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Your insurance will cover your compulsory health care costs so that you do not have to consider the financial aspects of such treatments. But when it comes to cosmetic procedures, the situation changes. Because cosmetic procedures such as nose aesthetics are optional and therefore not covered by insurance. At this point, it is discussed whether the Rhinoplasty consultation should be paid or not. There are some clinics who ask for a payment as well as some clinics that do not charge fees.

Is the service provided by the clinics that charge fees for rhinoplasty consultation more high-quality? Why do they charge fee? How much does rhinoplasty cost? All the details are in our article.


Why Do Some Surgeons Charge For Rhinoplasty Consultation?

There are those who think that surgeons who ask for money for consultation do it for their own interests as well as those who claim that they do it for their patients. There are different reasons for the money requested for counseling. The highlights are listed below:

  • The Money charged by the doctor for rhinoplasty consultation prevents the patient from thinking that he or she has been deceived by the doctor in aesthetics. Because here a paid service matters.
  • Surgeons are specialists in Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. It is quite normal that the consultancy services provided in this field are paid, just as the counseling provided by experts from different jobs is paid.
  • Charging a consultation fee will allow the patient to approach the service more seriously. This will enable him to learn more about the other steps.

This is generally the case with regard to paid rhinoplasty services. When these items are examined, it is understood that the benefits of the patients are emphasized instead of the doctor’s income.

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rhinoplasty consultation


Why Not Some Surgeons Charge Any Fee for Rhinoplasty Consultation?

The fact that no fee is charged for the rhinoplasty consultation does not mean that the doctor is less capable or respected. Surgeons who do not demand fees have some reasons just as those who demand a fee have their own reasons. The highlights of these are as follows:

  • Surgeons who make enough money for themselves through their expertise and experience find it unnecessary to ask for money for consultation. They provide this process free of charge and enable patients to be informed and make decisions accordingly.
  • It is a well-known fact that patients who pay consultation fee experience pressure related to surgery. Patients who do not charge fees for rhinoplasty prevent the occurrence of this pressure and thus the patients can make the decision for surgery more comfortably. Therefore, it can be said that free consultation makes patients more free.
  • They want patients who are concerned about the costs of rhinoplasty consultation to receive this service without worry. Thus, the patient, who has all the details about his own operations, can make a more accurate decision. Here again, it can be said that the patient is intended to make free decisions.

The opinion of surgeons who do not charge for rhinoplasty consultation and provide free consultation is generally the same. They claim that the fee to be paid affects patients and, consequently, they make their decisions under pressure. They aim to ensure that patients can make their decisions more easily by not asking for fees. In short, the main reason for not asking for a fee here is the well-being of the patients. It can be said that it is a procedure that is made completely for the good of the patients.

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How Much is Rhinoplasty Consultation Fee?

Before giving information about the costs of Rhinoplasty, we will talk about some important issues to consider when choosing a surgeon. First of all, you should pay attention to the following issues, not whether your surgeon receives a consultancy fee:

Education: The surgeon you prefer should have good educational background in this field. Thanks to this education, the surgeon has a higher success rate.

Experience: Surgeons with experience in this field produce more effective solutions for different situations. Like education, experience directly affects the success rate.

Images of Previous Patients: Examining the pre- and post-images of patients who have previously undergone Rhinoplasty will give you an important idea.

It is not possible to mention a certain standard of Rhinoplasty consultation fees. Every plastic surgeon may charge some fee or no fee. They may also therefore vary. However, the average payable amount is between $75 and $200. Remember that after paying this fee, you do not have to have an operation. This number is for advice only and should not put you under pressure. You should make your decision about the surgery in a comfortable and free way.

As Cosmeticium clinic, we do not charge any consultancy fee from our esteemed patients. You can contact us at any time and get detailed information about the procedure. Rhinoplasty is carried out by our surgeons who are experts in the field and it is aimed for you to get the most accurate information. Our main goal here is to help you make your decisions more accurately.

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