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One of the issues wondered about is how the hair will look after transplantation. Most people may be indecisive just because of this anxiety. The handicap that the transplantation -usually called “grass man outlook”- is extremely visible, inevitably leads to anxiety. However, this is not a sufficient reason to discourage you from hair transplantation. Because it is necessary to know that the appearance of the hair after being transplanted depends on many reasons thanks to the new techniques developed in this field. These reasons are well known, and if your hair transplantation clinic is taken care of, there is no reason for your hair to look unnatural.

We have looked through the points to be considered during hair transplantation to get a natural look.


1. Quality of Donor Region

As it is known, hair transplantation is an operation that responds to the need resulting from the sparsity and intense shedding that occurs in front of your head in general. The first stage before the operation is the collection of hair follicles and grafts from the non-shedding area. The most important issue to be considered at this stage is the quality of this region.

Careful selection of the donor area will increase the success of the hair transplantation operation. This area is usually located at the top of the neck, at the back of your head and at the ear level. As it is known, the hair here does not shed much. Doctors and surgeons who will perform the operation generally prefer to get hair follicles from here. The first procedure to get new natural-looking hair is the selection of a high-quality donor area.



2. Clinic and Doctor to be Selected for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation that must be done professionally. Therefore, after deciding to have it, you should definitely choose a hair transplantation center or clinic that is experienced in this field and where specialized doctors and health professionals work. This issue is very important because it concerns your health. In a clinic that has not met the hygienic conditions, your health may be at risk. On the other hand, although the risks in hair transplantation have decreased considerably, the success and natural appearance of the result depends on the experience and professionalism of the doctor who will carry out the operation. There are important points that your doctor should take care of. You can also find them later in the article.


3. Choosing the Right Hair Transplantation Method

The most common methods used in hair transplantation are FUE, FUT and DHI methods. Within these methods, the FUT method is now less preferred as it is an old method. This is due to the fact that some parts of the skin should be cut while the hair follicles are taken from the donor area.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

On the other hand, FUE and DHI methods are the methods of collecting the hair follicles without cutting the skin. The result will be much more successful and natural in these methods. You can also experience them if they are carried out by your hair transplantation center and doctors. If you are careful in choosing the clinics and doctors, you can find the conditions that will be able to successfully implement these methods and the doctors who can determine the best for you. At our Cosmeticium clinics and hospitals, you can consult our physicians who apply FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods in the best way.



4. Angle of Transplanted Hair

Successful and experienced doctor and expert team are careful about transplanting the new hair in line with the angle of your existing hair. This is the most sensitive and specialized part of hair transplantation operation. Hair to be transplanted on the shedding area should definitely be inserted at the same angle as your existing hair. The appearance of the grass head that we mentioned at the beginning occurs when this matter is not taken care of. Your doctor’s diligence and experience are vital for you to have natural hair looking in harmony with your previous hair. Unfortunately, the grass head’s image will be inevitable if the transplantation cannot be completed at the right angle.


5. Looking at Photos While Selecting a Clinic

If you want to be careful when choosing a clinic and not to make mistakes, you can look at the photos of the hair transplantation operations performed by the health center or clinic you are applying to. A successful health center takes photos before and after the operations and shows you a catalog consisting of these photos. So if you want to feel relieved and have a good clinic, you should look at the photos. Even if you do research on the internet before looking at the photos, you can see whether the clinic you selected uses its own photos or not.

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before and after hair transplant photos cosmeticium


6. Hair Care

In fact, hair care is always an issue that we should pay attention to. We need to pay attention to the products we use to show the necessary care before losing our hair. But in spite of everything done, if your hair is shedding -for example; if your hair is shedding for genetic reasons- you should consider your doctor’s recommendations after hair transplantation. Your doctor will advise you on the hair care products and brands. They can also advise you on how often and how to care for your hair. If you fulfill them, you can use your hair for a much longer time and have a natural and healthy looking hair.

It is good to repeat; hair transplantation should absolutely be carried out at a health center, which has the necessary certificates and obligations, which are competent in this field and have met the necessary hygiene requirements. This is a very important issue in order for the operation to be completed successfully without any problems and to make your newly transplanted hair look natural. There is no reason for your hair transplantation operation not to be successful if the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled.

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