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Each hairy averages an elongation period of 4-6 years. After that, the root stops, stops production,
and takes about a rest period of about 4 months. It is then stimulated again, renewed and produces
hair. It’s a cycle.

All our hair was gone for 5 years and all of them were resting, we were left bald for 4 months every 5
years. We live it because each hair is another age. 70-100 times a day, resting and falling hair. We
accept this as normal. Up to 120-150 can also be considered normal. But if it exceeds 150, the
problem is that there is a disease.

-If the hair loss problem is 2 months old,

-If you arrive more hand hair than ever,

-If you get a pinch and you get 3-5 hair tresses in each area, it means heavy shedding.


And there are dilutions. This is a sneaky spell if the person is noticed that the middle area is wider or
the line is wider than it was in the old photographs when comparing the way the middle line of hair
draws by pulling the side. It is necessary to think of it as a beginning of male-type pouring.
Apart from that, round patch patches and reddening of the hair with deep redness, slight scaling is
also a sign of a serious situation. If the spill is caught early, the remaining hair is so protected. Early
diagnosis is very important. Biopsy is done, hair analysis is done. But what I want to say here is that
hair loss is not a disease. If your hair is falling out, it is a symptom, there can be many underlying
diseases: skin diseases, hair diseases, immune system diseases, male genetic spills … It is necessary
to find out which originates from which.

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