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There are many methods that is used for hair transplantation. Thanks to these methods many people who are losing their hair can have hair. The methods used for hair transplantation can have different effects, completion times or prices. Because of that every method that is used for hair transplantation can differ. There are many different methods.

Among those methods of hair transplantation FUE and DHI can be considered the most effective and popular ones. FUE and DHI methods which are the most effective and popular, are the methods of hair transplantation that people can choose to have a new hair. These both methods have distinctions, pros and cons. Of course before all of that it is important to know what these FUE and DHI methods are.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE is the abbreviation of follicular unit extraction. In this method hair roots are taken with the help of the special triple micro motors. This procedure happens with the help of the local anesthesia. This hair root removal is done one by one. And after that these roots are placed on the hairless area. This process must be done very carefully. Because it is really important to place the roots according to the natural line. That’s why it is a procedure that requires attention. Hair transplantation that is done with all these operations is called FUE (follicular unit extraction).


All hair in the donor area are shortened to 1 mm in length during the procedure. The area where the hair root will be taken and the area that hair is to be transplanted is anesthetized. And then, with the help of the micro motor, hair, follicle and microscopic tissue are cut together. After that, follicular unit is taken using micro penset. The follicular unit that is taken, is placed in the hair transplantation area very carefully. In this way transplantation is done with the FUE method. This is the way FUE hair transplantation is done.


Positive Aspects of FUE Hair Transplantation


FUE is a method that is used for transplantation and it has many different advantages and disadvantages. After the FUE hair transplantation there will be no trace that is seen on the donor area and it leaves no scars. One of the advantages of this method is that it does not require any stitch.

There is no stitching in the FUE hair transplantation. After the operation there can be very little cuts and wounds. And these can heal itself. Another positive aspect is that there is no pain in the donor area after graft ingestion. This and other similar advantages are the positive aspects of the FUE hair transplantation.


Negative Aspects of FUE Hair Transplantation


No method of hair transplantation is perfect. That is why it is possible to talk about the negative aspects of the FUE hair transplantation method. One of the negative aspects of FUE hair transplantation is that this method is not suitable for everyone. In other words, if some tests are performed and damaged grafts are detected before this method is applied, the operation cannot be performed.

Another disadvantage of this method is the fact that the removal of the hair follicles one by one is laborious. And also it might be very expensive for some people. In order to the operation is to be done most of the head has to be shaved. And it might be a disadvantage for most people.

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What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

Many methods can be preferred in transplantation methods. DHI hair transplant method is just one of them. DHI is a method called direct transplantation. The operation of implanting hair follicles using the special DHI implanter tool is called DHI hair transplantation. Owing to these tools, many operations can be performed simultaneously.


What Are the Positive Aspects of DHI Hair Transplantation?


There are a number of positive aspects that allow DHI hair transplantation to be preferred. In this method, the loss of hair follicles is considerably reduced. At the same time, as the transplantation is made densely, a more natural look is provided. This is one of the positive aspects of DHI hair transplantation. In this method, the direction and angle of the transplanted hair can be determined easily. And this allows a properly transplanted hair operation.

During the transplantation operation, it does not damage the existing hair. And also at the same time, in every operation it is completed with minimal damage. This is also another positive feature of DHI hair transplantation.


What Are the Negative Aspects of DHI Hair Transplantation?


There are several aspects of DHI hair transplantation that can be considered negative. One of these is that the application can be very difficult to be done. It requires more staff than other normal hair transplantation methods. And also at the same time the tools that are used in the DHI operations are very expensive than others. And besides it can be also very expensive for the person who is going to have the operation.

The operation time also can last very long and this is another negative aspect of DHI hair transplantation. Persons who are going to perform this operation should be very experienced and should be an expert on the transplantation operation. This is one of the negative sides that shows the difficulty of the process and increases the cost of the DHI hair transplantation operation. These all can be considered as the negative aspects of DHI hair transplantation.

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