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Women with small breasts may have problems in many situations. For this reason, women with small breasts are having aesthetic surgery to enlarge their breasts. After having enlarged their breasts, their self-esteem is fulfilled, and they survive their troubles. We have compiled for you the problems experienced by women with small breasts.


1. Flatulence After Eating Excessive Food

Women with small breasts experience flatulence in the abdomen area after eating an excessive amount of food. Of course, all people experience flatulence after eating too much, but in women with small breasts, it looks like the belly of a pregnant person. It looks very strange when the upper part is flat and the abdominal area is unilaterally swollen.


2. Sports: Their Fearful Nightmare

Exercising normally reduces the size of the breasts and collects them together. Exercising really scares women, especially if their breasts are small. Wearing a large size bra is not a cure for such women’s problems either. That is why women with small breasts avoid exercising. As the muscles are stretched regularly while exercising, the breasts also tighten automatically after a while and they go down a notch on the belt. Because of this, women with small breasts do not like to exercise and they use different techniques to stay slim.

small breasts


3. Hiding the Bra is a Complete Torment

When women with small breasts wear a V-neck t-shirt, evening dress or a strapless bodysuit, hiding bras is literally a torment. Because the bra wraps around the breasts, it is inevitably visible over the clothes. Therefore, when choosing evening dresses, it is useful to choose a neck tied or long sleeve evening dress. When wearing a T-shirt, it is appropriate to wear a bike collar or polo collar t-shirt, not a V-neck.


4. The Gap Between the Breast and the Bra is Very Annoying

Even if women with small breasts buy small size bras, there is always a gap in between. Especially when they wear a tight outfit, that gap becomes so obvious and it bothers them. Since the padded bra is cotton, it makes the breasts look bigger and closes the gap better. Unfortunately, it is necessary to say goodbye to tight t-shirts and wear full blouses.


5. The Situation Where the Lover Cannot Find What He Hopes For

Women with small breasts also feel a lack of self-confidence when they get close to their lovers. These challenging moments are the fearful dream of small-breasted women. Not appealing to the man she loves, disappointing him for sure causes every woman to be upset.

small breasts


6. Wearing a Low-Cut Outfit is a Dream

Cleavage is a secret detail that suits a woman. Open-fronted shirts, t-shirts, blouses and strapless bodies are among the clothes that every woman likes, but what makes these clothes beautiful is the cleavage detail. Unfortunately, women with small breasts often do not even try it on because they are afraid of not being able to carry the cleavage properly.


7. Unable to Pose Beautifully Sometimes Hurts

There are such photographs that are beautiful because of the pose of the woman’s breasts. Particularly posing in the bikini on the beach is really impressive. Unfortunately, women with small breasts feel a shortcoming because they believe theirs will not be a remarkable photograph.

Especially being in the same photo with women with big breasts means to attract attention in the photo in a negative sense. Psychologically it can be a bit abrasive.

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8. Wearing A Bikini May Be a Problem

With the arrival of summer, while everyone is rifling through stores for bikinis, small-breasted women may have difficulty finding a bikini fitting their own size. It is known that many women give up wearing bikinis, as the breast area does not appear to be proportional.

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9. Wearing a Strapless Bra Tells on You

For strapless bras to fit and not slip on the breasts, you need breasts that are slightly larger. Even when the strap of a bra is broken, you know how much trouble is experienced. This is a disaster for women with small breasts. Your hands go to your bra constantly, you pull it to one side first, then to the other side, but the bra never seems to fit in. In order not to let the others see that it slips out, you either tug your breasts until the interview is over, or you can carry a spare bra with you and go to the restroom immediately and change your bra.

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10. Breast Enlargement Makeup

Many women use makeup to make their medium-sized breasts look slightly larger. They paint around breasts with breast-coloured powders, and the breast appears to be more supported. This method is of little use for women with small breasts because even for this, breast sizes need to be a little larger.



It’s not the end of the world to be small-breasted. There are so many people who have small breasts and are world-famous, it is very difficult to notice that their breasts are small when looking at their beauty. An example of this is Taylor Swift. When you look at her deep blue eyes and blond hair, she never strikes the eyes of people with her small breasts.

However, if you suffer from this trouble and this situation constantly leads you to think negatively, you can consider breast augmentation. This operation allows you to enlarge your breasts by 2 sizes. At least the breast enlargement aesthetic operation will help you to avoid the difficulties mentioned above. To do this, you need to talk to a good aesthetic specialist.

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