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For many people, hair transplantation is one of the methods in which prejudices are destroyed. With the hair transplantation method which has very definite and permanent results, people can make their rarefied hair areas look better. However, there are some important details about this procedure. One of the most important issues about hair transplantation is the question of when the first hair will grow following transplantation. However, details such as whether positive results can be obtained or not are also among the subjects that people wonder about. For hair to come out in the transplanted area or to obtain a good positive result, the grafts must adapt to the transplanted area. And for this adaptation to occur, there are some details that people must pay attention to.

We have compiled the details you need to know for the holding and adaptation of the grafts in the transplanted area.


Things to Do to Enable Secure Holding of the Grafts

1. Protect Your Head Against Impacts

Regardless of the thickness of hair strands, it is necessary to pay attention to certain special situations in order to ensure the necessary adaptation following the operation. At the beginning of these situations, the first one is to pay attention to the protection of the operation area against impacts. Especially in the first 2 weeks, the head area must be protected.


2. Postpone Sea Bathing

We have previously mentioned that hair transplantation can be performed in summer months. However, during the adaptation process of the grafts, swimming in the sea or spending time in the pool is one of the situations that should be postponed to a later time. This is because the probability of microbial infection is very high during this process. For this reason, you should keep the head area away from sea and pool water for the first 2 – 4 weeks for the grafts to fit in and adapt well after the operation.


3. Be Careful When Washing Your Hair

It is not a problem to wash the head area during the adaptation process (provided that you follow doctor’s recommendations), but you should be very careful when doing it. It is recommended that you wash the head area with a soft massage with your fingertips instead of pressing it with your nails. This will prevent damage to the grafts.



4. Nutrition Is Very Important During This Process

You need to be very careful about your nutrition right after the hair transplantation. Especially during this process, you are asked to stay away from habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking. And also need to reduce any food and drink intake that is harmful to the body and even quit it if possible.

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5. Be Careful With Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping position after hair transplantation is also important. The operated areas where the grafts are transplanted should not come into contact with the pillow. During sleep, the transplanted area should be kept as far away from friction as possible and the sleeping position should be changed for a while if necessary. During the first 3 days, it is recommended to sleep vertically at an angle of 15 degrees.


6. Protection Of The Hair Transplanted Area From Sun Rays

After hair transplantation, it is very important to be protected from the sun rays and the corrosive effect of the outside world. For this reason, the area should be protected with a hat when it is necessary to go out after transplantation. It is also not recommended to go out during the most burning hours of the day in very hot regions. During these hours of the day, hat wearing should still be paid attention to with no exception.


7. Avoid Heavy Duties

At least during the adaptation process of the grafts (the first 2 weeks), heavy duties must be avoided. Particular attention should be paid not to lift heavy objects. When you lift heavy objects or other objects, transplanted grafts can get damaged severely due to the head pressure being very high. Avoiding this kind of duties during this time period is extremely important for the adaptation of the grafts.


8. Take Your Time To Rest & Relax

People need to rest for a good amount of time following hair transplantation. If it is necessary to go to work, it should be paid attention to work at a light work pace. Once the grafts adapt, people can return to their normal tempo. Hair transplantation method is one of the best methods with permanent results, but at the end of this process, people need to pay attention to certain issues.



How Do We Know That The Hair Transplantation Is Successful?

It is also a matter of concern for people to see if transplantation is successful after the procedure. This is not so easy to know in the early days. Your doctor is the person who will give you the most general information about whether the hair is holding tight or not. After the examination, he/she can also give you some provisional information. During this process, people cannot know exactly whether the hair is holding tight by standing against the mirror and simply looking at the transplanted area. Over time, people may also start to see some changes in the transplanted area. Clear symptoms can be seen within 1-2 months.

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Situations To Be Expected Following Transplantation Procedure

It is extremely important that the grafts adapt after transplantation. In the first few days, several things are expected of the person to achieve this adaptation successfully. In the first days, no serious symptoms are observed in the transplanted area. Good care is needed after the hair transplantation for the grafts to adapt. During this process, the patient should not touch the transplanted area. In the second week, crusting occurs in the transplanted areas. This is considered very normal. When the crusts become soft after the second week, the patient should take good care of the crusted area as per the doctor’s advice. Failure to do so may result in failure of the hair transplantation operation.


When Exactly Do The Grafts Adapt?

People are mostly curious to know when the transplanted hair will adapt. One of the most critical stages is the period in which the transplanted hair is expected to hold. Even though it is a short and temporary phase, it is necessary to pay attention to this process. The timing of hair’s holding in the transplanted area may also vary from person to person. However, in the most general sense, it is foreseen to adapt within an average of 10 days. During this time, the hair adapts to the new area. This may take a few days longer for some people.

In this process, the first 2 weeks are extremely important. The first 2 weeks should be evaluated by the person as a critical process and no risk should be taken then. There will be no problems if small details are taken into consideration until the required adaptation is achieved.

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