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Hair transplantation is a method developed according to people’s needs. This procedure, which has been performed for a long time, is becoming even more perfect each passing day. New hair transplantation methods are replacing the methods applied in the past and the success rate in hair transplantation increases accordingly. People have different questions about hair transplantation. One of them is the question of whether hair transplantation can help get rid of grey hair. Details of the answer to this question can be found in our article.

Hair is an element that creates and influences people’s images. Even if you only change the way you comb your hair, your overall look will change dramatically. There is no need to explain the change that occurs when hair loss begins. That’s why hair transplantation is performed. If baldness occurs due to hair loss or your hair becomes sparse in some areas of your head, you should have hair transplantation for a permanent solution.

Is it possible to get rid of your grey hair by having hair transplantation? Does hair transplantation provide you with a solution? Details are in our article.


Benefits of Hair Transplantation

One of the greatest favours to be done to a person who has lost his hair is to permanently bring that person’s hair back. This is exactly what hair transplantation provides. If your hair has been lost or has become sparse for different reasons, it would not be wrong to say that the most effective method for you is hair transplantation.

People who lose their hair are affected in different ways and almost all of these effects are negative. The first problem is the lack of self-confidence in people who have lost their hair. They believe that other people think badly about their appearance and therefore may have difficulty communicating with other people. Over time, this leads to a loss of self-confidence and difficulty in psychology. In addition, people change their unique styles and hairstyling. Therefore, they are very much affected by the loss of their hair.

Hair transplantation completely eliminates all the above-mentioned problems. First of all, transplanted grafts allow people to have natural hair after a while. It is extremely positive to have hair transplantation after losing your hair and to permanently restore your hair. In this way, your impaired psychology and lost self-confidence will be restored. And this will mean an increase in your quality of life.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey


Which Problems Can Hair Transplantation Not Solve? (Q&A)

The methods used for hair transplantation have been continuously developed from the past to the present. However, there are some problems for which hair transplantation cannot be a solution. We examined some of them below.


Question 1

Question: If my graft count is not enough, can I get hair follicles from someone else?

Answer: No. The only common point that remains unchanged is the removal of the grafts from the person himself. In other words, only one’s own hair can be transplanted. It is not possible to transplant the hair removed from a different person’s head. Therefore, in order to have hair transplanted, you need to have enough number of grafts in your donor area. It should be noted that hair transplantation is not effective in correcting some problems due to the issues mentioned here.


Question 2

Question: After hair transplantation, will my hair immediately start looking as before?

Answer: Your hair may even look better than before, but not immediately! In other words, after a few hours of hair transplantation, you will not get your hair immediately. First of all, consider that this procedure requires a process and make your plans accordingly. Care after hair transplantation is also very important. Approximately 6-8 months after the hair transplantation, you can see the exact results. After this time, you will have natural hair and you will be able to shape your hair as you wish.


Question 3

Question: Can I get rid of my grey hair with hair transplantation?

Answer: The answer to the question of whether hair transplantation helps to get rid of grey hair is completely related to the hair removed from the donor area. If the hair removed from this area are black, then your new hair will also be black. But if the hair removed are grey, it is not possible for your new hair to be black. Therefore, the answer depends on the colour of the hair transplanted. In addition, after the hair transplantation, your existing hair will not be blackened either. Hair transplantation is completely in the form of a transfer. It can be expressed as the process of transferring the hair on the upper part of your neck to non-hair areas. In addition, hair follicles may also be removed from different areas when and if necessary.


Question 4

Question: Is it possible to lose my existing hair that is not transplanted?

Answer: One of the problems that hair transplantation is not a solution for is hair loss. Your new hair will not fall out and will grow in a healthy way. However, hair transplantation has no effect on whether or not the remaining hair is lost. You can examine the PRP treatment to prevent the loss of your existing hair.

prp infographic


Considering all this, it should be understood that hair transplantation is only the process of transferring hair follicles and it is used for hair growth in non-hair areas and for densification of hair in desired areas. In addition, it is not possible for the procedure to make the hair black.

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