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In this blog learn about hair transplant before and after at Cosmeticium. Hair loss may come with age but even worse, it could happen when you are still young. No matter when it happens, this can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Hair loss is a very uncomfortable experience whether it happens at old age or early in life.  A hair transplant can work wonders by bringing back your lost hair. Cosmeticium skilled doctors guarantee you successful hair transplant and hair that will come back looking better and healthy.

Below is a simple guide on what to expect before and after undergoing hair transplant

Visit a hair therapist for consultation:

After you have done your research on different websites about hair transplant clinics, the first and most important step is to visit a hair physician for consultation. This visit, gets you prepared and helps understand what hair transplant entails and what is expected of you. The doctor is able to access your case and recommend the best procedure.

Below are two common types of hair transplant

FUE method:

This is an abbreviation for follicle unit extraction, it is a method that in less invasive and there is little or no scar caused. Individual hair follicles are directly collected from the scalp at the donor area creating very small holes and are planted in small incisions at the recipient area.

This is known as Follicle unit transplant; it is an invasive method where a strip of skin is cut by an experienced surgeon. The scar is treated with sutured ensuring that it is nearly invisible. Below is the images on hair transplant before and after at Cosmeticium.

Hair transplant before & after

hair transplant before and after at cosmeticium

hair transplant before after in turkey

hair transplant before and after


Preparing for the hair transplant:

Cosmeticium hair specialists will ensure you are well prepared for your hair transplant. Here are a number of instructions you will need to follow before your actual day of hair transplant.

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks at least a week before surgery. Alcohol is a blood thinner and could therefore affect your healing process.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 24 hours prior to your surgery. Smoking is capable of slowing your healing process after surgery.
  • It is important to have a scalp massage about two weeks before surgery. The massage per session should last 10 to 30 minutes. This softens the skin and improves blood circulation around the donor area.
  • Allow hair at the donor or transplant area to grow without disturbance. Do not trim or cut hair around that area, it is better when left to grow to ensure there is enough for transplanting. When left to grow, this ensures there is hair left to cover the scared area after surgery as well.
  • Stop exercises such as running, jogging and lifting weights about a week before surgery. This ensures clotting factors that are needed for effective healing after surgery remain intact. Exercises such as running can cause breakdown of platelets responsible for blood clotting as they travel through the feet due to hard and fast impulse. This makes them decrease in number while they are needed in numbers during surgery for fast blood clotting which result to fast healing.
  • Ensure you have had some good rest the past few days and the night before surgery. It is normal to be anxious but always remember with experienced Cosmeticium medical specialists you will be in safe hands. The Cosmeticium hair experts in Turkey have performed thousands of procedures before. Yours is to focus on having back your hair and positively wait for your new hair growth after a successful hair transplant.

A hair transplant is a good experience. It is not a procedure you take due to an illness. It is a choice you make to restore your hair and have your glow back. It therefore should be an exciting experience since you will soon enjoy the fruits of a well-performed hair transplant. There is absolutely nothing to worry about after preparing and following your hair specialists’ instructions.

What to expect after hair transplant surgery?

After surgery, Cosmeticium doctors are keen to ensure you get the right instructions as you begin the journey of restoring your hair.

  • It is important to have some time off from work a few days or weeks after surgery. Your head might be sore depending on the extent of your surgery. This means you need to avoid any kind of stress to give it some time to recover. Having enough rest will also hasten your recovery process.
  • If you love outdoor workouts, it is good to avoid them for at least two weeks. Exposing yourself to direct sunlight soon after surgery can be harmful, it slows the healing of the sore area and extreme exposure could lead to a wound. Choose to have your surgery at a period when you are able to avoid outdoors especially during hot seasons.

Hair growth after transplant:

Hair growth is obviously the most awaited part of hair transplant procedure. However, restoring your hair after surgery is a process not a one-day affair as much as we would love it to. The clinician will have informed you about the whole procedure and details on hair development beforehand to avoid frustrations.


After hair transplant, the hair grafts from donor area are expected to start growing on the previously bald area. However, the grafts take some time to endure the shock of moving to a different area that lead to temporary hair shedding. The amount and extent of shedding differ with each individual. This phase of hair shedding occurs a week or two after surgery.  This is simply a stage in the journey of hair restoration and should not cause panic.

Thin hair:

Transplanted grafts should begin to grow in about four months after the procedure. This begins with growing of thin hair as the graft slowly adapts to the new transplant area. The growth might also be uneven since distribution and adaptability cycle of the hair could be random.

At Cosmeticium, Instabul-Turkey, we pride ourselves of giving world-class and professional based hair transplants. We also employ painless needle-free anaesthesia to ensure our clients enjoys utmost comfort during and after the procedure. So you can feel free to get in touch with Cosmeticium as you have got an idea of looks about hair transplant before and after

We have top quality medical equipment, certified and internationally recognized in performing all kinds of hair transplant. Reach out to us at for inquiries on hair transplant procedures and more. Our doctors will help you restore your hair and walk you through the process as you recover your hair and get your confidence back. From this blog you should have got an idea how your hair will look before and after hair transplant.

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