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Breasts are among the most special parts of women. Drawing men’s attention, breasts are very important to make women more attractive. Therefore, there are many aesthetic procedures performed on breasts. One of them is breast reduction surgery. However, it is difficult to say that this surgery is always performed due to aesthetic concerns. Most of the time, several different factors are also added to the aesthetic concerns. In this way, people have the breasts of their dreams and their quality of life increases at the same time. The breast reduction surgery that has many advantages is preferred not only by ordinary people but also by celebrities. You will also be very surprised when you see the celebrities who had breast reduction surgery. Let’s examine the 8 celebrities who had this surgery.


1. Ariel Winter

breast reduction surgery

Ariel Winter is an American actress and voice actor born in 1998. Although she is very young, she has participated in many productions or performed their voiceovers. The most famous one is no doubt “Modern Family” series. Winter, who became famous with this series, is one of the celebrities who had breast reduction surgery. When explaining this surgery, she stated that the surgery wasn’t due to aesthetic concerns. She gave back and neck pains as the reasons for her breast reduction. It is a known fact that back and neck pains are among the most important problems faced by women with big breasts.

Ariel Winter stated that after the breast reduction surgery, she was relieved and that her pains disappeared. Winter, who had a significant reduction in her breasts, continues her career in the same way.  


2. Queen Latifah

breast reduction surgery

Queen Latifah whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens is among the celebrities who had breast reduction surgery. The famous name, born in 1970, is a rapper, lyricist, producer, and actress. Queen Latifah, who won Grammy, reduced her breast sizes from size F to size DD with the surgery she had.   

Queen Latifah gave back and neck pains and the inability to exercise as the reason for this surgery. Having large breasts adversely affects the exercises and causes different problems.

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3. Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore breast reduction

Drew Barrymore was born in 1975 in the U.S.A. The famous name is a model, an actress, a producer, a director, and an entrepreneur and she reduced her breasts in 2007. She drew attention for her different explanations about the subject. Drew Barrymore complained that men were constantly looking at her breasts and that her attention was directed to this part as well.  She also added that her breasts caused back and neck pains as well.  Finally, she also said that having large breasts had been difficult for her in clothing.

Drew Barrymore’s breast reduction surgery affected the famous name’s career positively. The fact that the surgery had been performed 15 years ago even made people forget it.


4. Patricia Heaton

breast reduction surgery

A comedian and an actress, Patricia Heaton has been famous for her role in The Middle. She won Emmy three times. Patricia Heaton, whose career is full of successes, stated that she had aesthetic surgeries for her different parts. One of them is breast reduction surgery.

The famous name with four babies said that there has been serious sagging in her breasts because of breastfeeding. Heaton, resembling her nipples to plates, pointed out that because of these reasons; she joined the celebrities who had breast reduction surgery. Although it is not included in her explanations, it is supposed that the sagging breasts were also lifted during this operation.


5. Janeane Garofalo

breast reduction surgery

Comedian, vocal artist, writer, and actress Janeane Marie Garofalo was born in 1964. She started her career by taking roles in comedy productions. Being 56 now, the famous name has stated that she had breast reduction surgery in her 20s. She has also stated that it wasn’t easy for her to have big breasts and that she had different health issues. As the surgery was many years ago, there isn’t enough information about it. But, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that her new breasts brought luck to her career.

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6. Marie Osmond

breast reduction surgery

Olive Marie Osmond was born in 1959.  American celebrity has appeared in very different fields. She is a writer, an actress, a talk show presenter, and a singer. She has different achievements in her career. Marie Osmond has joined among the celebrities who had breast reduction surgery in her 20s.  She has shown health problems as the reason for this surgery at such a young age. She has eliminated difficulties such as neck and back pains as well as clothing with this surgery. Being a member of a famous family, Osmond then succeeded in climbing the career ladder fast.


7. Dina Manzo

breast reduction surgery

Dina Manzo was born in 1972. She is now 47 and it is known that she was one of the celebrities who had breast reduction surgeries in 2000 and 2010. She played roles in Real Housewives and Dina’s Party productions.

As mentioned above, the famous name had breast reduction surgery twice.10 years after the first surgery; she had to reduce her breasts again. It is supposed that the most important reason was health issues.

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8. Heidi Montag

breast reduction surgery

Heidi Blair Montag is a writer, singer and fashion designer and was born in 1986. It is known that the famous name had many aesthetic surgeries during her career. One of these surgeries was breast augmentation surgery in 2010. With this surgery, Montag had implants put on her breasts. So, her breasts became size F. However, due to the back and neck pains and other health issues, she had to take out the implants in 2013. She got rid of her pains with breast reduction surgery.

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