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Hair transplantation can be defined as the transplantation of the grafts from the donor area to the areas that have either no hair or sparse hair. In order to do this, the person must have enough donor hair. There is such an obligation since it is not possible to transplant hair from another person. Hair transplantation has a positive effect on the quality of life as well as changing the general appearance of people. At this point, people think of questions like “in how many sessions is hair transplantation completed?”, “do I need more than one hair transplantation session?”. The answers to these questions are included in the continuation of our article.

How many treatment sessions do you need for hair transplantation? Can intensive hair transplantation be completed in a single session? It’s all in our article.


Objectives of Hair Transplantation

The aim of hair transplantation is to transplant hair to non-hair areas and to make the areas that have sparse hair bushier. How this is to be done or to what extent success will be achieved will depend entirely on the individual. If there are enough grafts in the donor area, the patient’s expectations are fully met, but if there are not enough grafts, then another plan is made accordingly.

After evaluating the general condition of the person and examining the donor area, a hairline is determined by the hair transplant specialist in accordance with the natural appearance of the person. Hair transplantation is performed backwards from this line and a natural appearance is obtained. Thus, the transplanted hair looks like natural hair after a while.

The result of hair transplantation will change the general appearance of the person. This procedure, which leads to a young and dynamic appearance, also allows people to take on the style they want. Hair transplantation, which is a permanent treatment, also increases the self-confidence of people and significantly improves their quality of life.

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In Which Situations Can Multiple Hair Transplantation Sessions Be Needed?

First of all, we should state that hair transplantation is usually completed in a single session. In our clinic, more than one specialist participates in a single session and 5000 grafts can be transplanted in that same session. Such a figure is quite high and is usually sufficient for the person’s non-haired areas. However, in some cases, one session is not enough, and more than one session is needed. This is rarely the case.

There are different reasons for the need for more than one session. The most featured of these reasons can be listed as follows:

  • If the bald area is too large and 5000+ graft transplantation is not sufficient, a second session may be needed. For this, one must also have enough healthy grafts.
  • After the first transplantation, the person may want bushier looking hair. In this case, a second session can be applied.
  • Sometime after the hair transplantation performed for the densification of the person’s hair, some hair (not the transplanted hair) may be lost over time and some thinning may occur. An extra session can be performed to take care of this.

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Importance of Clinic Selection

After this and similar situations, a second session may be performed. However, the possibility of experiencing such cases can be minimized by choosing a qualified physician and a high-quality clinic. For example; the fact that 5000+ grafts can be transplanted at a single time in our clinic significantly eliminates the need for a second session due to the high number of bald areas.

Apart from this, the problem related to the loss of natural hair can also be prevented by the procedures performed by our clinic. In particular, prior to transplantation, the condition of the person’s existing hair is examined, and if there is a possibility of hair loss, this situation is taken into consideration. And for weak hair that may be lost, PRP treatment can be applied to prevent hair loss.


Can the Second Session Be Performed Immediately?

Let’s assume you had hair transplantation and you needed a second session for the reasons mentioned above. In that case, you may think “when will the second session be performed?”. But you should know that this session cannot be performed immediately. The second session cannot be performed unless 10-12 months have passed since the first one.

The main reason for not being able to do it immediately after the first session is to see the results of the first procedure fully and to protect the first transplanted hair. It takes a long time for the transplanted hair to become completely healthy and permanent and people need to be careful during this period. In addition, a certain amount of time must be allowed for the full result. After waiting for 10-12 months, a general evaluation can be made about the first transplantation and action can be taken according to the result. If a certain period of time is not allowed, the grafts transplanted in the first session may be damaged. The result may not be in accordance with the expectations or different negativity may occur.


Things to Consider While Having Hair Transplantation

One of the most important points to be considered while having hair transplantation is to choose the right clinic. Because a mistake can cause wasted use of donor hair or result in the loss of the transplanted hair after a while. In particular, the lack of proper planning can mean the need for a second session.

The services provided in our clinic are higher than the average of international quality standards. The necessary planning is made with the utmost precision by our physicians who are experts in their field. This way, you can get your dream hair as early as possible and without the need for a second session.

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