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How is mastopexy procedure, also known as breast lifting, performed? What are its processes and risks? You can find them all in our article.

Breasts are among the sensitive and important body limbs for women. Conditions such as having breasts bigger than normal, or vice versa having small breasts, having sagging breasts can cause problems for some women. Women who see these conditions as a problem apply to various plastic surgery solutions to have more beautiful breasts. Breast lifting procedure is a major one amongst these solutions.


Why Do Women’s Breasts Sag?

There is a fold line below the breasts. If the nipples remain below this line, this condition is expressed as sagging of breasts. There may be many causes of breast sagging. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are just a few of these reasons. Breasts grow during pregnancy and are filled with milk. After breastfeeding, the breasts are emptied, and they go out. When they go out, the natural shape of the breasts is disrupted and then sagging occurs. This situation is considered natural by many mothers and is not seen as a problem. However, it may have psychological effects on some mothers.

Age progression is another factor that triggers breast sagging. With age progression, the body changes shape and the chest muscles weaken. Weakened chest muscles cannot hold the breasts upright enough and sagging becomes inevitable. In case of excessive weight gain and weight loss, deformations can be experienced on and around the breasts.


Ways to Prevent Breast Sagging

It is possible to minimize breast sagging with small but important methods. When sagging occurs, it is better to take care of the situation rather than getting stressed. Accelerating blood circulation in the chest area will make the breasts become tighter. For this, a simple exercise during the shower may be enough. When taking a shower, place the shower head on your breast and open the cold water up to the level to which you can stand, then turn on the hot water. In this way, create a shock effect by applying cold & hot for 10 minutes. This is an effective method of accelerating blood circulation.

Exercises that strengthen the chest muscles should also be performed. Doing appropriate exercises 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes can prevent breast sagging. These precautions may be useful in case of non-advanced breast sagging.

breast lifting

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What is Breast Lifting?

It is the process of correcting the breasts that face the problem of sagging with an aesthetic procedure. This procedure is actually an operation. After the investigations and examinations, it is decided whether the operation is necessary or not. To do this, it is best to get help from someone who is an expert in this field. The person to operate and the place where you get this operation are amongst the issues that determine the success of the procedure.


What Should You Know Prior To Breast Lifting Operation?

The most important thing to know before deciding on the breast lifting operation is that this procedure requires stitching and the stitch marks will remain for a while. However, these stitch marks are not noticeable, and they will disappear after some time.

In some people, these marks are very few, while others have more. This depends on the degree of sagging. If there is not too much sagging, the operation will only be carried out to lift the nipple a little and not much stitching will be required. If there is a lot of sagging, this time the whole chest area will be worked on during the procedure, and this will replicate the number of stitches and marks that will remain. The clarity of these marks will decrease in time as with any other surgery.

These stitch marks are in the interior of the bra-covered area and are not visible from the outside. Another point to know is that; the breast lifting operation does not enlarge the breasts but just regularizes the sagging ones helping them to stand upright.

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How Is Breast Lifting Operation Performed?

First of all, you should make a preliminary interview with the doctor you prefer in the hospital you chose for your operation. This preliminary interview is important to determine the general outline of the surgery. Should your procedure be based purely on sagging issues or are additional touches required? These questions should be answered.

  • After the decision and the planning phase, the patient undergoes a general examination.
  • Various tests are performed, and mammography is taken.
  • Afterwards, chest size is determined according to the body index.
  • The diameter of the area to be operated is determined. The diameter of the operation varies according to the degree of sagging.
  • The procedure is performed by applying general anaesthesia.
  • If the degree of sagging is low, a local anaesthesia may be sufficient.

The most natural methods are used in order to maintain the result of breast lifting operation for a long time. The operation lasts between 2-3 hours depending on the degree of sagging.

breast lifting


How is the Process Following the Breast Lifting Operation?

  • After 4-5 hours of breast lifting operation, the person begins to walk and starts eating. She is kept in the clinic for surveillance that night.
  • The person is asked to use a special bra for 3 months.
  • Stitches are removed on the 5th day after the operation and there is no longer a barrier to bathing.
  • The operated area should be protected from sunlight at least until the stitch marks turn to skin’s colour.
  • It may take at least 1 year for the stitches to be thoroughly obscured. In time, they will be almost fully obscured.
  • It is possible to return to daily routines within 1 week.
  • In order to start exercising, a period of at least 1 month is required.
  • The area must be kept clean so that the cut is not infected.

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Are There Any Risks of Breast Lifting Operation?

Breast lifting operation has some risks like any other surgery. Patients should be informed by experts, although these risks are not commonly seen.

  • Complications such as post-operative infections and bleeding are normal to some extent and these can be intervened. Other circumstances may be considered as risky.
  • Although it is rarely seen, it is one of these risks that there is hardness in the breasts.
  • Another risk for people who smoke is the late recovery of wounds. Therefore, it is recommended not to smoke 15 days before and 25 days after surgery.
  • Although rarely, asymmetric images may occur in the breasts.
  • During the first 2 weeks pain, bruising and swelling may occur. (Your doctor will prescribe some painkillers for you)

breast lifting


Will There Be Any Further Sagging After Breast Lifting Procedure?

There is, albeit low, the possibility of re-sagging following excessive weight gain/loss and breastfeeding. If the patient’s skin structure is damaged, this complaint is more likely to occur. For this, positive results will be obtained with the prosthesis to be applied to the breast when this condition is detected during the examination stage. This is also about entrusting yourself to a good specialist.

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Does Breast Lifting Operation Hinder Breastfeeding?

Some procedures in the breast lifting operation may require your surgeon to cut the milk channels while relocating the breast channels. Therefore, surgery may have a negative effect on breastfeeding. However, this risk is minimal. If there is a need for breastfeeding immediately after the operation, it will be important to discuss this issue with your surgeon during the consultation stage.


How Much Are The Prices of Breast Lifting Operations?

Prices may vary according to many factors. Many other factors can be determinants, such as where you undergo the procedure, which specialist does it, and the degree of sagging you have. If breast enlargement will also be included in the same procedure besides the fixation of breast sagging, then the price will be determined accordingly. It would be better to consult your doctor to get a clear definition of what you need.

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