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Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that people in different parts of the world may need. Therefore, hair transplantation service is provided in different parts of the world. One of them is Western Europe and it draws attention with its different advantages. Is it reasonable to have hair transplantation in Western Europe?

Europe is one of the most developed continents in the world. This level of development is even greater in Western Europe. Western Europe, which is ahead of the world average in different fields of service, is famous for providing the highest quality services to different needs of people. The high quality of basic needs such as security and transportation ensures that other services are of similar quality.

When the hair transplantation option in Western Europe is evaluated, it can be said that it will generally meet the expectations. It is unfortunately not possible to say that it not as much advanced in the area of hair transplantation as it is in other areas. This situation has different reasons, but again, it can be said that the hair transplantation services provided here will meet the expectations.

Is hair transplantation in Western Europe the best option? What are the advantages and disadvantages? They are all in our article.


Why Does Hair Transplantation in Western Europe Not Make Sense?

Although the hair transplantation is done here meets the expectations, it has also some disadvantages. Let us examine why hair transplantation in Western Europe is not the best option in many aspects.

– The clinics here hasn’t still managed to renovate themselves. Consequently, the FUT technique that has been abandoned for a long time in advanced clinics around the world continues to be applied here. The FUT technique was used as an effective technique for a long time. However, it hasn’t been used since the newly developed techniques as it has resulted in scars and some similar defects. But stil it is still carried out in some Western European clinics.


– DHI is the most effective technique in hair transplantation. In clinics in countries within this region, DHI technique is not applied adequately. The reason for this is the lack of equipment and trained specialists for the DHI technique. This significantly reduces the quality of hair transplantation.


– The number of clinics in Western European countries is not sufficient for incoming demand. This causes a long wait for hair transplantation.


– It is known that the famous experts in their fields open clinics with their own names in different countries in this region. However, hair transplantation in these clinics is not carried out by well-known surgeons, but often by unrecognized and new doctors. This sometimes causes disappointment.


– Western Europe is one of the most developed regions in the world and one of the most expensive. This results in very high hair transplantation costs. Euro and Sterling are the most valuable currencies in the world, and costs are increasing dramatically due to the difference in foreign exchange. Moreover, these costs include only hair transplantation. Considering the costs of accommodation, transfers and similar expenditures, the costs increase.

When the above items are examined in detail, it will be understood that the most reasonable choice for hair transplantation is certainly not Western Europe.

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Why is Turkey the Best Option for Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries in the world for hair transplantation although it is not the world’s most developed country. This case causes people to come to Turkey to have the transplantation over the years many. Turkey has many advantages to become the most preferred country to have hair transplantation in. Some of the highlights are:

– DHI, the most advanced technique in hair transplantation, is applied successfully. The equipment and trained specialists required for the application of this technique are available in numerous clinics. This increases the success of hair transplantation.


– FUT technique is not applicable in virtually none of the clinics in Turkey. Instead, advanced techniques such as FUE and DHI are preferred.


– Health tourism is supported by the state. This support positively affects the number of hair transplantation clinics and the quality of services provided. Thus, people coming from abroad do not have to wait in line for hair transplantation.


Hair transplantation prices are very affordable considering the quality. In Western Europe, an average of € 5 is paid for a single hair follicle, while the total cost is at least € 10,000. The cost for the same process in Turkey is approximately 2,000€ to 3,000€.


– The hair transplantation costs in Turkey cover accommodation, transfers and other services. When these are taken into consideration, it is seen that the cost is much lower.


– One of the services provided in clinics is counseling. You can ask all the questions that you wonder free of charge and get ideas about hair transplantation. Moreover, you can even benefit from consulting services over the phone. In short, the clinics in Turkey are a phone call far away from you.


– It is possible to come to Turkey from all countries and important cities in the world directly. It will only take a few hours to come to Turkey by plane. Transportation within the country is also extremely comfortable.


– People coming to Turkey for hair transplantation are being welcomed at their hotels as if it was a holiday and they catch the opportunity to learn the Turkish culture and food.

Compared to the transplantation in Western Europe, Turkey’s advantages and its best-quality service in this sector are much more advanced.

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