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First 3 Days – Resting Process

The first 3 days after hair transplantation is a critical process because micro-perforations are opened
even in hair transplantations made with the FUE method and these points in the head region have
not healed.

Rules should be followed after hair transplantation.
It should be resting at home.
Button-worn comfortably worn clothes should be preferred.
Sufficient water should be consumed.
Antibiotics should be taken in hours.
Sleeping on the back. If possible, it should be used from travel pillars. (If you can not find an
inflatable travel cushion, you can roll a towel and place it under your knees.

Nutrition after surgery is important for faster healing of wounds and for the hair to get used to the
planting area more quickly. Heavy, rich fiber, healthy foods should be preferred.

Your head should not get wet, if you are in need of bathing you should prefer regional washing.
Your head should stay as upright as possible for the first 3 days. This reduces edema and swelling.

Day 4 – First Wash

4. The hair is thin, the area where the hair is attached, and the wetness in the hair follicles leave the
crusts. Do not forget that you should never touch and be touched, though it may seem like the crusts
that appear when you hit your elbow one time.

The first wash after hair transplantation can be done on the 3rd or 4th day.

The first wash is recommended for the hospital. The first wash after hair transplantation requires a
special set of procedures. After the first 3 days of rest, you can make the first banyon.

4 days

If possible, do the first wash at your hair planting center.

You should use a shampoo recommended by your doctor. If your doctor has not recommended a
shampoo, P.H. You can choose a natural shampoo with a value of 5.5 as natural as possible.

The hair should be washed at least once a day for 15 days after the first wash.
You can go out, but keep in mind that you need to keep your head tight.
Crusting shows that healing is taking place. As a result of the 6-7 day washing process, the shells heal
and spontaneously pour.
When you go out, you should wear a hat and have a thick and dark hat
Dressing in the neck area also opens today. You will see the healing of the wounds in the neck area.
Continue to use your antibiotics.
The itch that starts slowly after 4th day will disappear after 10th day.

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