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Hair transplantation doesn’t only change people’s appearance, but it also affects their entire lives. Therefore, the result must be perfect. However, sometimes the result of the hair transplantation is not as desired due to the wrong surgeon selection and sometimes for other reasons. The question “Can an unsuccessful hair transplantation be corrected?” comes to mind when the hair transplantation didn’t end up well. You can find the answer and all the details in our article.


Hair Transplantation Repair

Although the expertise and experience levels of their surgeons are generally at a good level, unfortunately, there are also inexperienced surgeons who attempt this operation. There may even be bad clinics where the doctor does not participate in the hair transplantation operations. As a result, there is an unsuccessful hair transplantation.

In general, it is possible to say that hair transplantation repairs are successful. Cosmeticium directly improves the patients’ life quality by correcting their previous wrong experiences.


Hair Transplantation Repair Expectations and Limitations

Donor Area Limitation

There must be enough grafts in the donor area for hair transplantation. Especially the number of grafts in the nape area is extremely important for the success of hair transplantation. If the grafts here are used to a large extent in the first unsuccessful hair transplantation, grafts from different regions will be sought for repair.

It is also possible to use grafts in the beard, mustache and chest areas for hair transplantation. However, it should not be forgotten that these are not exactly like hair. The neck area should be examined first if the expectations are to be met as a result of the repair process. If the number of grafts here is limited, the success rate of the procedure will also change accordingly.


Hair Line

Each region has a special importance in hair transplantation. However, the area of the hairline is much more important because it directly affects the appearance. Thus, an unsuccessful hairline disturbs the patients and causes seeking ways to correct it.

There may be more than one hair strand in the hair follicles taken from the donor area. However, the hair strands in the anterior region are usually single. If multiple grafts are used in hair transplantation to this area, the result will be disappointing. Because the result will never give a natural impression. Similarly, it is very important that the grafts are placed at a certain angle, not randomly.

Normal Post-Transplant Outcomes

Cosmeticium doctors work hard to solve the problems of patients who experience such problems. It should not be forgotten that there are some limitations of this process.

  • First, the grafts transplanted at the wrong angle are removed and placed at the correct angle.
  • Then, grafts taken from the donor area are added to the relevant area to correct the hairline and density.

The fact that this area has been treated before may prolong the recovery period or reduce the possibility of recovery.

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Use of Body Hair

When there are not enough grafts in the nape area, body hair is used for hair transplantation. Cosmeticium has serious experience in this field and is extremely successful in using body hair effectively and in the desired way. However, body hair is considered as the last option. Because these are not identical to a normal hair strand. It differs slightly from hair strands, especially in terms of growth cycle and thickness.

Body hair can be used to correct mistakes made in hair transplantation. However, the fact that these are usually single makes it necessary to use more grafts for the desired density. Another important point is that these are normally transplanted between the hair strands. In other words, the use of merely body hair for a completely bald area may cause different results.



It should not be forgotten that the same scalp should be used once more to correct an unsuccessful hair transplantation. Depending on the previous operation, conditions such as tension and wound may occur in the scalp. These kinds of problems may lower the success of the new repair process. Hair transplantation repair is done professionally. However, it may not be known exactly how the scalp will react to the procedure. Therefore, although there is a very high success rate in the correction operation performed, no definite guarantee can be given regarding the transactions in question.

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Ongoing Hair Loss

Hair loss can start at a young age. In such periods, hair loss should stop completely in order to have a hair transplantation. However, poor quality clinics in this area ignore this fact and perform hair transplantation just to make a profit.

Hair loss may continue after hair transplantation. Patients can stop hair loss at this stage (only with doctor’s advice) by using drugs such as Finasteride. Otherwise, the result may affect the hair transplantation negatively.

Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation



Success in hair transplantation is directly related to the health status of the transplanted grafts. Especially, it is known that poor quality clinics remove the grafts carelessly to process over 4,000-5000 grafts in a short time. For this amount of grafts, 2 doctors and a specialist team are required in the operation. Due to the situation in question, the desired hair density can never be achieved. In addition, injured grafts may continue to shed even after the repair. In such cases, patients should be aware of which grafts are shed.

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After an unsuccessful hair transplantation, correction can be done. Cosmeticium is extremely good at this. The repair may have some limitations depending on the type of operation performed incorrectly. However, we generally get very good results in the correction procedures performed in our clinic. Considering all these, poor quality clinics should not be preferred just because they are cheap.

If You Need A Perfect Hair Transplantation Correction, You Can Consult Our Doctors About Your Situation Via Online Consultation.