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Hair loss is a problem in men and women. However, it can be said that this problem is seen more intensively and its effects are felt more clearly in men. There are a number of factors that affect and trigger hair loss in all populations. Some are more effective, while others have a relatively limited impact. Some of the most important factors that cause hair loss and their explanations are given below:


1. Inheritance

One of the most important causes of hair loss is genetic structure. The susceptibility of the genetic structure to hair loss causes the problem to be seen more frequently. People whose family members have also lost their hair are more likely to experience this problem.

In hair loss due to genetic structure in men, the hair line on the forehead begins to retract. Then the hair is shed over time. There are some sprays, creams and solutions used for this problem, but they can only extend the process a little longer. It is difficult to say that they are a definite solution to hair loss.


2. Physical Stress

Any kind of trauma, stress due to surgery and accident may trigger hair loss. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. Experts who emphasize that hair is a life cycle denote that physical stress which will occur depending on the problem experienced will shorten this cycle and a few months after the event experienced, the loss of hair begins to be noticed. It is not very easy to stop hair loss from then on.

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3. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress, another type of stress, may also cause hair loss. However, it is not wrong to say that this factor has less effect than physical stress. Emotional stress due to divorce, losing a loved one, problems with the family and similar situations may cause hair loss. But for this, the stress situation should be intense. Short and frequently experienced emotional stress that can be overcome easily does not cause hair loss.

To prevent hair loss due to emotional stress, this stress must be overcomed before it is too late. Otherwise, a significant part of the hair may permanently shed.

cause hair loss


4. Faulty Diets (Protein Deficiency)

Due to the uncontrolled, unbalanced and inaccurate diets for weight loss, a number of problems may occur in the human body. Hair loss is also one of them. Protein deficiency due to faulty diets is one of the main causes of hair loss. Because of this problem; hair cannot be fully fed, it weakens, fractures occur and hair begins to fall.

In order for keratin which is the basic structure of hair to be synthesized, some proteins must be present in the body. When these proteins are not present in the body, keratin synthesis does not occur and the health of the hair deteriorates. In order to avoid such a situation; foods such as meat, chicken and fish should be consumed in diets and in normal periods to provide the protein that the body needs.

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5. Alopesi Areata

Some of the autoimmune diseases cause hair loss. Alopecia areata, popularly known as pelade, is one of them. This disease, which can be seen in severe stress periods, can be on the scalp as well as on the eyebrow, beard, eyelashes and other parts of the body. Autoantibodies produced by the body due to a problem in the immune system cause this problem. It is usually seen as hair loss in an oval area. The hair in the area where it is seen completely sheds and usually remains that way when it is not treated. Nowadays, there are treatments for this type of condition and completely shed hair begins to grow in a short period of time.


6. Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a very special role in the functions of the human body. Therefore, unnatural changes in the hormone level may cause different problems. There are also hormonal changes that cause hair loss. The changes in the female and male hormones may manifest itself as hair loss. Hair sheddings that occur due to hormone level are intensively seen in the first periods and then stop completely with the establishment of hormonal balance. However; if the shedding does not stop, patients should be examined by a dermatologist as these hair shedding may have permanent consequences.


7. Wrong Hair Care Treatments

Nowadays there are numerous cosmetic products for hair care. While some of them are of extremely high quality, it is very difficult to use similar expressions for the others. Although the products are of high quality, they should be used in adequate amounts. Shampooing too much, dyeing the hair frequently, extensive use of hair straighteners, hot blow drying, brushing the hair when it is wet and some other reasons may cause some problems in the hair structures and hair loss. When these problems continue, the hair will begin to fall out. Amateurish hair care should be avoided to prevent this situation.

Wrong Hair Care Treatments

8. Fast Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss disrupts the structure of the hair as well as the general structure of the body. The hair cannot be fully fed and begins to get thinner. Weight loss may also cause stress. When such situations pile up, hair begins to fall out after a while. Sudden weight loss should be avoided and the body should be fed correctly to overcome this problem. Otherwise, hair loss will be permanent.

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9. Aging

Hair also has a lifespan, which is usually proportional to human life. As people get older, the strength of the hair decreases and the hair begins to fall out. Normally, hair loss is seen after the 50’s but it can be seen at the age of 40’s and even 30’s depending on the fact that the human body begins to age much earlier. In such cases, people lose their hair completely. This condition usually has no cure, and people lose some or all of their hair permanently due to this reason.


10. Systemic Disorders

A significant number of systemic diseases cause hair loss. Hair loss is among the side effects of anemia, thyroid diseases, severe diseases and febrile diseases. Thanks to the diagnosis and treatment process of these diseases, hair loss can be minimized. With the positive results of the treatment, hair loss problem can be cured permanently. However, hair loss in some cases is permanent and cannot be reversed later.

These are 10 factors that cause hair loss. Apart from these, there are also some other factors that cause hair loss. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that their effects are not the same and varies person to person. A specialist should be consulted for treatment in these cases.


Hair Transplantation

It is possible to stop hair loss by using some medications such as minoxil and finasteride (should only taken with doctor’s advice). In addition, PRP treatment is one of the effective methods. However, such medicines do not help new hair grow, they only help to stop hair loss and to improve the quality of the existing hair. The only solution for highly tinned hair due to hair loss is the hair transplantation surgery.

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