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Stress is one of the most important factors that negatively affect human health. Experts say that low-level stress is useful, while high-level stress causes different health problems. These problems also include hair problems. Yes, you will inevitably experience several hair problems related to stress. If you can’t solve the problem here, stress will significantly damage your hair. In our article, you can find the hair problems caused by stress and their solutions.

High levels of stress affect and often disrupt hormone balance in the body. It may cause some hormones to be secreted less than normal and others more. Depending on this, you may experience important health problems such as depression, weight gain and blood pressure. Studies conducted have shown that stress also seriously damages hair. Now let’s examine the negative effects of stress on hair together.


Major Hair Problems Caused By Stress

1. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania disorder is a condition that occurs due to stress. This condition, which is described as the person pulling his/her own hair, appears under tension. It is an important condition among the hair problems caused by stress. The tension that occurs due to intense stress disrupts the psychology of people and such a result may occur.

People with trichotillomania disorder are often looked at with suspicion by their environment. They may even be stigmatized by the others. This makes it almost impossible for people who pull their own hair to get help from their environment. Because of this, their tension constantly increases, and this situation causes their hair pulls to become frequent.

People with suspected trichotillomania disorder should seek help from specialists ASAP. This condition can be overcome with timely intervention. Thus, the disease is overcome without damaging the hair seriously.

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2. Slow Hair Growth

People who are under intense stress need more vitamins and minerals than normal. However, as loss of appetite develops due to stress, adequate nutrition cannot generally be provided. This causes the body to use the limited nutrients it receives in more important areas. For example, vitamins and minerals going to the hair are cut back. Thus, a serious slowdown occurs in the growth rate of the hair.

Slower hair growth may not be a serious problem for you. But if this problem is not solved on time, it will be inevitable that the hair follicles will be negatively affected. Serious problems such as permanent hair loss can arise. Therefore, be careful with your nutrition during stressful times. Get out, get some fresh air. Be a trencherman but eat healthy foods.

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3. Telogen Effluvium

Our hair has a cycle in itself. If this cycle is disrupted, a condition called telogen effluvium occurs. And this condition causes hair to be lost prematurely. Stress takes an important place at the basis of this condition.

100-150 of the strands of a healthy person can be lost daily. This figure is considered normal. If you are under stress and there is a serious increase in your lost hair, you may have telogen effluvium. For this, you need to see a specialist and take the necessary measures urgently.


4. Effect of Drugs Used

Apart from hair problems caused by stress, there are also serious health problems that occur based on this. Different medications may be needed to treat these problems. Some medicines taken are known to have a negative effect on the hair. Slowing down the blood flow in the scalp, causing the hair follicles to be negatively affected and similar side effects can cause hair to weaken or even be lost over time.

One of the important things to know here is that not every drug used affects hair negatively. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not disrupt your treatment and use your medications regularly. You can talk to your doctor about the condition and take different measures against possible hair loss.


5. Hormonal Change

As mentioned above, stress negatively affects the hormone balance in the body. The condition affects different parts of the body as well as hair. Because hormones are the factors that regulate the overall functioning of the body. The slightest imbalance in these will manifest itself as a different disease.

There may be different causes of hair loss that occurs due to hormonal change. For example; dryness of the scalp may occur, or the blood flow rate may be impaired. Changes can be seen in the amount of food the blood carries. In short, this change may have different negativities. In order not to be affected by this, getting help from a specialist draws attention as the most important solution method.


How To Cope With Hair Loss Due To Stress?

The most important step to take for the solutions of hair problems caused by stress is to reduce the stress level. For this, changing your lifestyle can be an effective way. Having a more active and nonmonotonically life will help you to relieve stress.

Seek help from a psychologist, if necessary, to relieve stress. Do not hesitate about this. The important thing is your health. If such methods do not prevent your hair loss, you may consider going to a hair care centre. With the alternative methods to be applied here, your hair loss can be completely treated.