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Turkey and South Korea! We have compared these two countries, which are the leaders in the hair transplantation market, in terms of their prices, performance and success rates.

Today, hair transplantation has become one of the most preferred sectors in the expertise field of health and aesthetics. People who are not satisfied with the appearance of their hair or who are struggling with baldness issues are examined by doctors who are professionals in their field. It is very important to choose the right doctor at this stage.

Since hair transplantation is a process that is applied directly to the human scalp, people who are going to undergo the procedure may have some hesitations. Many people travel to a foreign country for hair transplantation due to friend recommendations or the professionalism of the medical devices used in these countries. Turkey and South Korea are amongst the countries that stand out with the feature of having both professional doctors and medical devices. Especially in Turkey, many clinics use specially developed professional devices for this procedure. That’s the reason why people mostly prefer our country for hair transplantation.


Which Country Is More Advantageous?

Turkey and South Korea are two main countries which the visitors travel to from abroad to get hair transplantation.

South Korea, despite being a country that welcomes patients often from neighbouring countries, has a quite high price when compared to Turkey. Hair transplantation process in Turkey generally costs between €2.000 – €3.000 whereas in South Korea this figure goes up to €6.000 – €8.000. This means that it is 3 times more expensive there. Even the sum of air travel costs to Turkey from abroad, accommodation costs, the cost of hair transplantation procedure itself and the return ticket remains below the price offered in South Korea.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

In Turkey, special attention is paid to the use of advanced and technological devices when health is concerned. In today’s world where human health and the aesthetic look is of high importance, Turkish people also prefer to get treated in health centres where advanced devices are available. And thanks to the great support given to the health tourism by the government, Turkey has caught a fast momentum in recent years, and it has been accepting patients from many countries both near and far.

One of the reasons why South Korea is preferred despite its high cost is that it is the first country in the list of countries where aesthetic surgeries are performed. However, Turkey has also become one of South Korea’s toughest followers with the momentum it has caught in recent years. The biggest disadvantage of South Korea is that it does not offer any packages including transfers and accommodation.

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What is the Success Rate in Hair Transplantation?

Thanks to the advanced technological devices, the number of procedures resulting in success is increasing. Therefore, Turkey is becoming a bigger name in the field of hair transplantation day after day and it continues to be spoken of due to the successful procedures.

Thanks to the advanced technology used, the hair roots are rapidly growing and firmly attached to the area in which they are planted. In order to perform an aesthetically correct procedure, transplantation of hair at the right distance from the areas where the hair is less frequent or not available at all, at the right angle and with the correct density, is also among the factors that lead to an increase in this success rate.

According to the latest data available, the success rate of both countries is very high. South Korea has a success rate of 98% and Turkey’s success rate is 95%. These two rates are among the best in the world.


Extensive Clinics in Hair Transplantation

There are many clinics serving in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. Patients coming from abroad as well as local patients living in Turkey prefer one of these clinics. The preference rate of extensive and organized working clinics by patients coming from abroad is increasing day after day.

south korea

Before the hair transplantation procedure, a couple of tests are required. Patients coming from abroad may find it difficult to find a hotel in a neighbouring district near the hospital or clinic they’ve chosen for the procedure. In addition to the advanced devices they use, the clinics working in cooperation with the hotels also offer accommodation services to their patients travelling from abroad. Thus, the moment patients from different countries travelling to Turkey pay for hair transplantation, they also have the option to purchase their accommodation as a part of the package.

In addition to the accommodation service, airport transfer service is also among the other services offered by the clinics. Its price is quite economical compared to other countries and this is amongst the reasons why Turkey gets visitors from abroad only for hair transplantation. However, the economic price is not the only secret of Turkey’s success in the field of hair transplantation. In addition, thanks to the technological and advanced medical devices used, continuous efforts are underway to increase the success rate of hair transplantation even to a higher level.

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Travel & Hair Transplantation at the Same Time

Due to its geographic position and cultural richness, Turkey welcomes millions of visitors from abroad each year. Among its visitors, the number of those who want to undergo a hair transplantation procedure cannot be underestimated. Thanks to clinics offering accommodation services along with others, patients staying in Turkey throughout their hair transplantation stages can have the rest of the day to themselves quickly after their tests or planting sessions are completed since the distance between the hotel and the clinic is very short. Especially Istanbul is one of the preferred spots for hair transplantation. Patients from abroad get the chance to visit the beautiful city of Istanbul with its historical texture and culture while they are getting their treatment.

south korea

By purchasing one of the tours organized by local companies in their own country, they can also have a more detailed and extensive holiday besides their treatment. Briefly, patients from abroad who benefit from advanced devices at affordable prices also have the chance to turn this into an enjoyable trip instead of spending the rest of the day as idle.

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