side effects of teeth whitening?

With a simple preparation before this procedure, risks and side effects can be completely prevented or minimized. In particular, it is very important to fill the gaps in the teeth with fillings. However, temporary tooth sensitivity may occur in some cases. In addition, the roots may be damaged if the gaps are not completely filled.

·        Can anyone have teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedure can be applied to all people except pregnant, breastfeeding women and budding children.  For this procedure, it is very important that your teeth are healthy. If your teeth have caries or a condition that needs treatment, they should be treated first. Applying whitening gel to teeth without these treatments can cause serious problems.

·        Can teeth whitening be done when there are braces?

Teeth whitening cannot be performed when braces or orthodontic braces are present. You can have the whitening procedure after the brace treatment is completed.

·        Does teeth whitening procedure always work?

Teeth whitening is an extremely simple procedure, but it has some subtleties. At this point, a qualified and expert physician will have to be preferred. The success rate of a procedure by such a physician is around 95% and generally meets the expectations of the patients. In addition, less change in the teeth of patients who do not have too much stain, should not be seen as a failure.

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