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The most natural and basic image of people starts with the hair. It can easily be said that people who experience hair loss look at least 10 years older. Since this is the case, people who experience intense hair loss prefer hair transplantation procedures. We have listed below 10 examples of successful hair transplantation procedures performed in our clinic. Discover these successful hair transplantation examples.


1. Hair Transplantation to the Top of the Head

hair transplantation examples

As shown in the photo, there is a sparsity of hair at the top of the head. The hair taken from the over-ear area where hair loss is not experienced is used in the entire head but especially in the top area for transplantation. The next photo clearly shows the results of hair transplantation. After the hair transplantation, the final form of the hair is very bushy and natural as can be seen. Our patient expressed his gratitude for this operation and thanked us.


2. Hair Transplantation to the Over-Ear Area

hair transplantation examples

The woman in the picture above has experienced a hair loss, especially in the side area. The hair on the side is considerably reduced. But in the second photograph, the sparsity has completely disappeared, and hair growth has been very natural.

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3. Hair Transplantation to the Front Hair Line

hair transplantation examples

The type of hair loss seen in the photo you see above is the male pattern hair loss experienced in the majority of the male population. There was a serious loss of hair in the front part. As a result, the transplanted hair has grown naturally, and the image now reflects exactly the desired outcome. The hair transplantation which was performed by correctly calculating the direction of hair growth was successful and a natural hair look was obtained.


4. Hair Transplantation to the Front Hairline and Top of the Head

hair transplantation examples

The hair loss seen in this photograph is a male-type hair loss from front to back which is also very common in men. In the previous photo, the area with sparsity is quite large. Healthy hair was taken from the back of the ear and the nape area and transplanted in sparse areas. In the second photo, you can see the successful result. It has a natural structure and there is no negativity in the image. The procedure has been performed very successfully and the results are obvious.


5. Hair Transplantation to the Top and Side Area of the Head

hair transplantation examples

The difference seen in these pictures is obvious. Hair loss in the first photo is serious. The loss expands towards the top and sideways. However, the second photograph shows the natural results of hair transplantation. The hair follicles, which were removed more from the back of the head, were applied to the entire wide-open area in the front. Following the procedure, the hair grew healthy and the natural look was fully revealed. Looking carefully at the direction of hair growth, the desired naturalness is completely given.


6. Hair Transplantation Performed on the Entire Area

hair transplantation examples

The technical success of the hair transplantation procedure and the aesthetic difference between the two photographs are clearly seen above. There are very serious differences between the patient’s condition before hair transplantation and after the procedure. The hair loss in the first photograph above reached the final stages. In the second photograph, the result is evident. The image in the second photograph belongs to a much younger, charismatic man.

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7. Hair Transplantation Covering a Large Area

hair transplantation examples

The hair transplantation performed in this photograph covers a large area. In the first photograph, the hair is very thin and there is a serious sparsity. And in the second photograph, the desired image was obtained as a result of the hair transplantation procedure. This image was achieved even after a few days after hair transplantation. After the hair growth process is completed, the image to be obtained will be much more desired and natural.


8. Hair Transplantation to the Sparse Areas

hair transplantation examples

First of all, the self-confident sitting on the face expression draws attention immediately. The most striking part of the image after hair transplantation is that the hair grows naturally and does not bear any hair transplantation marks. After the hair transplantation, a much younger and alive look has emerged.


9. Hair Transplantation Normalizing Front Hairline

hair transplantation examples

If you look carefully at this photograph, the change in the hair is quite remarkable, although the sparsity is not huge. As a result of placing the hair at the right angle in the hair transplanted area, a very natural look was obtained.

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10. Hair Transplantation That Fulfils Self-Confidence

hair transplantation examples

First of all, the face of the person looks quite wide in the first photograph. However, in the second photograph, that expression has completely disappeared. A more pronounced and more self-confident facial expression is provided. The natural look and bushiness of the growing hair tell a lot about the success of the procedure.



Hundreds of successful hair transplantation examples are available in the Cosmeticium Clinic. Thanks to both the FUE method and the recently developed DHI method, many of our patients returned to their homes satisfied with the results. More patients prefer Cosmeticium for hair transplantation operations every passing day. Cosmeticium performs its health services in accordance with both hygiene and all other necessary conditions. Cosmeticium is with you at all stages of hair transplantation.

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