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One of the biggest problems of many people around the world is hair loss. Due to causes such as excessive loss, advancing age, and genetics, people can experience serious hair loss and baldness issues. There are a few applications that people can try in such situations. Some of these applications offer only workarounds, but some may be preferred as permanent solutions. Hair transplantation methods are the ones that offer the most precise solution for hair related problems. But many people have some misinformation about the methods of hair transplantation, but these are only considered to be true. There are also people who approach the hair transplantation methods with prejudice because of these mistakes that are considered to be true.

We have compiled for you some incorrect information about hair transplantation which people consider to be true.


1. Transplantation Cannot Be Applied To Fine Stranded Hair

One of the most well-known mistakes is the fact that thin hair cannot be transplanted. Hair transplantation methods can also be applied to the hair with thin strands. Only slightly more grafts should be used during this procedure compared to the amount used in people with thicker hair. Regardless of the number of grafts to be used, people with thin hair can also benefit from hair transplantation. They can use this hair healthily throughout life. Hair transplantation specialists who are experts in this field will also provide you with detailed information about this topic.


2. Anyone Can Have Hair Transplantation

Another issue that people know wrong is that everyone can benefit from hair transplantation. This procedure is not something that can be applied to everyone. Hair transplantation methods do not prevent genetic hair loss in the future. In Alopecia Areata, also known as ringworm, and in Alopecia with Scar, hair transplantation methods are not applied as a treatment. Hair transplantation in diabetics may or may not be appropriate according to certain rules.

The type of loss is very important for hair transplantation. In addition, factors such as the pace of loss, the rate of the opening after loss, and age are also determinative. If hair loss is likely to continue, then people are recommended to wait for some time.


3. Hair Transplantation In Summer Isn’t Possible

One of the situations where people feel uneasy about and especially avoid doing is to have hair transplantation during summer months. This is also completely wrong. Because hair transplantation operations in the summer months can also produce very good results. However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain details on this subject. Contrary to this incorrect information, people who want to have hair transplantation can have it in summer months with peace of mind. Only during this period, you need to protect yourself from extreme warmth and extreme cold as much as possible after the operation. For this purpose, you can use accessories such as hats and berets. After the hair transplantation procedure, you need to protect yourself for 2 to 4 weeks. During this time, it should be ensured that the sun rays do not come directly to the transplanted area.

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4. Hair Transplantation Can Be Performed Only Once

Although hair transplantation is usually performed in one session, it is not a one-time only treatment. On the contrary, more than one session can be applied. There is no drawback in this. To decide on this, first, you need to look at the size of the area where the hair will be transplanted. Depending on the size of the area and the frequency level of hair in the donor area, another session can be applied later. Re-transplanting hair to the required areas has no drawbacks if necessary.


5. Only Men Can Have Hair Transplantation

One of the misinformation about hair transplantation is that only men can have hair transplantation. This is another completely unsubstantiated information. Because the hair transplantation procedure has become an important treatment method also for women. According to the statistics, 14.7% of those who have hair transplantation are women. The reasons for applying hair transplantation in women are generally to take down the front hairline or to increase the hair volume slightly. Hair transplantation methods applied to women do not require shaving of the head completely. Only the root part of the hair will be taken from the back of the head between the two ears by opening a small area and the collection is performed. In cases where the operation is carried out in this way, the operation is not much clearly visible.


6. We Can Swim in the Sea After Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplantation procedure, you have to wait for a while to go to the seaside and swim. You should postpone your swim a little so that the operation area can recover soon, and the recovery process can be as smooth as possible. The operation area should not come into contact with sea water for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

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7. White Hair Cannot Be Transplanted

One of the missing and incorrect information is the inability to transplant white hair. White hair can also be transplanted. However, a special effort is required for the hair transplantation operations performed on white hair. It is no longer a dream to grow the desired hair after the procedure that is performed using special optical magnifiers. However, great importance should be given to the selection of the doctor to perform this procedure. Because to get service from a doctor or healthcare teams who are not experts in their field will prevent the desired results from occurring. Together with a professional healthcare team, you can grow much healthier and longer lasting hair.


8. It’s A Painful and Difficult Procedure

Hair transplantation methods, which have improved a lot in recent years, are now completely painless. The techniques applied are the best techniques and that ensures that the person does not feel any pain during the operation. Before the operation is performed, the part where the hair follicles are collected from is locally anaesthetized. And after this anaesthesia process, no pain is felt in any way.


9. It Is A Simple Procedure You Can Get In Every Clinic

Although hair transplantation is a simple procedure, it is not a procedure that can be performed in every clinic. On the contrary, for the hair transplantation operation, the clinical and specialist doctors should be selected very carefully. Emphasis should be placed on the research and preference of clinics where hygiene rules are fully fulfilled, and advanced methods are applied in every way.

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