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Scars and burn scars can annoy many people psychologically. If the scar is on our face or on our head, it will lead to a more uncomfortable look since it is more visible. Since these scars are mostly permanent, hair transplantation will be the only solution for those who want this look to disappear.

What are the stages and conditions of hair transplantation on a scar or a burn scar? If these scars are in the facial area, is beard transplantation possible too? The answers to all these questions can be found in our article.


Properties of the Area with the Scar

The scar isn’t just a scar. It changes the area under its influence in other respects. For example, there could now be a dead area. The hair follicles become inactive as no hair grows and this part of your skin may remain completely lifeless. Hair transplantation treatment cannot be performed on a non-living area. Therefore, there are some treatments that should be applied primarily for the area with the scar. First of all, revitalizing therapies such as stem cells, PRP may be necessary for the revival of the area.


Treatment of the Area with the Scar (Revitalization)

A certain period is required to treat the area with the scar. Some tests must be performed and completed. For example, if hair transplantation is to be performed on the scar area, it should definitely pass a circulation test. It is necessary to know how the blood circulates in this area. Continuation and high rate of blood circulation in this area ensure successful results following hair transplantation operation. This information will be required during the operation. If necessary, stem cell or PRP treatment or a different treatment can be applied to this area. This type of treatment should be applied prior to the operation and the condition of the area must be noted.

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Hair Transplantation on the Scar Area

If blood circulation is present or the area can be revitalized, hair transplantation on the scar area may produce more positive results. Therefore, when choosing a clinic for hair transplantation, you should pay attention to whether or not you are given sufficient information about this subject. Your doctor should inform you in a professional and realistic way and be able to apply the necessary treatment to the area with the scar. If you encounter any problems with these issues, you can search for a better and more competent hair transplantation centre.

If the scar area is eligible for hair transplantation or if it can be treated properly, hair transplantation can be performed. Generally, hair transplantation on scar areas produces desired results, but the success rate is slightly lower than it is for normal hair transplantation. You can learn about all this and the actual condition of your skin only by asking to a hair transplantation centre with an expert staff.

Another wonder is whether or not beard hair can be transplanted if the scar or burn scar is on the facial area. Beard transplantation is also possible for the facial area with the scar when necessary examinations and treatments are applied, just like hair transplantation.


Techniques and Devices That Can Be Used on the Area with the Scar

In our country, which has experienced important developments in the field of hair transplantation in recent years, positive developments have also been experienced for the areas with scars. The methods developed for hair transplantation are stem cell therapy, organic hair transplantation and specially developed pens with sapphire tips known as the DHI technique.

Stem cell is one of the most researched subjects recently. Roots enriched in stem cells refer to the feature of having the ability to revive the area on which it is planted. Today, stem cell therapy is a treatment that has positive effects on many diseases. Stem cells may also be effective in hair transplantation. The results of this method are very successful. Because in hair transplantation performed with stem cells, it is possible that the donor graft is kept alive and that it revitalizes and refreshes the area it is applied on. In this way, the growing hair can look much more vivid and natural and can hold to the area where it grows tighter.

Of course, it is necessary to determine which treatment is best for your skin and body. Therefore, a hair transplantation centre with the necessary equipment and certificates should be consulted. Those ones will give you the best advice.

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Hair Transplantation Results in Areas with a Scar

When hair transplantation is performed on the area with a scar, the most important concern is the holding and growing of new hair follicles. This is a bit riskier because it is different from other areas. As mentioned above, these areas are dead ones where blood circulation is weakened and that have become quite passive. They need to be revived. When you visit a hair transplantation centre or clinic that works with specialist plastic surgeons and that is reliable in this field of expertise, you can get sufficient and healthy information about all these issues. You can learn whether treatment methods such as stem cell treatment are applied or not.

Although the success rate is lower than normal skin, high success rates are still possible following the revitalization of these areas.


Immerse Yourself in Expert Hands

The most important thing about hair transplantation is the choice of hair transplantation centre. In recent years, there has been an explosion of demand in our country for hair transplantation. Numerous new hair transplantation centres have emerged. For this reason, you should prefer hair transplantation centres which have a sterile environment, where hygiene rules are meticulously applied, where necessary tests are performed and where professional physicians are present. You should be particularly careful about the sensitive areas with a scar. Your doctor’s experience and expertise are very influential. In a hair transplantation centre, which is really expert and equipped with the necessary equipment, you can have hair transplantation in a way that completely covers your scars and then you can have hair that grows naturally.

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