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Hair problems that are found in many of the people living around the world are giving rise to new technologies. Hair transplantation, which is one of the best-performing methods, is one of the sectors being applied in many countries and improving considerably. Methods are also divided into different techniques. However, the use of these techniques makes it necessary to bring together a specialist medical team and the necessary equipment. Among the countries that are ambitious about hair transplantation, Turkey and Japan are fairly advanced. However, it can be said that these countries also have some advantages over each other. Hair transplantation is an important application in terms of health and aesthetics. Therefore, governments also often provide incentives for this practice.

We have compared the price, performance and success rates of Turkey and Japan which are the leading countries in hair transplantation sector.


Why is Turkey Preferred in Hair Transplantation?

In terms of hair transplantation methods, people are now engaged in research on a more global basis, not on a national one. People who become aware of the inadequacies in their own countries and want to prefer countries that are very advanced in this field do not want to try this method without searching for the advantages and disadvantages of each country. Turkey is among the countries receiving the most attention in the world for hair transplantation. The high number of specialist staff and the most advanced technologies in Turkey make it one of the best in this field. The vast majority of people suffering from hair problems prefer to benefit from the health opportunities offered by Turkey. All these advantages constitute the answer to the question: “Why should Turkey be preferred?”


Why is Hair Transplantation More Disadvantageous in Japan?

Japan is one of the countries which are on the list of people who want to have hair transplantation. Japan is also one of the most advanced countries in this sector. However, people prefer the countries that are closer and more convenient for transportation instead of Japan. Although Japan use advanced techniques, it cannot provide the patients with all the facilities offered in Turkey. This encourages many people to choose Turkey first instead of Japan. Turkey offers opportunities to people from different perspectives as it provides the best conditions in many respects.

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Why Should You Have Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

It is possible to say that having hair transplantation operations in Turkey has many advantages in many aspects. Although having a hair transplantation seemed to be a luxury or dream in the past, people with normal incomes can now easily have hair transplantation in Turkey. The advantages offered by Turkey in terms of hair transplantation operations are quite a lot. These advantages are:

  • There are too many staff members trained in hair transplantation in Turkey.
  • There are healthcare personnel following the technology closely.
  • The number of specialist doctors is quite high.
  • The majority of hair transplantation surgeons have a good command of English.
  • No waiting for long periods.

Besides, people who want to undergo hair transplantation operations in Turkey have the chance to get the service at much more reasonable prices. As it is not so far away as Japan, Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries in terms of transportation.



Which One is Better in Hair Transplantation: Japan or Turkey?

Japan is a country with advanced technologies. The number of staff is also quite enough. However, both it’s being remote and the fact that package programs do not compromise enough services causes people to think about Japan twice. Above all, Turkey offers a wide range of software packages.

In the hair transplantation services provided by many countries, you will be asked for a price even for consulting; services such as accommodation,  consulting and picking up from the airport are included in packaging services. So while only the operation costs are included in the offered prices, you can also find the opportunity to get rid of several charges with a much more affordable price in Turkey.

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Comparison of the Prices

It can be said that having a hair transplantation operation in Turkey is always more advantageous. As mentioned earlier, many different services are also included in the prices in Turkey. When a hair transplantation operation costs nearly 7500€ in Japan, it varies from 2000€ to 3000€ in Turkey.  In this regard Turkey both offers the opportunity to take this service with a much more affordable price and provides you the best hair transplantation methods.


Prefer the Leading Countries in Health Tourism

Both the services provided and Turkey’s being a touristic country is among the reasons for the fact that Turkey is preferred more in hair transplantation. The foreign visitors coming to Turkey can both find the opportunity to see Turkey’s natural and historical beauties and undergo their hair transplantation operations before returning to their countries. You can both get information and define a convenient date together with our doctors via online consultation before coming to Turkey.

Foreign guests who consider having hair transplantation operations can adjust their vacation plans before coming to Turkey from abroad. When they are present at the desired date designated for them for the hair transplantation operation, they can happily return to their countries after the procedure. In any case, you can get advice from your doctor even if you have returned to your country. Turkey’s being much preferred is due to the fact that it has made good progress in terms of health tourism.




All in all, people who consider undergoing hair transplantation operations choose Turkey as a result of their extensive research. Advanced technologies, a higher number of professionals trained in the academic field and being in a very advanced level in this regard make Turkey very popular.

Guaranteed hair transplantation operations as well as extensive package programs make Turkey one of the leading countries in this field. Turkey, whose popularity is extremely high, offers the latest techniques in hair transplantation. People who find the opportunity to have hair transplantation operations without any pain or ache benefit from the opportunities offered by Turkey in broader terms.

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