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Rhinoplasty surgery or nasal aesthetics as commonly known; changes the shape, symmetry and size of the nose of a person to make it more appropriate to the face. This surgery can be performed for aesthetic purposes as well as for the relief of a number of respiratory problems.

Rhinoplasty surgery developed to meet the needs of people can be preferred for different reasons.

  • Those that do aren’t pleased with the congenital nose structure and want to change it,
  • Those whose nose has been damaged due to an accident or impact from outside,
  • Those that have an imbalance between the face and nose size,
  • This surgery is preferred by people who have respiratory difficulties due to the nose.

Does Rhinoplasty surgery need to be repeated? Is a single surgery enough? Are the results of Rhinoplasty surgery permanent? The answers you are looking for are here.


Does Rhinoplasty Only Reduce Nose?

When the nose aesthetics are mentioned, people usually think of reducing the nose. However, Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed completely according to people’s expectations. In surgery, the nose can be reduced in size or enlarged. The advantages of Rhinoplasty surgery are not limited. In addition, the correction of the impacted and deformed nose or the rebuilding of the nose with a missing part can also be performed within the scope of this operation. Therefore, it is a procedure with quite different options.

Although the success rate is quite high, it can be said that the patient’s condition is important here. Especially when it is made for aesthetic purposes, the result being relative may cause the success rate to change according to the person. However, it would not be wrong to say that the procedure performed by a good doctor or a good Rhinoplasty clinic completely fulfills the expectations.

Rhinoplasty surgery


How is Rhinoplasty Surgery Done?

Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed to respond to people’s aesthetic concerns. Therefore, it is very important to discuss with the surgeon before the operation. In this interview, general information about the surgery is obtained and the patients ask the questions they have in their minds. Most importantly, they communicate their expectations and learn whether this will be met. Therefore, the consultation phase is very important. The next steps are briefly as follows:

1. Anesthesia

There are two different types of anesthesia administered to patients. The first one is general anesthesia and when this procedure is performed, the patient is fully anesthetized. The other method is sedation, where local anesthesia is applied to the patient’s face. The patient feels no pain and is calm. But he is aware of the procedures and remembers them after the operation.

The anesthesiologist decides which anesthesia to use, taking into account the patient’s condition.

2. Surgical Procedure

After the effect of anesthesia shows itself, small incisions are created in the nostrils or in the region called columella which is between the nostrils. They are then lifted upwards and the nasal bone and cartilage are reached. After this stage, the procedure is performed by considering the patient’s condition and expectations. When the procedure is completed, the skin is carefully closed.

3. Recovery Process

The first time after the rhinoplasty surgery can be challenging for patients. Postoperatively, the nose may be cast into the plaster. A gauze is applied to the nose to prevent bleeding, which makes it necessary to breathe through your mouth. In addition, severe bruising may occur around the nose in the first week.

Rhinoplasty surgery is generally done in this way. Although the duration of the operation varies according to the patients, it can be said that the operation generally takes 2-3 hours. Please note that you may need to stay in the hospital for 7 days after surgery. Therefore, coming to the surgery with a companion, will help you get through this process more easily.

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Rhinoplasty surgery


Will the Results of Rhinoplasty Be Long-Lasting?

The most important point of concern with this surgery is whether the results are permanent. As is known, this surgery is usually performed with consideration of aesthetic concerns. In order for the change in the nose to be permanent, it is necessary to work with a specialist surgeon. It can be said that the effects of Rhinoplasty surgery will be permanent when using the latest medical devices and the latest methods developed in this field.

After you get a nose job, you will have a new nose and your new nose will age with you as you get older. During this period, sagging may occur in the tip region of your nose. This is quite normal and you don’t have to worry. You can have face lift for correction of this sagging. The sagging won’t be seen just after the operation but it may occur due to aging after a long time. So after the operation, you will not have any problems with your nose and you will enjoy your new nose.

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As it is known, surgical techniques are in constant change and development. This also applies to Rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore, you should do a thorough research before surgery and choose clinics and specialists who apply new techniques effectively. Paying attention to this issue will ensure that your expectations from the surgery are fully met and the results are permanent. If you do surgery in a clinic using old methods, unexpected changes may occur in your nose after a while and this may cause you to be disappointed.

To emphasize again, the effects of Rhinoplasty surgery are permanent. But keep in mind that the clinic and doctor you prefer will be of great importance.

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