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Tummy tuck is a special procedure that effectively removes sagging in the abdominal area. This procedure is usually applied to patients with excessive sagging. If there is no excessive sagging, other cosmetic methods may be preferred. If you want to have a tummy tuck procedure due to sagging and excesses in your abdominal area, you should get ready for the operation properly. This situation is very important for the success of the operation. So, how should you get ready for the best result before the Tummy tuck operation? What should you pay attention to?


Do I Need a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Skin sagging and excesses caused by pregnancy and losing too much weight in a short time can be removed with tummy tuck surgery. It especially targets sagging that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise. By considering all these, you can decide whether you need a tummy tuck surgery or not. At this stage, other factors that will affect your decision-making process are as follows:


Have Your Medical Tests Done

 The first thing to do before undergoing a surgical operation is to have medical tests done. Your doctor will guide you about this issue. Never forget that you cannot have this surgery without having the tests requested by your doctor. The reason is that your doctor will approve the surgery according to the results.

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Arrange a Companion

Although the risks are limited, the tummy tuck is not an operation that you can have with outpatient treatment. You will need to rest for a while after this operation. You may even need to stay in bed in the first days of your recovery period. Because of all this, it is important to find a companion before the surgery. The companion will meet your needs for you. Several tasks such as housework, cooking, shopping, and cleaning are done by the attendant. So you don’t have to deal with such details.

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Take Time Off From Work

After the surgery, you will need to rest for a while and not go to work. Therefore, another thing you should do before the surgery is to take time off from your work. If you have a particularly heavy job, make sure that your time off is a little longer. You should talk to your boss assuming you won’t be able to go to work for at least 2-3 weeks.

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Bring Your Expectations to the Realistic Level

Before a cosmetic operation, patients imagine what the outcome will be. Some patients raise their expectations too high and are seriously disappointed with the result. First of all, you should know that an incision will be formed in your abdominal area for the tummy tuck operation. After the incision heals, it is normal to have a slight scar on your abdominal area. However, since your doctor will form this incision in your lower abdomen, it will remain below the level of the belt. Therefore, even if you are at the beach, the scar will remain under your shorts or swimwear. Many of the celebrities who had Tummy Tuck surgery were also satisfied with the results. Of course, the right clinic and specialist surgeons are of great importance at this point.

You will have to wait a while to see the final results of your tummy tuck. And also you should bring your expectations to a realistic level considering all these points.

You can talk to your doctor about the post-operative appearance. Thus, you will learn the most accurate information and avoid unnecessary disappointment at the end of the process.

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Tell Your Doctor About Your Medication

You should share the list of medications you are using for different diseases with your doctor. The reason is the side effects or normal effects of some medicines can be risky for such an operation. For example, if you are using blood thinners, you will have more bleeding during the surgery. This is a danger. Therefore, when you share the medication list with your doctor, you will receive detailed information about which medications you should take a break.


Stop Smoking or Take a Break

It is known by almost everyone that smoking is a serious health risk. However, its negative impact on surgical procedures is perhaps one of the most important of these. If you smoke, you should stop smoking at least 1-2 weeks before surgery. Even if you cannot quit, you will have to stop smoking during this period.

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