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Hair transplantation is a procedure that allows people who lose hair for different reasons to regain their hair. With this procedure performed, people regain their hair and their general appearance is restored. But other than that, psychology and self-confidence of people also improve significantly. Therefore, there is a great interest in hair transplantation, and it is increasing each passing day. There are even Turkish actors who have had hair transplantation. Information about some of them is given below. When you see this list, you will be surprised and say, “Did he have hair transplantation too?”.

Which of the Turkish actors you love watching on TV did have hair transplantation? The list of Turkish actors, who has natural-looking hair and who will surprise you by having had hair transplantation, is as follows.


Oktay Kaynarca

turkish actorsOktay Kaynarca, who draws all attention towards himself with his successful performance in the TV series in which he takes part, is among the celebrities who had hair transplantation. On the outside, such a procedure is not noticeable, which clearly shows how successful his hair transplantation is. Oktay Kaynarca, one of the successful Turkish actors, did not have too much hair loss. However, over time, the openings in the comb and temporal region began to increase and this was clearly noticeable even from the outside. Thereupon, Kaynarca decided to have hair transplantation performed and went under this procedure secretly. Kaynarca was not on the agenda for a while, then he began to appear with a beret on his head. Afterwards, the secret of Oktay Kaynarca’s beret got out in the open and it was the hair transplantation he had.

Kaynarca, whose hair transplantation procedure was extremely successful, almost renewed his style and made a spectacular return to the TV series with his new style. He became one of the indispensable actors of the TV world with his young and dynamic look.


Fikret Kuşkan

Turkish Actors Hair Transplantation: Fikret KuşkanFikret Kuşkan, one of the important names among Turkish actors, impressed the audience with his role especially in the movie “My Father and My Son” (Babam ve Oğlum). Those who remember Kuşkan’s appearance in this film should have noticed that he had significant hair loss. Especially the fact that more than half of the comb region had openings, that there is almost no hair in the temporal region, is remembered directly when that film comes to mind. Kuşkan, had hair transplantation to correct this problem in his hair. Fikret Kuşkan, who is among the celebrities who had hair transplantation, used a prosthesis for a while before transplantation.

Fikret Kuşkan’s hair transplantation procedure was extremely successful. Such that those who saw the final look of the artist did not even recognize him. Kuşkan now has extremely bushy hair and attracts attention with his renewed image. As one of the most successful results in hair transplantation, Kuşkan is one of the best examples in this field.

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Yiğit Özşener

Turkish Actors Hair Transplantation: Yiğit ÖzşenerYiğit Özşener, one of the most important names in the world of movies, did not have a serious hair loss problem. Although it was sparse in the comb region, this was not obvious from the outside. But the opening in the temporal region was clearly evident, and as time went on, the opening increased a little. Özşener, who decided to have hair transplantation, had to take a break from the TV screens for a while. And he returned with his magnificent hair following the hair transplantation procedure. Özşener, who has attracted attention with his bushy hair and whose openings have completely disappeared, now continues to play roles in the world of movies with his new and dynamic look.


Tardu Flordun

Turkish Actors Hair Transplantation: Tardu FlordunTardu Flordun, known for his successful roles in several TV series, is also among the celebrities who have had hair transplantation. Flordun, whose hairline was pulled back as a result of hair loss, used to comb his hair to the front to hide this. Flordun, who had hair transplanted to the front part of his head and gave density to the sparse areas, now prefers to comb his hair left-back as a part of his new image and shows the change in the front part of his hair almost to everyone.

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Rıza Kocaoğlu

Turkish Actors Hair Transplantation: Rıza KocaoğluRıza Kocaoğlu, one of the Turkish actors who has gained a place in memories with the role he played in the TV series named “İçerde” (English: Inside), had hair transplantation performed after his role in this TV series. Kocaoğlu, who had sparse areas on the top of his head and openings in the temporal region, has gained a new look after the hair transplantation procedure. His comb area was frequented, and the openings were completely fixed. As a result, the actor gained a much younger and more energetic look. After the hair transplantation, he continued to take part in the new TV series and made sure that the audience never forgot his name.


Tamer Karadağlı

Tamer Karadağlı, one of the important names in TV series and cinema sector, also had hair transplantation. Many celebrities who had hair transplantation kept it a secret, while Karadağlı did not. In fact, he showed how satisfied he was with the procedure by saying “I’m glad I had hair transplantation”. When Tamer Karadağlı’s image in TV series comes to mind, you Turkish Actors Hair Transplantation: Tamer Karadağlımay think that there was not a serious hair loss requiring hair transplantation. Sparsity, which was not very clear from the front, were clearly visible, especially when viewed from above. To overcome this, hair was transplanted from the front lines to the comb region and the sparse areas were completely fixed. There was a clearly marked change in his image and he gained a younger look. He also largely eliminated the possibility of baldness in the years to come.

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Hakan Yılmaz

turkish actorsHakan Yılmaz, one of the Turkish actors known for his leading role in the TV series “Ayrılsak da Beraberiz”, which is one of the legendary TV series of TRT, has then taken part in the cinema sector in every period. When he was first recognized, there were openings in the temporal region and significant sparsity in the comb region of his head. These conditions, which were solved by hair transplantation, enabled Hakan Yılmaz to gain a new and younger image.

Hakan Yılmaz is one of the examples shown to people who want to have hair transplantation. He is amongst the best examples of how much people can change.

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