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Why do men need hair transplantation? We have examined the hidden reasons underlying the men’s having hair transplantation.

Hair loss is one of the most common problems of our age. It is possible to face with this problem regardless of gender, whether you are male or female. Many methods are tried to prevent hair loss. When all the trials are useless, alternative methods comes into play. Hair transplantation is the most effective of these alternative methods. Both women and men can have hair transplantation but it is generally preferred by men. Let’s talk shortly about what should be known before we move on to the reasons why men have hair transplantation.


What Is Hair Transplantation and How Is It Applied?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the samples taken from one’s own hair roots to the area of complaint. The transplanted hair follicles extend like normal hair and take the shape of natural hair over time. It is not artificial, but entirely natural as it is the patient’s own hair. First of all, the back of the neck where the hair follicles will be taken from is anesthetized and the hair follicles are transplanted individually onto the desired area. This must be done in hygienic environments and by a specialist. Otherwise, other infections may be faced when intending to have a beautiful appearance.


Points to Take into Consideration While Having Hair Transplantation

When a person decides to have hair transplantation, he must first find a good hair transplantation center. What we mean by “good” is that it should be a center which prioritizes the issue of health and where transplantation is done in hygienic environments by an expert team. Since the scalp itself will be treated, great caution should be given in order not to face with possible infections.

known before hair transplantation

  • The doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed after the procedure is completed.
  • Should any problem occurs, you should consult the specialist immediately.
  • Doctor consultations which will continue for a certain period shouldn’t be neglected.

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Why Men Need Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays, many men are interested in hair transplantation. There are more than one reason for this. Too many reasons such as environmental, psychological or physical ones can be listed. While men can explain some reasons easily, they cannot express some others. Although rare, women also have this operation. In the rest of our article, we will focus on men who are the general addressees of hair transplantation rather than women. The main reasons that lead men to have hair transplantation can be listed as follows:


1. Not Being Able to Hide the Hair Loss Anymore

Regional hair loss will begin to cause an image of baldness after a while. Of course, the person will feel uncomfortable and try to hide this region. Sometimes he will try to cover the balding area with the existing hair and sometimes with the help of a hat. With the continuation of hair loss and the expansion of the balding area, it will not be possible to hide it after a while. The person will accept his / her new image or ask for hair transplantation after getting bored of hiding. This situation is generally followed by having hair transplantation rather than accepting the new image.


2. Its Effect on Self-Confidence Problem

It is a well-known fact that the external appearance is closely related to self-confidence. The effect of hair on external appearance is undeniably strong. Hence, those who have problems of hair loss begin to be psychologically disturbed by this situation after a while. They don’t like themselves as much as they used to and this will cause them to lose their self-confidence. They have a feeling that everyone looks at their hair and they feel ugly and inadequate. This reason alone is enough to lead men to have hair transplantation.


3. The Thought that Women Like Men with Dense Hair More

The majority of men who are in trouble with their hair have this idea. The feeling of being appreciated is among the values to which every human being gives importance. Being appreciated emotionally is extremely important for some people. Men who think that women will not like them as their hair is bald or sparse may try to find the solution in hair transplantation centers. In this way, they believe that they can eliminate the problem that prevents the establishment of an emotional bond with the opposite sex. They may often refuse to explain these ideas even to themselves. In fact, in this case is closely connected with self-confidence.

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4. Protecting the Area with Hair Loss from the Sun

Without doubt, our head is in a position where it receives the sun at the right angles. Men with serious hair loss, especially if this baldness is on the top of their heads, have big problems with the sun. In outdoor activities and in hot areas, the heads of the men who are often confronted with the sun will suffer from sun exposure quite a lot. The most effective method they can do for this is to get a hat first. When the person gets tired of wearing a hat after a while and feels uncomfortable with this situation will find the last solution in having hair transplantation.



5. Not Wanting to Continue Life with Baldness

For many people, external appearance is very important. When he looks in the mirror, he always wants to see himself younger and more well-groomed. Hair color, size, shape and amount significantly affect the appearance. Hence, a person who suffers from hair loss in the degree of baldness and who attach importance to the external image may not accept himself with this image. He may want to stop this problem by having hair transplantation as a precaution to the reactions that he may get from his community.  

There are many people who refuse to continue their lives as a bald man and want to have hair transplantation. When one is satisfied with this process, he will feel spiritually better and will feel that he is respected more in this way. This means that hair loss can affect some men in a negative way. After a while the person may move away from himself without realizing. Therefore, hair transplantation will be a good choice for these people.


6. Hair Transplantation’s Being an Easy and Painless Operation

Hair transplantation is an operation that does not result in any problems if it done in the right place and by the right people. The process will start automatically when the person consults a hair transplantation center. At the end of the examinations and investigations, an available day can be determined and the process can be carried out on the same day.

This is one of the most important factors that lead people having hair loss problems to prefer hair transplantation. Another important factor is the short duration of recovery. As long as there is no infection in the areas where hair follicles are taken, the person can continue his / her normal life immediately. In order to prevent such infections, it is very important to choose clinics with experienced doctors who care about hygiene.


7. Affordable Costs of Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is not a situation to be passed by. Those who experience this problem firstly investigate the cause. Some people spend a lot of money on care products. If there are genetic factors on the basis of the problem, unfortunately the products or drugs in the market can be useless.

Nowadays, hair transplantation prices are thought to be too much and many people give up this idea. In fact, it is not an operation with high costs. Although this may vary according to the country, center or region where the transplantation is done, especially the transplantation prices in Turkey are more affordable than the other countries.



Fundamentals of Hair Transplantation

Before applying for hair transplantation, the main reason of the problem should surely be investigated. In order to do this, it will be enough to consult a dermatologist. Hair loss may have many causes such as genetics, vitamin deficiency, stress, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If there is no problem in this sense and the loss cannot be prevented then hair transplantation can be applied. When hair transplantation is done, there is no artificial process as the hair follicles are the person’s own hair. With a completely natural application, people can enjoy their new hair.

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