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Are you aware of the possibility of having an accident while dealing with different jobs in daily life? If you think you won’t have an accident, take a closer look at the people around you. You will notice that many of your acquaintances have had major or minor accidents. People who are the victims of an accident may have questions about hair transplantation. In this article, we will answer them. Can they have hair transplantation? How should hair transplantation be done in these people? What are the points to be considered? You can find the answers to these questions in the rest of our article.

The scalp may be damaged as a result of the injuries caused by accidents. In such cases, scarring is inevitable. Therefore, not only the physical appearance is disturbed, but also some psychological problems may arise. In order to improve the psychology of these victims, the problematic situation should be worked out as much as possible. At this point, hair transplantation is an effective method.


Can Victims of an Accident Have Hair Transplantation?

Depending on the size of the accidents, a significant part of the hair may be permanently lost. Hair transplantation is the only treatment of permanent hair loss. At this point, the question of whether a hair transplantation operation can solve hair loss due to an accident comes to mind. The answer to this question may differ depending on the general condition of the patients.

First of all, whether the general health of the person is suitable for hair transplantation is examined. A severe accident will negatively affect not only the hair, but the entire body. If there isn’t any problem at this point, the scalp is examined. Depending on the findings, it can be clarified whether the hair transplantation is suitable for the person concerned.

It would be wrong to say that all those who had an accident are eligible for hair transplantation or they are not eligible at all. Because there are different factors for the procedure in question. And these factors also vary depending on the condition of the person. Hair transplantation was not possible for those who had accidents in the past. Today, this situation has changed and hair transplantation has become possible. However, it should never be forgotten that the conditions of the people are important here.

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Hair Transplantation for People Having an Accident

A detailed examination of the scalp is carried out before hair transplantation is performed for those who have had an accident. As a result of this examination, it may be possible to apply some treatments to strengthen the scalp.

For example; Enriched plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood, also called PRP treatment, can be applied onto this area. This will enable the blood circulation in the scalp to accelerate and other deficiencies to be eliminated.

If the scalp is found to be suitable, hair transplantation starts. Hair transplantation is performed by applying advanced techniques such as FUE or DHI. At this point, the procedures to be performed and the number of grafts to be transplanted will differ depending on the condition of the person.


How is Hair Transplant Done for People Who Have Had an Accident?


Difference Between Hair Transplantation for People Who Had an Accident and Normal Hair Transplantation

First of all, it should be known that both procedures are generally the same. Because as the basis of these procedures, the grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted to the balding area. This operation is carried out by specialists in the field.

There are some differences between the two processes. It is extremely important to determine whether people who have had an accident are suitable for hair transplantation. A number of extra examinations may also be needed such as a detailed examination of the scalp and strengthening of this place. So that the grafted grafts can hold on to the scalp securely. Therefore, people’s expectations will be met more clearly.


Things to Be Considered in Hair Transplantation for Victims of an Accident

The accident does not only damage the hair. If the hair is damaged, it is highly probabale other different injuries may have happened and related scars may remain. Therefore, the general appearance of the person should be taken into account when doing hair transplantation. When hair transplantation is done, efforts should be made to cover the scars completely or to make them less visible. It is very important that the hair has a natural structure, but covering the scars is at least as important as this issue.

The injuries on the scalp and the scars left accordingly have negative effects on the lives of the people. In particular, people may experience serious psychological difficulties.

Another point to be considered here is that a surgeon who is expert in the field performs hair transplantation. Again, it is extremely important that the clinic is of high quality.


What Happens When Hair Transplantation Is Impossible?

Some of the injuries due to the accident can make hair transplantation impossible. A situation that occurs especially in the thickness of the scalp is an obstacle to this. At this point, people cannot have hair transplantation. Therefore, different alternatives are sought.

In cases where hair transplantation is not performed, micro skin pigmentation can be preferred. This method is quite different from hair transplantation and does not give results like hair transplantation. However, it can be preferred if hair transplantation is impossible. The pigmentation method means, in a sense, make-up of the scalp. Thus, some scars may become less pronounced. Apart from this, products such as wigs can be worn.

If you need hair transplantation after the accident, you can contact our doctors by filling out this online consultation form to find out if you are an eligible candidate.

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