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Are you thinking of having beard transplantation, but worried about whether it will be successful or not? All the details you need to know before having beard transplantation.

Beard is one of the most basic elements that complement a man’s style and image. Hair and beard are always shaved in compatible models. When a man looks in the mirror, the points he sees and cares for are his hair and beards. Despite the completion of adolescence or even more advanced age, there are many men whose beards haven’t grown up yet. These people, who are called “beardless man” by the society, look for various ways to have a bushy and dense beard.

Today, very successful hair and beard transplantation operations are carried out thanks to the developing medical technologies. Since hair transplantation operations are one step further, they are more well-known by the people.  Although operations such as beard transplantation have also been carried out very successfully, they aren’t known yet.


How is Beard Transplantation Carried Out?

After the patient’s application to the clinic for beard transplantation, a pre-examination process is performed. In this session, the hair structure of a person’s body is examined. If there is some shedding, its cause is investigated. If there are very few beards, it is investigated whether it is genetic or not. In some disease cases, hair or beard shedding is seen as a side effect. For this reason, the disease risk is examined.

After deciding on the operation, samples are taken by examining the hair roots of the person. The hair samples will be taken preferably from the nape and various parts of the face and examinations are done in order to find the most suitable hair samples for the face. In this area, hairs on the nape section are generally suitable for beard transplantation.

Because the roots will die within a few hours during the beard transplantation, it is a process that should be performed without losing time. In other words, the hair is transplanted to the skin as soon as possible after the hair is removed. The stages of the procedure are the same as FUE hair transplantation method. The difference is that only the part to be transplanted is the face, not the head.

  • Local anesthesia is applied to the areas where the roots will be taken and beard is going to be transplanted.
  • Hair follicles are meticulously taken from the donor area
  • Channels are opened on the area where beard transplantation is going to be done using FUE method
  • Collected hair follicles are placed as beard in these opened channels

The beard transplantation operation will last for a total of 6-8 hours. After this process, there will be some hardly visible conchoidal tissues on the areas where the transplantation is carried out depending on the effect of the process. This crusting will end within 1 week with frequent washing of the face. For a quick recovery, it is very important that you do not intervene and wait for the natural spillage.

beard transplantation


1. You Should Do a Detailed Research Before Beard Transplantation

Generally, the FUE method is preferred for beard transplantation. In this transplantation, the same procedure is applied with hair transplantation; the only difference is that the roots taken are transplanted onto the desired area of the face as beard, not the head. The healing process is quite fast in the FUE technique, which is another advantage of the technique. In this technique, the hair follicles taken from the skin are transplanted on the channels opened individually one by one. It is important that all follicles are fixed at the same equal angles. This will mean that all beards will look and extend in the same direction. This method does not create any cuts on the skin. Therefore, no pain is experienced. FUE method is preferred by many people as it is painless.

Another method is the FUT method, which is somewhat more painful. Because surgery is performed to get the hair. During transplantation, each hair is placed at the same angle. This ensures that all hairs extend in the same direction. Since the hair roots are taken from the donor region with an operation, there are some problems such as drowsiness or redness on the neck. After the operation, the hair follicles that are transplanted extend by three or by five. Nowadays, it is a less preferred method than in the past.

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2. The End of the Puberty Should Be Waited for Beard Transplantation

When deciding on beard transplantation, the age of the patient is important. Making this decision in the very early period can cause serious health problems for the person in the forthcoming years. The body continues to develop until the end of puberty. During this period, hair and beard are growing and the beard continues to grow until the end of this period. Beard transplantation is not recommended before this period ends. Doctors predict that the patients should be at least 20-22 years old for this operation. It is an operation not recommended for lower ages.


3. Essential Conditions Should Be Fulfilled for Beard Transplantation

In order to have beard transplantation, it is necessary to have seriously thin beard. It is an operation which is appropriate for the beard structures that spill over time or rarely comes up since puberty. People, who do not have a beard, although they finish their adolescence, should prefer this operation. It is not suitable for people with any health problems. First, medical examination should be done, then transplantation should be decided to be appropriate or not.

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4. Be Very Careful in the Next Process After Beard Transplantation

You need to be very careful in this process. The skin should be protected against all impacts. Strict interventions such as scratching should be avoided. In the 3-4 days after the operation, complaints such as redness and crusting appear to be normal. Redness that changes to pink over time starts to heal completely in 1 week. Normal appearance is gained within 2 weeks. There is no trace of operation on the skin. In two months, new beards begin to appear. In a period of 2 years in total, the skin completely accepts the new hair follicles.

beard transplantation


5. No Intervention to the Extension of the Beard

The most dangerous issues such as the intervention can cause inflammation completely. Therefore, intervention with hands should strictly be avoided after the beard transplantation. A certain time is needed for beard growth. It is not possible to shorten this time. You should pass this process naturally and be patient.

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Get a More Masculine Image with Beard Transplantation

Beardtransplantation is performed with a minimum of 300 to 500 hair follicles. These numbers may increase according to the person’s need or demand. Beard transplantation operation is priced by counting the hair follicles. The price per follicle is reflected in the total costs. There is no difference in terms of price and the process is just the same as the one in hair transplantation.

The beard transplantation is an exacting operation. Therefore, it requires care. Clinics claiming that they do it at an affordable price can cause undesirable results. After a thorough investigation, reliable places should be preferred. Working with clinics that give guarantee is of great importance for health.

Beard is considered to be the most important accessory of a man. You can choose beard transplantation which is a very simple operation and have a more masculine outlook.

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