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Hair transplantation can be performed with highly advanced techniques recently. FUT technique, which is an old method, is not applied except in very special cases today. Instead, there are FUE and DHI techniques, which are much more developed. In particular, DHI hair transplantation method is much more advanced in terms of both making your hair look more natural and enabling the wounds that occur during hair transplantation to heal much more quickly.

Another important advantage of the DHI method is that there is no need to open a canal for hair transplantation. Both grooving and hair transplantation can be done at the same time thanks to the pens called Choipen. Because DHI hair transplantation is a new hair transplantation technology, not every doctor can perform this procedure with high success rate.

In this article, we will examine why experienced doctors and clinics with the necessary equipment should be preferred for DHI method.


Hair Transplantation Requires Professionalism

Individuals who decide to have hair transplantation should definitely choose professional hair transplantation centers or clinics that are certified, adequately equipped and competent. Hair transplantation is a surgical and bloody operation, albeit to a minimum. It requires professionalism and should not be performed by persons who are not well-equipped. Therefore, you should not entrust yourself to people who do not have medical knowledge or whom you aren’t sure about.

Regardless of the method, a non-professional person cannot perform hair transplantation. An operation performed by a professional and well-equipped clinic, specialist doctors and paramedics can give healthy results. In a hair transplant center that is inadequate in these matters, you may face serious problems.

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Characteristics of DHI Hair Transplantation

First of all, as the DHI method is the most recently developed method, special attention should be paid to this issue. Operation should be performed by a specialist doctor who is expert in the method. DHI hair transplantation consists of collecting the hair follicles from the donor area and placing them immediately onto the area to be transplanted.

As there is no waiting time like the others, this method gives much healthier and more positive results. The DHI method has a success rate of 95%. As with other hair transplantation methods; deficiencies in this matter, whether resulting from the doctor or the health center, cause important health problems.

DHI Technique compared to FUE Method


Hair Transplantation Operation and Hygiene

In our country, important developments have been experienced in hair transplantation in recent years. We have many hair transplantation centers that are extremely professional and experienced in this field. However, there may be opportunists who want to benefit from this development. Particularly the so-called “under the counter” places that do not meet the necessary conditions are completely the sources of many problems. In hair transplantation, the first thing to pay attention to is the fact that the operation is performed in a sterile environment and hygiene conditions.

In the DHI hair transplantation method, specially developed pens called ChoiPen are used. These items are individually prepared and cannot be used for another patient. On the other hand, the general hygiene conditions in the hair transplant center or clinic should be paid great attention. The slightest problem that may arise in these matters can lead to serious problems. In the event of the slightest negligence, if the patient who has had a hair transplant before you has a disease and the conditions for being sterile are not fulfilled, there is no reason why this disease will not pass on to you! You can get infection or any disease in this way.


Hair Transplantation Surgeons

One of the most important problems encountered in hair transplantation may be the misrepresentation of the person who will perform the operation. Even if he says he’s a surgeon, you need to be sure about it. There is no medical science like being a hair transplantation specialist. Experts who perform this operation are plastic surgeons. You should definitely rely on a professional who is experienced in plastic surgery and hair transplantation. You should also ensure that such a professional person is present during hair transplantation. You should not entrust yourself only to health professionals who have worked in hair transplantation. You should also ensure that those who work in the operation except the surgeons are also health workers.

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Points to Take into Consideration Before and After the Operation

Before the hair transplantation operation, blood needs to be taken from the patient and the necessary tests should be performed. It is also important that you talk to the doctor who will do the hair transplantation beforehand and be aware of what you should pay attention to within 3 days before the surgery. A qualified and experienced doctor will give you various suggestions. Before surgery, the necessary conditions must be established and a sterile environment should be provided. During the operation, it is important that the patient should feel relaxed and comfortable.

known before hair transplantation



Risks That May Occur During Surgery

Thanks to state-of-the-art methods and devices, hair transplantation can now be considered a risk-free operation. However, you will be anesthetized and operated. In addition, there may be slight bleeding during graft collection from the donor area and canal opening. Therefore, hygiene rules against infections are extremely important, although it is categorized as a simple surgery.

If the operation is not performed by a qualified doctor, the doctor cannot perform the necessary intervention even if the problem is very small. Only a qualified and professional doctor can intervene in any way you need. Therefore, you shouldn’t have the doctors who are inexperienced especially in DHI hair transplantation methods to do the hair transplantation operations; you should not take such a risk to your health. Because the consequences can be severe. An operation causing bleeding can cause a variety of health problems if the necessary conditions are not met. Therefore, it is best to go to a safe place that you trust without taking any risk. You can search on the internet about doctors and clinics. Also, it is important that you credit the reliable sources while searching.

You should pay attention to whether the DHI method is applied in the clinic you have chosen and if there is an experienced and specialized doctor. Also care about whether the necessary procedures have been performed before and during the surgery and whether you have received enough information. And also make sure that the clinic gives great importance to conditions and sterilization of the operating room.

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