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FUE method of hair transplantation is more advantageous than the old FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) method and its recovery time is much shorter. The healing process begins as soon as the procedure is completed. Unlike in the FUT method, no skin fragments are removed and only hair follicles are collected from the donor area. So, you can begin to walk and go to work immediately after hair transplantation. But of course, the main subject of interest is how long it will take for the new hair to grow and exactly when your hair will look natural and healthy again. What are the important steps that determine this duration?

We have listed all the details about hair growth, elongation and recovery process following the FUE hair transplantation.


1. Disappearance Of The Swell

The first stage of the healing process after hair transplantation is the disappearance of the swelling. If you have had a successful operation, there will be no excess swelling anyway. But there may still be some swelling. This swelling can heal in a shorter time if you avoid bending your head too far forward. You must keep your head back when you lie down. If you tilt your head as far back as possible and if you avoid leaning forward, the swelling can go away in a much shorter time. Within 1-2 days you will not have any swelling on your head.


2. Hair Care and Hair Wash

Following hair transplantation operation, crusting will occur on the head. It is recommended to wash your hair every day to resolve this. The first wash is done in the clinic where you have the hair transplantation procedure after 1 or 2 days once the swellings disappear. After that, you should wash your hair every day as recommended by your doctor and with the products he recommends. According to the instructions of your doctor, you can apply the cleaning procedure yourself after the first wash at home. In this way, crusting is reduced to a minimum level and your hair can heal in a much shorter time.

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3. Healing Of The Raw Area

Raw areas, especially where the hair is transplanted, heal in a very short time. Again, if your procedure is successfully performed by experts, not so many open wounds will occur. The existing wounds disappear after approximately 5 days. These wounds are then replaced by vague redness. The complete disappearance of these rashes can take up to 10 days in total.




4. The Disappearance of the Crusted Area

After the wound heals and redness and minor scars disappear, there comes the turn for the crusted area to be completely cleaned and to disappear. And this does not take a very long time either. If you carefully wash every day after the first wash, according to your doctor’s instructions, the crusted area will be lost in a shorter period of time. And the approximate time required for this is 10-15 days. In other words, there will be no marks left on your head in 1-2 weeks after hair transplantation. If these marks do not bother you very much, you can continue your business life and social life immediately after the hair transplantation procedure. But if you don’t want any marks to be visible or if you want them to be vaguely seen, you should then wait for about two weeks.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implant) methods, which are the new techniques in hair transplantation, allow a very short recovery period. This time may be even shorter. Since you will not have many complaints, it is possible to go back to your daily life immediately after the procedure.

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5. When Can You Get a New Look?

As you can see, the methods of FUE and DHI are the methods that can immediately take you back to your social and business life. After a period of 2 weeks, the process of healing of the raw areas, a process called “shock shedding” begins. This shock shedding lasts about 1-2 months. After two weeks your hair may seem a little weak and lifeless. They will keep falling for a while and then will reappear more strongly in time. That’s why this process is called shock shedding. This is a natural outcome of the hair transplantation procedure.

After 2 months, your new hair will grow longer, and it’ll look more alive. After the fourth month, you can see your new hair coming out of the follicles and growing longer. And in a period of 6 months, your new hair will change your look completely. The increase and elongation in your hair are immediately noticeable. By the eighth month, you may now notice that you have bushier and healthier hair. If your hair is out as curly or having different shapes, this situation will also disappear completely. At the end of 1 year, you can have a brand-new look as a person with bushier, natural and healthy hair.

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Average Healing Time for FUE Hair Transplantation



If the FUE or DHI method is successfully implemented in a private clinic or health centre that has met the necessary requirements, you will definitely be satisfied with the result. Our doctors who are successful practitioners of this method will be waiting for you in our Cosmeticium clinics and hospitals to give you a new look.

Right after hair transplantation, you can continue your normal life without much trouble. But if you want the wounds and crustal look to disappear completely, you will only need a period of 7-10 days. Although it takes 1 year to get your final look, the way it looks throughout this time is never disturbing. Especially if your newly planted hair is planted at the correct angle, the result will be very successful. You can continue your life in a much self-confident and happier way without catching any grass-man syndrome.

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