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Hair problems are not only the problems of people living in Turkey. Hair loss, which has become a universal problem and can be seen in many people, affects an extremely large mass of people around the world. When the two leading countries such as Turkey and Norway are compared in terms of hair transplantation method which is the best solution for hair problems, it can be said that there are many different alternatives and advantages emerging. Since countries have pros and cons of their own, people can now consider going to different countries for hair transplantation. It is even now possible to say that this is often a preferred option.

The field of hair transplantation, which has become an important sector in terms of both health and aesthetics, is a market that requires expertise. People who are both dissatisfied with their appearance and who want to eliminate the risk of baldness, are doing extensive research to find doctors specialising in this field.

We have compared for you the price, performance and success rates of Turkey and Norway, the 2 leading countries in the field of hair transplantation.


Turkey’s Role in Hair Transplantation Market

Hair transplantation in Turkey has a worldwide reputation. Turkey, which is a highly developed market, now attracts the attention of the foreign people using the latest technology devices as well as the best hair transplantation techniques. A high number of doctors specializing in transplantation methods, performing operations in highly equipped clinics and moreover, the results being more accurate than in any other country lead foreigners who want to have hair transplantation to choose Turkey over the others.


Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation in Norway

Although Norway has made significant progress in hair transplantation, it can be said that there are many shortcomings in the country. As a major disadvantage, Norway does not yet use the latest technology such as DHI enough as a hair transplantation method. Norway, which uses the FUE hair transplantation method instead, still falls behind in some development areas.

In addition, another disadvantage is that there are not enough number of clinics and doctors to train staff in this field. Therefore, in order to have hair transplantation in Norway, people may need to make an appointment in advance and wait for a few weeks. But this is not the case for Turkey. Foreigners coming to Turkey can make an appointment with the best hair transplantation specialists at any time and get hair transplantation procedures on their desired dates.

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The Advantages of Getting Hair Transplantation in Turkey

It can be said that undergoing hair transplantation procedure in Turkey has multiple advantages. Formerly used by wealthy people only, hair transplantation is now far from being luxurious and is often a preferred method of treatment in Turkey as well as anywhere else. Turkey, favoured by a lot of people worldwide for hair transplantation procedure, offers multiple advantages. These advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Using the best technologies available
  • Patients leave Turkey as satisfied after the operation
  • Sufficient number of specialized doctors and professional clinics
  • No problem of waiting in the queue for long weeks to undergo a hair transplantation procedure
  • Hair transplantation specialists know how to speak English
  • The possibility of having natural-looking hair without any pain

Besides these, there are other reasons for people to prefer Turkey for hair transplantation procedure. Another reason is the fact that Turkey is a country that is extremely touristy. When people come here, they both have the privilege of seeing a different country and have the opportunity to get professional hair transplantation service.


Is it Norway or Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

We can say that Norway is a developing country in terms of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation methods in Norway has also made good progress but the country still cannot be considered to have the same level of competence we see in Turkey. In addition to FUE hair transplantation, more modern methods such as DHI are used in Turkey. Patients are examined in advance on all necessary issues and all health risks are revealed. In Turkey, the number of doctors specializing in this field is very high and that helps people to get the most reliable hair transplantation service in the shortest time possible.

Besides all this, the price of hair transplantation in Turkey is offered as package prices. In other words, when you get a price, services such as accommodation, airport pick-up services and transfers are also included in the price. However, these services are not included in Norwegian hair transplantation prices. And this makes hair transplantation costs much higher for patients.


Prices of Hair Transplantation in Turkey & Norway

Turkey and Norway are the two best countries in the field of hair transplantation, but there are significant differences between their prices. It can be said that people who plan to have hair transplantation in Norway must bear a higher cost compared to Turkey. In Norway, hair transplantation prices start at an average of 3000 Euros, and this is only the price of the operation. Extra services are not included in this price!

In Turkey, hair transplantation prices that are offered vary between 2,000 – 3,000 Euros. This price includes all kinds of services from accommodation to transportation. Therefore, the prices in Turkey can be considered as much more advantageous compared to Norway.

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Hair transplantation studies in Turkey are carried out within the scope of health tourism and they are supported by the state. In the hair transplantation sector, which has become an important one, many health centres and clinics have been opened in recent years, enabling people to get the best service possible. There is a specialist doctor in every clinic and these clinics provide solutions to many people’s hair problems.

In light of all these evaluations, for people with hair problems, visiting Turkey to get rid of such a problem appears to be an extremely prudent decision. There are two major reasons why Turkey is preferred for hair transplantation and these are tourism and health services being provided simultaneously. The country also offers the best technologies in terms of hair transplantation methods. You can talk to a specialist physician in advance and get the necessary counselling services free of charge.

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