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PRP is a treatment method for revitalizing and conditioning lifeless hair follicles. Weak and worn hair follicles are strengthened with PRP treatment and have a new look. It is also a very effective method against dandruff and oil problem that is experienced continuously in the hair. In time, thinning and shedding occurs due to problems such as iron deficiency, problems of menopause, hormonal changes in the body. In the case of shedding and thinning problems caused by such reasons, the hair is restored to its original look by using PRP treatment.


How is PRP Treatment Applied?

PRP treatment is performed within half an hour. One can go back to his/her social life directly after the procedure. When starting PRP treatment, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient’s body and blood separation procedures are performed in special centrifugal devices. The red and white structure in the blood is separated from each other to have information about blood values. Following this procedure, the blood to be used is injected into the problematic area. Micro-injection needles are used in the blood injection process and the effect of the growth factor cells in the blood is observed in the area. The basic logic in this procedure is to revive dead cells using the cell regeneration system. PRP treatment is a procedure with multiple sessions.


What is Observed in the Healing Process of PRP Treatment?

As PRP treatment results, the scars in the area disappear and the hair pores return to their normal level in a short time. In the first stage, hair loss is noticeably reduced. Following this, strong hair begins to come out of the new pores. Consequently, the existing hair colours return to normal and new hair starts to look the same as old hair. With the growth of the hair gaining a shiny structure, the treatment gives full results. Treatment needs to be renewed once every 2 weeks. Sessions spread over different time periods and become routine with checks to be done once a year.


PRP Treatment’s Resulting Process

Although PRP treatment has a high success rate, its results are observed on a wide time scale. It is a very harmless operation and it takes time for the cells to revive. The procedure requires patience and from the 3rd or 4th session the hair follicles begin to show themselves. It is important to be decided in the treatment process and to pay attention to the time between the sessions.

PRP treatment requires annual repetition after the completion of the entire procedure. This condition does not cause any blood loss in the body. Since the blood units to be used in practice are in the form of drops, the blood to be taken again does not cause anaemia problem in the body.

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Possible Side Effects of PRP Treatment

Since PRP treatment is an operation that is performed using the patients’ own blood, it provides protection against all diseases that can pass through the blood. It does not cause any serious discomfort in patients because it does not include elements such as surgery. Other mild risks and side effects can be listed as:

  • Mild bleeding
  • Infection
  • Headache
  • Injury to vessels or nerves
  • Scalp sensitivity


PRP Supported Hair Transplantation Procedures

Mesotherapy is a recommended method because it helps hair transplantation operations and revitalizes hair follicles. PRP application is also known as a recommended method since it has a revitalizing effect on hair follicles in FUE and DHI hair transplantation procedures. PRP application, which serves as a supporter in addition to hair transplantation, helps the hair to grow livelier and bushier. If a hair transplantation procedure is supported by PRP treatment, it is possible to get results in as soon as in 2-3 weeks. Especially after the second session, it is possible to achieve visible results with the support of PRP.


How Long Does the Effect of PRP Treatment Last?

The hair gained with PRP applications is effective for approximately 1 year. During this period, care should be given to the hair. If the necessary care is taken, the resulting time will be 18 months in total. It is possible to see improvement effect in hair growth rates with the interim care to be performed in 3-month periods. However, in general, each patient reapplies for PRP treatment after approximately 12 months. PRP treatment is fixed up after a while and the positive results continue to progress exponentially.


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PRP Treatment Considerations

If you have not lost all your hair, PRP is a very practical method compared to many other hair transplantation methods. And it is often preferred because it is less costly compared to hair transplantation operations.

PRP treatment does not require any anaesthesia and is administered with blood cells completely taken from people themselves. For PRP applications, it is very important that the centre to be preferred is a reliable one. It is necessary to do solid research on this subject and consult to reliable clinics. Today, it is possible to talk about many centres handling this process. The important thing is to choose the centres and specialist doctors that can give you the perfect result.

As in all professions, education is very important in PRP and hair transplantation sector. Specialist physicians who are experts in their field and have sufficient training will always help you get more professional results. Starting the PRP treatment with professional support increases the satisfaction rate in every sense.

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