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This method called PRP (plasma rich platelet) promises promise in wrinkles, stains, pores, face scars, face and wrinkles and hair loss.

With this application, a small amount of blood taken from the person is subjected to centrifugation and then platelet-rich plasma is obtained. This plasma is injected into the problematic area with a very small injection (after the skin is numbed). The procedure is painless. The application lasts 40 minutes. Redness, morus, etc. without everyday experience.

When will the effect be seen?

The effect starts a week after application. A noticeable shine and revival occurs in the skin. 4 sessions are administered at intervals of 2 weeks. 2. After Sean Stanley, the lines on the face are noticeably softened, increased in glossiness and increased in skin tone. Advantages of method; effective, natural and without side effects. In the case of hair loss, they are applied in the same way for 2 weeks. Newly started hair loss after 3 seanstan decreased spillage and new hair growth was observed.

What should the expectations be?

It is long-acting.

It revives and constructs the skin in its most natural form.

It is applied easily and safely.

Not just new collagen formation, it supports all the vital functions of the deep.

Wrinkles and lines; not “,” rejuvenating “,” by filling out the “

The bright healthy look after the first application may gradually regress after a while. For this, sequential applications must be made and accumulation of rejuvenating effect should be ensured.

Who does not apply?

This treatment is not applied to patients with cancer who have insufficient number of platelets.

What are the purposes of the application?

Immediately after applications such as laser, peeling, to ensure rapid construction of the deep,

So as to turn back the results of exposure to deeper years and UV rays; to correct wrinkles, to remove depressions, to restore the flexibility and brightness,

To ensure that the healing process is long-lasting, that the cracks and skin quality are damaged,

It is used to treat hair loss alone or to strengthen the effect of other treatment options.

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