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The reason why is Turkey the best place to have a hair transplant is that, this country has a lot to offer to the people who will get hair transplants or other operations. It really is a gold mine for them and for people who are searching for the ways to look and feel better from Europe to Middle East. Turkey also offers the best quality service with affordable prices which makes it one of the most preferred country to have a hair transplant as it can cost you more in your home country.

The most popular city in Turkey to have a hair transplant is surely Istanbul which is a great place to visit while getting a hair transplant. While recovering from your operation you can visit many historical places in Istanbul. There are also other cities in Turkey in which you can have a hair transplant and also have the chance to see many great places. As you can see there are too many reasons why Turkey is the best place to have a hair transplant. Here are some of the reasons to have your hair transplantation in Turkey.


One of the Leading Countries in the Hair Transplantation Industry

Without a question Turkey is one of the best and also one of the most popular places in the world to have a hair transplant. Many people from all around the world come to Turkey to get hair transplant and to have a better look. The help of the high quality service and doctors that is provided by the high-quality hospitals in Turkey. It’s the most important factor to choose Turkey. It is also really important that, with the increasing number of people who wants to get hair transplant or another operation in Turkey, helped the country to be one of the best countries in the world in the area of health care tourism.

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Hospitals with Fully Equipped European Standards

A good hospital for hair transplantation should first have the necessary medical equipment and obligations. Since it is a surgical operation, the hair transplantation centers that are working meticulous should be preferred. Surgeons and dermatologists in clinics or hospital settings must have the necessary certificates. If there are doctors with both expertise and experience, the difficulties that may be experienced during the operation are prevented. Therefore, you should learn about if they are experienced or not. There are several developed methods for hair transplantation. You can find out whether surgeons have experience in these methods. It should be noted that Turkey is the leading country in the sector, though it should still be treated at the clinic rigorous selection.


High Quality Experience and Low Prices

In Turkey, you’ll have the chance to get your hair transplant in world class medical facilities with very affordable prices. When it is compared to the other countries in which you can get hair transplant, Turkey is much more cheaper and offers high quality service. A hair transplant procedure will cost you around nearly $10,000 in other countries such as United States or Europe. But, if you go to Turkey to get hair transplant it will only cost you around $4,000 which makes it more affordable than any other countries.

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Government Support to Health Tourism

Turkey attaches importance to health tourism and is one of the leading countries providing a substantial income in this way. Health tourism does not come to mind when the first medical interventions. Thermal tourism, medical and plastic operations are all included. Hair transplantation is one of the subjects included in health tourism.

There are many hospitals that has accredited and in European standard on hair transplantation in Turkey. The waiting period for any medical procedure is much shorter than in Europe. When it comes Medical tourism is one of the first countries that come to mind most doctors can speak English in Turkey and is able to provide comprehensive information to patients before surgery.

Ministry Approved Centers

The Ministry of Health has given importance to the issue and working on the development of such hospitals. This government support has brought Turkey to the leader country in a short time in the hair transplantation sector.

Operation prices are more affordable than hospitals in Europe. Therefore, patients from abroad can benefit from these opportunities within the scope of health tourism.


Flight Prices Are Convenient and Comfortable Flights

Air transportation through in making hair transplantation in Turkey can be achieved at very reasonable prices. Hospitals and hair transplantation centers usually offer packages that cover all costs and transfer fees, except flights. You can take your plane ticket and do your hair transplantation easily without caring for anything else. Because of comfortable conditions and appropriate price of flights, Turkey is one of the most preferred country for hair transplantation.


People from All Around the World Prefer Turkey to Have a Hair Transplant

Every year, nearly more than 50,000 people choose to come to Turkey to get hair transplant. From Italy to Saudi Arabia people from all around the world have the chance to get hair transplant from the best surgeons who are very experienced in high quality facilities with very low prices. It is for sure that Turkey has a lot to offer to the patients from all around the world.


The Advantages of Getting Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are many advantages of getting your hair transplant in Turkey. One of the best advantages is that it is much more cheaper than getting it done in any other country. Whilst you can get your hair transplant for more than $15,000 or more, here in Turkey you can get it for nearly $4000 or less. This difference in the cost means that you can have the chance to both have a high-quality operation. And also you can have a great vacation in Turkey. Choosing to get you hair transplant in Turkey is definitely a great way to save money.


While Having Your Hair Transplant You Can Also See Many Great Places in Turkey

Many people from many places in the world come to Turkey to get hair transplants or other operations. The decreasing numbers of the people who come to Turkey to have a high-quality operation with affordable prices has led companies to organize medical tours to Turkey. With these kind of tours to Turkey you can both get your hair transplant or you can have an other medical operation. And also you can also have the chance to see lots of great places in Turkey.


What to Be Careful About


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When it is compared to the other countries, Turkish surgeons are more experienced and offers high quality services. But still you have to be very careful about some issues. You have to choose the right clinic and the right doctor. It is really important to not to rely on the first ad you see to get hair transplants. It can be also really helpful for you to know the methods that are used in hair transplantation and to obtain knowledge as many as possible about that.



Methods That Are Used (FUE and DHI)

There are many methods that are used in hair transplantation. One of the most popular method is FUE (follicular unit extraction) which is inserting hair follicles to the bold area from an other area where you still have hair. It is widely popular because it is a painless procedure and leaves no scar. On the other hand, DHI (direct hair implantation) is also very popular and very similar to the but there are also some differences. DHI can be done without shaving unlike FUE. And when it is compared to FUE it will cost you more and it can take very long to do.

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Be Careful About Cheap Places

While searching for places to have your hair transplant operation there can be many unauthorized and cheap places. You must search very carefully and it can be really important for you to don’t rely on every ad you see, as it can be very risky and dangerous. An average cost of getting hair transplants will be around $2500 – $4000 as we said earlier. If you encounter with cheaper options, you must be very careful. Check the registration numbers and licenses in order to have your operation safely.


You Should Investigate Hospital Conditions

The fact that a hospital is fully equipped in hair transplantation is primarily related to these issues. European standards in this regard has plenty of hospitals in Turkey. A good investigation should be conducted to find such a hospital. Many sites on the Internet, forums, reviews, Google reviews and visuals used by hospitals should be investigated. It will be much better to have a hospital selected after this research. But before the operation, you should be able to make preliminary discussions about doctors and methods. During these negotiations you can learn about all the important issues.

The method that will be best for your hair, information about how the result will look and prices may vary by person. For this reason, instead of a hospital that respond normatively, you should choose a hospital that decides according to the characteristics of your hair and if you have sent it based on your photos and visuals. In other words, it is more appropriate to choose a hospital that gives detailed and realistic information about all these issues instead of choosing a hospital that gives the most suitable price. If you search deeply for these types of hospitals and clinics in Turkey, it is possible to find more than enough.

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You Should Avoid Forgery

You can check if the hospital you have chosen for hair transplantation has the necessary certificates. The hospital has conditions and obligations to fulfill in terms of health. The slightest deficiency in these issues can lead to serious health problems. Surgeons and dermatologists working in the hospital should have expertness and professionalism.

You can also do a research other than the information the hospital offers to you about certificates and expertise. You can research hospitals and doctors online. You should detail review about the researches and hospitals and be careful.


Importance of Online Consultation

Most hospitals and clinical consultations may ask you for a visual photo or video before or during your consultation. It is healthier to provide information based on images. In this way the patient can learn how the hair fall is and how the result can be achieved after the operation.

Information on the forms of hair fall during consultation should be given based on the visuals, so you can choose the one that suits your situation. During this negotiation, you will learn how much transplantation can be done to your hair, which method is more suitable and how it will look after hair transplant. Making this negotiation through the visuals will give better results.


hair transplant


Video Call Application

If you are going to a hair transplantation center from another country or another city, the online consultation can be made via video. Video call app is a video call application made with Android or IOS phones. During a call through a video call, the specialist or doctors will be able to examine the condition of your hair. This is best negotiation if you don’t have face-to-face interviews. Because everyone’s head structure is different and there are differences between the hair transplantation process to everyone. Both the details of the operation and the price of the hair transplantation may vary according to the head structure.

In this way, a video call will give you more healthy and realistic results. You can give information about your hair via video call, as well as images and videos in the center you will be applying to. It is very important to study the visuals and give visual information about your head. In this way the most realistic results are obtained.


You Should Get Service from Institutional Places

Although there are a greater number of hospitals are fully equipped and have the necessary properties, and there are also some places legally inoperative referred as “under the counter”. You can also make a review of the information with the except of provided by the hospital so that you can get more information. Although there is a private hospital in the center of hair transplantation, there are also places that do not have a specialist doctor. If a professional and experienced surgeon is not found during the operation, there may be irreversible health problems. Therefore, it is very important to choose professional and institutional hair transplantation centers.

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