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Hair transplantation is performed professionally in clinics in different countries across the world. However, it is a known fact that the quality of some of these clinics is much higher and the success of the procedures changes accordingly. Turkey is one of the countries where such clinics are available, and which attracts attention with the quality of hair transplantation procedures. Another similar country is Scotland. In this article, we will compare the price of hair transplantation in these two countries.

Before going into the hair transplantation issues, making an overall evaluation of Turkey and Scotland will be much more accurate. First of all, Scotland is one of the countries in the United Kingdom and its development level is extremely high. It meets the expectations of the people at a high level in many areas from transportation to communication. On the other hand, Turkey is a little behind the European Union’s development level, but in some areas, Turkey is much more advanced compared to other countries of the world or even the European Union. The health sector is one of these areas.

We have compared Turkey’s and Scotland’s price, performance and success rates in the field of hair transplantation below.


Comparison of Hair Transplantation in Scotland and Turkey

Hair transplantation can be expressed as a professionally performed procedure. It is the transplantation of grafts from the donor area of the person (the area above the neck) to the bald areas. This procedure is sometimes performed for the densification of the hair. This procedure, which has been shaped and developed according to the demands of people for many years, is being performed with highly advanced techniques today. Accordingly, the success rate is extremely high. In order to achieve success, the experience and knowledge of the hair transplantation specialist and the adequacy of the technical infrastructure of the clinic where the procedure is performed are extremely important.


Hair Transplantation in Scotland

Scotland is one of the major hair transplantation centres in the world. It can be said that the number of trained experts in this country is sufficient. Accordingly, there are also clinics providing high-quality services. However, the fact that the number of these is not very high sometimes causes some problems in terms of meeting the current needs fully. Apart from this, there are no problems in terms of accommodation, transportation and security. It is possible to reach here by plane from almost anywhere in the world.

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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey attracts attention as one of the best in the world in the field of hair transplantation. Tens of thousands of people come here from different parts of the world and have hair transplantation throughout the year. As a country that constantly renews and develops itself, the country is one of the leaders in the sector. The most advanced hair transplantation techniques are applied here, and these techniques are implemented by trained and experienced specialists. It is a country that meets the expectations of people having hair transplantation at the highest level. Having enough clinical and trained specialists in the country allows people to have hair transplantation without waiting for ages.

Apart from this, it has developed quite a lot in areas such as security and transportation. At this point, patients do not face any issues. It is possible to come to Turkey by plane from anywhere in the world. The fact that Istanbul is one of the central points of air traffic has made this possible.

The fact that Turkey is very good in this field has recently caused Scotland to lose patients in need of hair transplantation to Turkey. As a result of this situation, smear campaigns against Turkey were held in Scotland. Despite these campaigns, it would be wrong to say that Scottish people lost their interest in Turkey. Scottish people still come to Turkey’s high-quality hair transplantation clinics to undergo this procedure.

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Hair Transplantation Prices in Scotland and Turkey

There are different factors affecting hair transplantation prices. The comparison between countries should be made taking these elements into consideration. First of all, the number of grafts to be transplanted and the technique to be used for this procedure are extremely important. In this context, the details of the comparison are given below.


Hair Transplantation Prices in Scotland

It can be said that the average price of hair transplantation in Scotland is 5 pounds per graft. This means that the amount to be paid for 2000 grafts is around 10,000 pounds. If the number of grafts to be transplanted is slightly higher, it would not be wrong to say that the amount will reach much higher levels. Moreover, this amount is paid only for the hair transplantation procedure itself. In addition, extra fees are required for transfers, transportation and accommodation. There is even an extra charge to get an expert opinion. Considering all these, it can be said that the hair transplantation prices here are quite high. Apart from that, the pound is a very valuable currency. And also this will surely require a high budget for other expenditures in Scotland.

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Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

The average hair transplantation prices in Turkey range between 2,000 € and 3,000 €. This amount includes accommodation, transportation and transfers. Apart from the amount mentioned here, there is no extra charge for hair transplantation. There is no additional payment to discuss with experts and get advice from them. It is quite possible to have a hair transplantation at the best prices in the world’s best quality clinics. You can check the online consultation page for further information from experts completely free of charge.

Should you choose Turkey, additional advantages will also be offered. Istanbul being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, recognition of different cultures, the price in Turkey being much more affordable than in Europe and other similar reasons would be effective in a more accurate decision of Turkey’s preference for hair transplantation.

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