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Hair loss is one of the major problems many people experience today. Especially, the lack of a full-fledged treatment makes hair loss a problem that can result in baldness. Therefore, people tend to avoid food that can cause hair loss. Have you ever thought that coffee could also be such a product? Some claim that coffee is a beverage that causes hair loss. Well, is it really so? Is coffee consumption one of the causes of hair loss? Or is this an urban legend? All the details are in our article.


What Are the Reasons for Hair Loss?

There is no single type of hair loss. Therefore, it would be wrong to mention only one reason. For example, androgenetic alopecia which is one of the most common types of hair loss is a genetic hair loss. The basis is that the hormone called DHT adheres to the hair follicles and prevents the hair from nourishing. If your hair follicles are genetically sensitive to DHT, you may experience this type of hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss are stress, side effects of medication used for different diseases, traumas, and similar situations. As can be understood from here, there can be very different reasons for hair loss.

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Can Coffee Be the Reason for Your Hair Loss?

Hair Transplant Turkey 2018

There is no research result or scientific data saying coffee consumption causes hair loss. Coffee is just a beverage and contains different ingredients. Accordingly, it gives the body energy and the substances it needs.

Those who claim that coffee causes hair loss generally do not refer to any scientific data. If someone who drinks coffee regularly has hair loss, it is not right to say that the reason is coffee. Because that person may have male pattern baldness or the medications he uses negatively affect his hair. Therefore, it is almost impossible to say that coffee contributes to hair loss.


Does Coffee Prevent My Hair Loss?

In the light of scientific data, we can say that coffee consumption does not cause hair loss. However, studies are showing that this particular beverage helps prevent hair loss. Yes, you haven’t read wrong. When coffee is consumed regularly and without exaggeration, it can prevent hair loss. But, how is this possible?

Most of the hair loss in the world is male pattern baldness. On the basis of this, which is expressed as androgenetic alopecia, there is DHT hormone and hypersensitivity to this hormone. Coffee targets this DHT hormone. Thus, it helps to prevent hair loss directly.


Other Positive Effects of Coffee on Hair


The positive effect of coffee on hair is not limited to this. As stated above, it is an energizing beverage. Thanks to this drink, cells produce more ATP (energy). The excess energy produced makes it easier for the hair follicles to enter the active growth phase. Thus, the hair continues to grow.

When coffee reaches the hair follicles, it can act as a growth factor. In other words, it is a substance that stimulates hair growth. When coffee-containing hair care products are applied externally to the hair and scalp, they can only penetrate the outer areas. They cannot pass to the hair follicles. However, with coffee consumption, growth factors are carried to the hair follicles through the blood. Thus, the roots are stimulated for hair growth.

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Can Coffee Stop My Hair Loss For Sure?

Coffee consumption can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. However, it is not a miraculous drink. It would be wrong to say that coffee will stop hair loss. As stated above, hair loss can have many reasons. Do not think that the problem will pass by just drinking coffee without knowing the reasons and having the necessary treatments. Coffee only acts as a subsidiary element in such situations. So its effects are limited. If your hair loss continues, you should see a specialist and determine the source of the problem.

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