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Hair loss is a very common problem that most people encounter with. Hair is usually nourished by the follicles in the skin and grows. And then growing hair becomes dead cells and loses its vividness. Healthy hair usually look bright and vivid. Yet, in some cases when the hair root doesn’t take enogh nourishment hair becomes weak and hair loss might begin. The reasons that cause hair loss can be genetic, seasonal or hormonal factors, radiation and chemotherapy drugs, excessive stress, insufficient nutrition or blows to head. Treatment for hair loss can be done according to the reason that causes hair loss.

Nowadays many people suffer from hair loss because of many different reasons. In order to solve this common problem of hair loss you can try getting hair transplants. Hair transplantation is a procedure that removes hair follicles from one part of the body to a bald part of the body carefully. But before deciding your hair transplantation to have healthy hair there are some important issues that you must know.


1. Importance of the Choosing an Expert Before Getting Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation must be done by the experienced surgeons who are well informed about hair transplantation. The type of your hair, your front hairline and your head structure can determine your operation method. Because of that, hair transplantation operation plans can vary from person to person. If you don’t have your operation made by the experienced surgeons it is highly possible that you can encounter with some health issues after the operation. At the same time you also cannot have the natural hair look you wanted.

When it is made by the unexperienced doctors your hair tranplants might look unnatural. There can be gaps between the roots and when it is fluffy on the one side it can be very rare and thin on the other side. Because of the fact that many people choose to get hair transplants, this leads many unprofessional people to serve as surgeons who are not enough experienced. That’s why you must carefully search for professional and experienced doctors to get hair transplants.


2. Don’t Wait to Be Bald To Get Hair Transplants

Hair is nourished by the follicles in the skin and when it loses its strength roots of the hair can fall. There are many reasons that causes hair loss. These reasons can cause lack of hair in some areas in time. Hair loss usually happen in the forehead and the top of your head. It can be a very big mistake to wait for to become all bald to have hair transplantation. For the hair transplantation hair follicules from the neck can be taken but when it is not convenient then the areas like chest can work too. But the hair from back of the neck usually leads to a successful operation. That’s why you sholdn’t wait to be completely bald.


hair transplants


3. Choose a Clinic That Fulfills the Hygiene Rules for Hair Transplantation 

If you want to get hair transplants you must search well and find a clinic that fulfills the hygien rules for hair transplantation. There are plenty of clinics that you can get hair transplants. But most of them does not fulfill the hygiene rules that is necessary and after the hair transplantation at those clinics it can cause your skin to get worse. It can even cause you to lose your whole hair. It can also cause bleeding in the area you get hair transplants. If the infection get worse it may cause the patient to lose his life. Therefore it is really important to choose a clinic that fulfills the hygiene rules for hair transplantation.

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4. Success Rate in Hair Transplantation is Higher in Men

Although men prefer hair transplantation in general, women can also have hair transplantation. Because of the hormonal changes in women after menopause manly hair loss can be seen in women. Women can benefit from hair transplantation as a solution to their hair loss. But still the success rate in hair transplantation is higher in men than women. The reason why is that women are not insensitive to the DHT hormone and the hair transplants may be fall due to the hormone effect. Well, because the success rate is higher in men it does no mean that it will always fail in women. Women can also have hair transplants. 


5. The Hair Type You Have Can Effect The Success Rate

Your hair type can directly effect your hair transplantation operation. While voluminous and curly hair can hide the hair loss, thin hair types on the other hand might look more sparse. After the hair transplantation success rates are higher in those who have more voluminous hair.


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6. Hair Transplantation Can Last Long

Hair transplantation must be done very carefully. Local anesthesia is used in the operation. The operation must be done very carefully and because of that it can last more than 8 hours.


7.  After Hair Transplantation You Can Lose Some Hair Before Your New Hair Grows

After the transplantation new hair roots begin to grow. Those growing hair might fall a little bit. But then a new healthy hair begin to grow. It is a very normal thing to happen. It can take nearly 6 months to fully grow.

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8. Unwanted Complications Can Happen After The Operation

Unwanted complications such as bleeding, infection, loss of sensation or not growing in the area that you have hair transplants can happen after the operation. In order to don’t have these problems you have to be very careful and take precautions and you also have to find an expert to get hair transplants.


9. Measures Should Be Taken To Protect Hair Roots After Hair Transplantation

There are plenty of issues that you have to be very careful about, after your hair transplantation operation. You must abondon your some habits like alcohol, heavy sports and you must also avoid too hot and too cold temperatures. You shouldn’t take  any aspirin as it can dilute blood. And you shouldn’t wash your hair until the day your doctor determined.

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