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Breast is an important organ in providing the physiological and psychological well-being of women. There may be variations in the size of the breasts due to genetic factors, past diseases and possible accidents. Small size or unsymmetrical shape of the breast may cause psychological effects such as decreased self-confidence in women. In such cases, breast augmentation is recommended by plastic surgeons. Breast implants are prostheses used in breast augmentation operations. The implant used should be checked periodically. It should be checked regularly every year after the procedure.

If any complications are detected during the controls, the implant is replaced. Operation is performed under general anaesthesia in a full-fledged hospital by a specialist plastic surgeon. Duration of hospitalization varies between 1 and 2 days. This period may be extended depending on the patient’s condition. There is no scar left on the patient’s body after the operation. After the procedure, following your doctor’s advice and going to your controls at specified times may prolong the use of the implant.


What Is A Breast Implant Used For?

In severe cases, such as breast cancer, breast tissue may need to be removed. This procedure is called a mastectomy. After the cancer treatment of a woman undergoing mastectomy is completed, the breast tissue is replaced with a breast implant. The implant supports a woman’s psychological recovery. The breast implant is determined according to the body shape and preferences of the patient. And also, breast augmentation is applied by plastic surgeons to people who are not satisfied with their breast sizes and the breast tissue is supported by a breast implant in such cases. A breast implant is also used for the elimination of sagging problems due to ageing, breastfeeding and genetic factors.


What Are The Types Of Breast Implants?

Breast implants vary according to their shape and content. It can be in two different forms as saline and silicone gel. None of these causes any serious complications in the woman’s body. It is necessary to prevent the leakage of the serum in the prosthesis during the saline solution procedure. Otherwise, after the operation, the woman hears the swashing of the liquid as she moves. For this reason, people who think about this method must surely avoid this risk by choosing clinics and hospitals with specialist doctors. Gel-containing breast implants are also very convenient. It is applied to people who aim a better aesthetic look. Even if the outer membrane of the silicone is damaged, the gel does not spread to the woman’s body and thus does not cause any complications.

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What Are Breast Prosthesis By Their Shapes?

It has 2 different shapes as round breast implant and anatomical breast implant.

  • Round Breast Implant: The central part of the round-shaped implant consists of a thick layer. This implant placed under the muscle makes the breasts look fuller.
  • Anatomical Breast Implant: It is popularly known as the drop shape. It is named after the raindrop. Anatomical breast implant has a very similar shape to the human body, and it provides a very natural look. It matches the shape of the breast perfectly. The drop implant can only be applied on the muscle due to its shape. When applied under the muscle, it may create the sagging look in the décolleté area. In addition, due to pressure from the muscles, the implant may change direction. In this case, again, the shape of the breast may deteriorate.


Why Is Breast Implant Preferred?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the medical world is experiencing great and important developments. Today, plastic surgery operations are increasing day by day. Thanks to technology, these easy and uncomplicated breast implant operations are based on two main reasons. The first reason is aesthetic concerns whereas the second is medical conditions. Therewithal, a breast implant can be applied to any woman over the age of 18 who do not have any health problems. The reasons for preferring the breast implant are as follows:

  • Damage to the body’s anatomy as a result of diseases such as cancer and trauma
  • Woman’s dissatisfaction with breast size
  • Sagging of breast tissue due to ageing
  • Breast volume deterioration and damage
  • Differentiation of two breast tissues as a result of a hormone disorder

breast implants


Things To Be Considered While Getting A Breast Implant

When you decide to get a breast implant, you should first make detailed research to find a good hospital and specialist plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery is divided into many parts within itself. For a breast implant, we recommend that you see a doctor who specializes in breast surgery. Surgeons who specialize in breast surgery will help you choose the correct implant shape and undergo a comfortable operation.

After the operation performed by specialist surgeons, your recovery time will be shortened. Since the implant types are different, you should choose a type of implant that suits your body and does not impair your natural look. Even if you have aesthetic concerns, your priority should be to keep your natural look intact. Your specialist will give you the most appropriate advice on this.

When selecting the implant shape, the patient’s height, weight, normal breast shape and breast size are taken into consideration. You should tell your doctor exactly what breast shape you want to have. The most accurate implant type can be selected by considering all these criteria. You should ensure that the centre where the operation will be performed is a fully equipped hospital and that the surgical team is professional.

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How Often Should It Be Replaced?

The breast implant placed inside the body does not cause any harm to the human body. The body may react to the implant after the operation by creating a reaction. In general, a capsule is formed around the implant. If the capsule progresses, it may turn into undesirable side effects such as hematoma, infection and seroma. It is more common in implants placed under the breast tissue. Placed implants may not need to be replaced for an average of 10 to 20 years unless such conditions occur.

Although some doctors say that the implant can remain for life unless there are problems, this is not recommended. According to the latest FDA reports, the implant should be replaced at the end of 10 years following the operation. After 10 years, the implant should be checked, replaced or repaired if necessary.

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