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Hair fall is the loss of hair permanently. There are different reasons for hair fall and it can be seen in people of almost any age. The solution to this problem is only possible with hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be expressed as the transfer of new hair instead of the lost ones. This procedure provides a permanent solution to baldness and thin hair. So, when should the hair transplantation be performed? Is there an age limit for hair transplantation? Can hair transplantation be performed at a very young age?

Although hair transplantation is a condition mostly seen at older ages, there is also a possibility of being seen at a younger age. It can even be seen in people who are not yet in their 20s. People in such situations hesitate whether to have hair transplantation or not. In our article, we will talk about hair loss at a young age and issues about hair transplantation. Thus, you will have the chance to manage the process of decision making about hair transplantation in a much better way. 


Baldnesses in Young Men

There are different reasons for hair fall however it can be said that some of them are more common. The condition expressed as androgenetic alopecia in medical terms is among the most common reasons for hair loss. There may be hair loss in some men in their 50s because of this reason. But, this condition has the possibility of being seen in the 20s as well. It is believed that baldness occurring in the form of patterns is transferred through genes. It is thought that this is the main reason for seeing this situation in young people more than the past, especially in recent times.

There may be different reasons for hair loss seen in young men. Having too much physical or emotional stress may surprisingly lead to extensive hair loss. Apart from these, there are also other different reasons. So, deriving from here, it should no longer be surprising to see hair loss in young men.


Can Hair Loss Be Stopped?

There is a series of precautions to be taken about the hair loss that begins at a young age. Hair loss can be slowed down or even stopped completely thanks to these precautions. But, it shouldn’t be forgotten that here the reason for hair loss and the general condition of the person is distinctive. Therefore, it may not be possible to stop hair loss completely for everyone.

If precautions are not taken on time for hair loss, there may be permanent baldness. There isn’t much to do after this stage. The only solution to permanent baldness is hair transplantation. It should be known that treatments and medication other than hair transplantation are not a solution to baldness.

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Age Limit for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation can be expressed as the transfer of grafts taken from the donor area to the hairless areas. Different techniques are used for these procedures. It gives a permanent solution when performed by specialist people. But, at this point, it is discussed whether having hair transplantation is suitable for young candidates or not.  Are there any other treatment methods for young people?

Hair transplantation can be performed to anyone between the ages of 20 and 60. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a suitable method for young people as well.  However, it should not be forgotten that it is very important for the person to meet the necessary requirements needed for hair transplantation. So, there is nothing like for anyone directly having hair transplantation without any checks. First of all, it should be checked whether the person is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. In case the necessary conditions are met, hair transplantation can be performed. Therefore while hair transplantation age is 25 for this person, it can be 25 for that person.


Is There an Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

Different treatments are suggested as alternatives to hair transplantation. For example; using the medication called minoxidil is one of these treatments. When used daily, this medication can stop hair loss and encourage thin hair to grow. Similarly, PRP treatment can also create the same effects. However, these treatments recommended as alternatives are only effective in situations where hair loss still continues. In these treatments, hair follicles should not be lost completely.  In case of situations where permanent baldness has occurred, these treatments do not provide any solution. It should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is the only solution to permanent baldness. So, it is not right to compare hair transplantation with the other treatments in this respect. 

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When the above information is considered, it can be said that there is no obstacle for young people to have hair transplantation.  But, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is the doctor to decide here. Because there are serious differences between the conditions of people experiencing hair loss. Therefore, it should be remembered that everyone should be evaluated individually. If an average age is to be given, this can be stated as 22.

The fact that hair transplantation should not be done before the age of 22 is being stated by many specialists. There are different situations that support this view. First of all, hair transplantation isn’t performed when intense hair loss continues. Therefore, it is very likely that the hair loss of a person younger than 22 still continues.  This has to be checked by the doctor. However, although there may not be hair loss during the checks, it may start again later. Therefore, waiting for the age of 22 is recommended.

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